I get a lot of questions about my vegan diet and most of them are just out of curiosity. So I thought I would answer some of them here on my blog, so they might help you get some more knowledge about a vegan diet

Actually, I kept myself from going vegan for many years because I was unsure of so many things - knowledge and inspiration is key, if you want to sustain vegan plant-based diet.

Here's 10 questions I get asked a lot

Where do you get your proteins from when you don't eat meat, dairy or eggs?

I get my proteins from spinach, lentils, beans, nuts/seeds and tofu/tempeh

Can you still work out on a vegan diet?

YES! I have more energy than ever before. I work out and recover much better than on my old diet. I haven't lost any muscle mass while on a vegan diet - but I have become more "lean" in term of fat.

Don't you become hungry quickly?

No, I make sure to eat till I'm fully satisfied. My portion sizes are a lot bigger (in size) than on my old diet and I eat min. 2500 kcal (some days 3000 kcal) daily

How do you get vitamin B12 and iron?

I get iron from dark leafy greens (e.g. spinach and kale), beans, nuts/seeds. B12 is known for being the one vitamin that vegans have a hard time getting enough of. I take a daily vitamin supplement where there's B12 in.

Isn't fruit-sugar bad for you?

Fruit and vegetable are the most natural and healthiest foods for our bodies - and they contain simple sugars which is NOT the same as refined sugar (table sugar). Sugar is a carbohydrate which the bodies preferred source of energy and fruit not only provides a great energy source but also fibers and vitamins.

What is the difference between vegan and plant-based diet?

Veganism is much more than a diet - it's a lifestyle. Vegans care for the animals, the earth and our health. Being vegan entails not supporting any "use" of animals whether it's for food, entertainment or cosmetics.

Being on a plant-based diet is just focusing on what you eat - only plant-based food (no meat, dairy, eggs and so on)

Is it difficult to cook when being vegan?

No not at all! The internet is filled with inspiring recipes for any desire! I suggest buying a few staple vegan cookbooks and spending just a few minutes a day researching recipes!

What are your favourite recipe sites?




and anything on Pinterest :)

Do you want to be vegan forever?

I will continue being vegan until I ever feel like eating meat again. Once you've made the connection between loving animals but then still eating them, it's very simple to stay vegan.

I haven't craved or missed any animal-based food at all, and so far I love my vegan life too much to go back!

What does your family and friends say about your lifestyle?

Luckily, I have a super supportive family and an amazing group of friends who all support me in being vegan. I don't expect anyone in my life to follow my footstep, but I do expect to be respected no matter what I eat. At social event's. I make sure to bring some extra (vegan) food for myself and some for my friends/family. Usually, when you're open to sharing your foods and thoughts, people will be more interested in your lifestyle.

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I'm obsessed with "rawnola" during these warmer summer months! If you don't know "rawnola" (created by Loni Jane) by now it's basically a raw form of granola without any unwanted additives. It's perfect for my smoothie-bowl topping or just on its own with some almond milk! It's literally the most simple recipe and of course; its delicious and nutritious! Dades are a great source of dietary fibers, iron, potassium and vitamins B, K and A. Did I mention they taste like yummy oat-meal cookies?




(optional coconut shreds)

- use a food processor or a hand-mixer to mix 1/2 cup of oats with 7-10 dades

- add coconut shreds or any other flavouring ingredients desired.

-Blend until desired texture




If you're thinking about going vegan, you're gonna have to change a few things in your normal routine. I found it easier to eat and cook vegan, after I gave my fridge and cupboard a small make-over. When your kitchen is "vegan", it'll make things a lot more convenient when cooking. Who doesn't want cooking to be easy peasy?

Of course, your grocery list and kitchen-staples are gonna depend on your taste, location and which type of diet you prefer. But I found that most vegans have some foods in common, that they just cannot live without

Here's a list of the staple things, I always keep in my kitchen:



Frozen berries




Dry goods




Chia seeds

Goji berries

Cacao nibs

Veggies and legumes


Romain lettuce

Black beans

Kidney beans







Sweet potatoes

White potatoes

Corn (frozen)

Peas (frozen)


Plant-based milk (my favorite is rice milk)


Orange juice

Peanut butter

So these things are just my basic foods - I eat them every single day and they fuel my body all week. Of course, I use so many other foods and spices for recipes and special occasions.

I would also recommend you to get a blender and a foodprocessor (a lot of vegans recipes requires these)

You don't have to change everything in your kitchen at once, do it slow, one step of the time, and you'll start to realize how easy it is to live vegan. I highly recommend checking out some blogs/websites for inspiration, so you'll start to get a hand of vegan cooking.

Here are some great blogs/websites with vegan recipes:

Jamie Oliver


Deliciously Ella


The Happy Pear


Vanløse Blues


Forks over knifes




I've always been interested in nutrition and I love cooking! Food is life and I enjojy treating my body with all the right nutrition it needs. Since going vegan, I've decided to eat a Whole-food plant-based diet. That might sound tricky but it's actually the simplest way of eating. I center my intake around whole, unrefined (or minimal refined) foods like: fruits, vegetables, tubers (potatoes), whole grains, and legumes.

In short, this basically means that I try to stay away from processed food (and obviously anything from an animal). A good example of this is oil. I only consume oil when I'm eating out because I much rather prefer getting my healthy fats from a whole-food (like avocado or the actual olive). I'm not a trained professional, I just eat what makes my body feel the best! There's many ways to eat vegan; raw vegan, the starch solution or even junk food vegan. Whatever floats your boat.

Here is an example of what I might eat in a day

The portion sizes may seem large but that's what is great about the vegan diet - it's low in saturated fat and cholesterol but high in vitamins and minerals. You get to eat as much as you desire without restrictions. That's why I thrive on this diet - I have a huge appetite and I love eating!

This image shows the difference in caloric density:


In the morning, I like to get a lot of fruits in! So during the summer I usually eat smoothie bowls (banans, mixed berries, pineapple, spinach). But if the wheather is cold and rainy I'll have a big bowl of oats with dates and blueberries.


Lunch varies alot depending on where I am and what I'm doing. But here's an example of what I had today. Lettuce wraps with potatoes, tomatoes, spinach and avocado. SO simple but SO good.


Dinner is always something warming and comfy! I make sure to get a lot of greens in but at the same time I'm usually craving something more creative and flavourfull. Like my thai curry or a classic "buddha bowl"

If im hungry inbetween meals, I'll snack on fruit, juices or dates. I also make sure to drink plenty of water (usually around 4 L a day) to stay hydrated and to keep things moving.

Take care of your body and mind through nutrition. You are what you eat.

So eat in abundance, eat living, colourful foods.



I travelled a lot through Thailand a couple of years ago, and one of my favourite things about Thailand is definitely their cuisine! I'm such a fan of curry's, pad thai's and fried rice dishes because they're easy to make, healthy and you can always modify the recipes with just about any veggies you want

Thai Red Curry recipe

(replace any veggies as desired. This recipe makes for big batch)

250g mushrooms

2 cans coconut milk

2 red/yellow bell pepers (chopped)

2 cans bamboo shoots

2 red onions (chopped)

2 cloves garlic (chopped)

2-3 tbsp red curry paste

1-2 tbsp coconut sugar (or white sugar)

250g tofu (marinade in soy 20 min before use)

250g cherry tomatoes

coconut oil

1 chili (if you wan't it extra spicy)

- Start by heating up a large pan and add coconut oil, the red curry paste and onions

- Add the tofu and let it fry for a minute

- Add coconut milk and let it simmer for 5 min

- add all veggies and let is simmer for as long as desire (depends on how soft you want the veggies). I usually let is simmer under low heat for 20 min, while i prepare my rice

- Serve with rice and dress with any herb's desired (I love adding a squeeze of lime, basil, coriander and mint leaves)



I loooooove dining out and Copenhagen is an amazing city to explore culinarily!

Here are my top 5 fav restaurants in Copenhagen (some are completely vegan and some just have vegan options)

1. California Kitchen

Nørrebrogade 12, 2200 København N

This insta-darling opened in Copenhagen just a year ago but have already become so popular. And I understand why! Delicious "bowl" food served at fair prices and in such a cute atmosphere (true Cali feeling)! My favorite is the "Super Bowl". California Kitchen also have many non-vegan options.

2. Souls

Melchiors Pl. 3, 2100 København Ø

"Eat like a you give a fork" at souls. This place serves 100% plant based food and they're completely environmental friendly. Yummy food and clear conscience? It's a win win.

My favourite is there their "Viking salad" and their "Pizza"

3. Papirøen / Copenhagen street food

Papirøen Hall 7/8

"Papirøen" is THE best place to spend a warm summer night with good friends. The vibe here is so cool and you're guaranteed to feel like a true "Copenhagener" here. There's definitely something to satisfy everone vegan or non-vegan.

My favourite is "Fala Fala" (yummy falafel dishes) and "Madeinitaly" (optional vegan pizza slices) and "Root food" (traditional vegan health food)

4. Greenburger

Frederiksborggade 26, 1360 København K

This vegan-favorite serves 100% plant based burgers with delicious greasy fries! I love their "Mexican Burger menu"! This is (almost) a zero guilt kinda burger and it will leave you feeling super satisfied in the healthiest way possible!

But if you are going out with non-vegans or you're still looking for a burger place where everyone can get exactly what they want, then check out "Halifax" or "Cocks and Cows". They have a vegan optional burgers which are soooo good! I love going out with friends and being able to eat vegan whithout being limited to certain restaurants...

5. Hope Bar

Larsbjørnsstræde 7, 1454 København K

I love this cozy little café! It's perfect for catching up with your best friend over a cup of coffee.

They change up their menu from time to time and they always impress with new delicious food! Very clean, vegan and raw options. I always get my smoothie bowls from Hope Bar.

These are just some of my favourite places (if we're talking vegan dining-out) but there are so many options in Copenhagen... Honourable mentions: "Bowl Market", "Hafnia", "42Raw", "Kalaset", "Foodie", "Green sushi" and so on! Don't be afraid that their won't be any options at non-vegan restaurants. "Sticks and Sushi" has vegan options - even "Maxx" has vegan options!  There'll always be something on the menu which is vegan or that you can ask to get made vegan! It is never an issue for me :) 



I have such a sweet-tooth so I always need a healthy alternative around! These dade-balls are super easy to make and lasts up to 4 weeks in the fridge (if you don't eat them before that...). The recipe is by Deliciously Ella and they are my absolute go-to


(Makes 15 – 20 balls, depending on size)

– 1 cup of dates

– 3/4 of a cup of almonds

– 3/4 of a cup of walnuts or any other nut

– 2 tablespoons of chia seeds

– 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

– 1 tablespoon of protein powder (optional)

– 1 tablespoon of raw cacao powder

Start by placing the almonds, walnuts and chia seeds in your food processor. Blend for 1 minute, until the a flour forms and the nuts have crumbled.

Then add the remaining ingredients. Blend for another minute until a stick dough forms.

Use your hands to roll the mixture into little balls, place in a bowl and store in the fridge.

Sometimes I add peanutbutter, dried fruits, coconut flakes or anything else I feel like!

The recipe is just a base recipie, so go nuts and add whatever you'd like

The date-ball are packed with energy, vitamins and nutrition (and are so satisfying)




I have been following the vegan community on social media and youtube for many years... And I loved it! I felt truly inspired by the happiness, the abundance and the kind lifestyle all the vegan bloggers were living - but I never thought it could be me. I never thought I could become vegan because what would I eat? Where would I get my proteins from? What about dining out and family gatherings? All these things kept me from going vegan for many years...

I decided that it was time to make a change and try something different 

So over night, I became vegan and I decided to eat a plant based whole food diet.

 I have never felt healthier, happier or more energized. It bring me so much joy to be able to share this experience and hopefully inspire someone out there.

I could go on and on about why I am vegan, because I have done my research (I've pretty much read/seen every book, journal, movie, podcast and video out there). But if I have to simplify, I can break it down to 3 things...

Why am I vegan?

1. For the animals

I absolutely adore animals! And I do not wish to contribute to anymore harm, killing or death of any kind of animal. No matter the size, shape or species. I don't believe that there is such a thing as "Humane slaughtering"...

It's as simply as that.

2. For the planet

51% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture. When land is used to raise animals instead of crops, water and soil are lost, trees are cut down to make land for grazing. Animal agriculture has such a devastating impact on our planet.

3. For my health

Vegan plant-based diets are rich in protein, iron, calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals. The sources of these nutrients are low in saturated fat, high in fibre and packed with antioxidants. 

Because of my job as a model, I have to stay in shape and lean all year round. I used to be very strict about my calorie intake (I didn't eat until I was full and I hardly ever ate "bad food" - and if I did I would feel guilty) which always left me feeling tired and deprived. I simply wasn't getting the nutrients my body needed to function...

But all that changed completely when I went vegan. 

I've never felt more energised, satisfied or "lighter" in my life. I don't have stomach aches or head aches anymore because I nourish my body with what it needs (and it's never been easier for me to maintain my weight, inspite of the fact that I eat until I'm satisfied and very full). No more retricting! 

These reasons are so simplified but I urge you to check out some of these documentaries and links, if you're interested in learning more about the vegan lifestyle

Environmental aspects: 

"Before the flood"


Animals aspects: 



Health aspects:

"Forks over knifes"

"What the health"

Gary yourofsky:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es6U00LMmC4&t=801s 

If you are into vlogging, here are some great inspirational Youtubers

Ellen Fisher:


Maddie Lymburner


Bonny Rebecca