I didn't have a New Year's resolution. The idea of it creates pressure and expectations, and I wanted to move into 2017 with the intention of giving myself time to heal old wounds, in my own pace. So I set my new year's intentions instead.

After a difficult few months, I spent a lot of time meditating. Being. This is one mantra that resonated with me and that made me realize that the key to finding what I need, is in letting go. The biggest lesson we have to learn in life is to learn how to let go. Of expectation, of needing a certain outcome to feel like we are happy, of controlling things we can not control. I know it, but that doesn't mean I don't have a long way to go...

Relax, let go of trying to be someone you're not. Let go of fear, of trying to be liked, of trying to be noticed. Of old friendships, of trying to reach out to people who don't see you. Then, your tribe will appear. The ones who love you for you. The ones you don't ever have to try with.