SeniorAdvisory Services – unique intellectualcapital on demand

Human Capital Alliance’s Senior AdvisoryService Group attracts the best independent professionals that deliveroutstanding Global-perspective, Thai-experienced consulting and project-basedmanagement services. All our senior advisors honed their leadership skills atlarge multinational businesses in Thailand and the region.

We are your prime source of focused businessintellectual capital on demand.

Globalperspective, Thai experience


Our senior advisors infuse deep, pragmatic industryexperience and knowledge into projects that help short-cut learning curves andbuild credibility with clients’ teams or customers, and improve your projectschances for success.


Deployable at any pace and intensity over time,particularly appropriate for projects that are too small or too fast for majorconsulting firms. Clients have complete control; there is no time wasted onanything other than the analyses they most need.

InterimLeadership services

Our clients can insert a C-level or GM-level managerdirectly into critical roles, to fill key vacancies or assume leadership duringa period of rapid change.


Our clients can access top-tier executives, on theground—immediately—to fill a critical gap or solve an urgent challenge.