So January is coming quickly and in football terms that means it’s time for the transfer window to open once again. But who needs this transfer window the most out of the Big Six teams?

Let’s start with Arsenal. What will be the most important for Arsène Wenger to do this January? That would be to get Özil and Sanchez to sign a contract renewal asap! Besides that the team would need a keeper for the future. Defense wise they sit very firmly. Moving up to the midfield I would say that the squad needs a top class sitting midfielder. Don’t get me wrong Elneny and Coquelin are a good pair, but you will not win the Premiership with them as your first choice. And as long Arsenal keep Özil and Sanchez they have a attack capable to beat the best teams in Europe!

Chelsea is at the state where they don’t have to look to the market to improve their Starting XI. But I would like to see Conte getting a bigger squad depth, because it will tear on the team now during the Christmas period but also later when the Champions League starts again and they have to face the top teams in Europe.

In the Scouse squad there is unfortunately very much to do, and Jürgen Klopp will not be able to solve his problems during this upcoming transfer window. Priority number 1 for Klopp is too get himself a keeper that will hold for the Premiership (maybe snatch Cech from Arsenal if they decide to buy a keeper this winter). Priority number 2 is to get his defense on spot! And he will not only have to look to the market for this, but also during his training sessions.

Manchester City is in the same seat as Chelsea. There isn’t any critical to improve in this team. Pep Guardiola have a great squad to work with. The squad have a depth in quality, and if you don’t believe me think that Pep can put Sergio Aguero on the bench and play Gabriel Jesus and still he can sit comfortably on the side line and win.

Manchester United should look to the market if Josè Mourinho wants to challenge Pep Guardiolas team for the title. But also if he wishes to continue his current Chanpions League campaign and and at the same time chase down or pull ahead of Man City. Where does he need to improve then?
Well I would say a midfielder who can transport the ball from the defense to the attack, like Pogba does. The need of this new player is crucial since the team is so dependent of Pogba. Otherwise I think the team need to improve on the right flank (if Mkhitaryan doesn’t come back from the ‘freezer’).

Last but not least Tottenham. This team could be the big loser out of the top six teams at the end of the season. Mauricio Pochettino have a lot to prove the next half of the season. If they can hang on to their top players (Eriksen, Kane, Alli, etc.) then they sit in a good position. Maybe one or two fullbacks could be needed to improve this Spurs team. But if Pochettinos side lose any of their front trio then they sit in a awkward position. Otherwise then the fullbacks, once again it’s just to have a nice squad depth that is required for them to really challenge for titles.

So this is just some of my thoughts of what the top six clubs should look for this upcoming transfer window.
Well I’m signing off now.
Have a good one everybody!

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Hi everbody! Im Chris and this post will contain just who I am. So who am I?

Well Im 19 years old from Sweden and ever since I was a little kid I have liked football and that enjoyment have developed to a love for the sport. I am a Manchester United supporter but in my reviews and previews I will be as objectiv as I can, and vice versa for when Im reviewing i.e Manchester City or Liverpool or other rival teams. The blog will mostly contain football posts, but as you can see in my categories I have also included Formula 1. Why I have included F1 is simply because I want to review that sport too, but I will not post anything in that category until late march since it is off-season right now.

I know that there is a game tonight but I will probably not post anything about it, but believe me when the christmas fixtures comes I will post as much and as often I can!

Well Im signing off for now, might see you later. Have a good one, everybody!