Hello there from Sweden! Today was 3 days ago since we left China and we already miss it so. We simply had a very very pleasant time there, we've learnt and experienced a lot of useful and new things, and we're so satisfied, happy and thankful that our School and Sandvik gave us this opportunity, we're really privileged and this was a journey that we'll always look back at with a big smile.

Special thanks also go to Music of course, which we, unfortunately, didn't get to see very much but who was behind the organization of all the different sites and cities, which gave us the opportunity to see so much of the company but also of this amazing country!

And here's a picture with us together with lovely Nina, our colleague that we met in Shanghai! 



This journey is beginning to near its ending and during the last week here in China, we're spending our time in this amazing country’s biggest city, Shanghai!

Here in Shanghai, we’re having our internship at Cormorants application center (productivity center), were training for customers appears and our working tasks (beside writing on our report and preparing for the PPT) is to design things with CAD CAM. And on Wednesday we also had the opportunity to run the program in their huge machine from Japan! Didn't know there was such a big machine, so cool.

I'm actually in a rush right now because our driver will pick us up in about 1 min so I have to go! But I'll write more later. Byee

We arrived last Sunday and tomorow is already time for the departure back home😓



Hello there! Long time no seen, but we’ve really not forgotten about you! I’ve actually felt a little bit anxious for not writing here for so long, but the reason is that I’ve had so many struggles reaching this blog site from here… again. But I solved it by downloading the blog-application to my phone, and now it works so much better, thank god.

Anyway, since last time, we’ve ended our internship at the plant in Langfang and moved down to Shanghai (more about that in another post). In this post I’ll show you some pictures of what happened the day between Langfang and Shanghai, where we had a day in lovely Beijing and took the opportunity to go to the wonderful Heaven of temple! Such a beautiful and historical building. Then we also visited the Pearl market, that is located just at the other side of the temple. When we got there, we shopped a lot of nice stuff that we got so much cheaper by our haggling skills ;). People really wants to sell their things there, so much that they actually start to pull in your clothes...

Taking some photos for other tourists😜

Pearl market.



Hello, we're sorry that we haven't heard from us in about a week now, but we are still alive and there's just not so much interesting happening right now more than that we're spending our days at work here in Langfang. Langfang is a much smaller city than the capital Beijing and is about 1 h far away from there...

...but because the traffic here is really a total chaos sometimes, we got stack in a couple of traffic jams when we moved here on Friday last week, which resulted in a drive that totally took 3 h since we moved from Beijing at 13.30 and arrived at our hotel in Langfang 16.30... And in one moment that black car was suddenly in front of us and we thought we were going to crash, omg we are really impressed of how people dare to drive here.

This is our current hotel lobby by day and night, we think it's beautiful.

And one evening when we returned to our hotel, we found that work had followed us all the way to our hotel. We don't know what it was about because no one was there, but in the morning we saw people at our hotel carrying Coromant-bags... but this was gone :(.

Speaking of work, here at Coromant Langfang, we've had an eventful week. We've been at Tools different departments, such as the ordering center, measuring room and the engineering department, where we've been introduced and working with CAD, CAM, and various programming languages that they are working with here, and we've also been in the workshop together with the CMM and CNC machines! And on Friday we were tasked to find where in the workshop Lean Production should be improved and how.

Since Langfang is such a small city, and we live in the suburb, the closest (and only) shopping center is about 15 km from our hotel, and western food is far away from here, so we usually just have our dinner at the Chinese restaurant in our hotel. I (Sarah) have also been so used to the chopsticks now, that when I found forks during breakfast, it felt so strange to eat with it, so I just continued with the chopsticks... even if I still use them in, what Chinese people think, the wrong way...

Yesterday (Saturday), we actually went to that one and only shopping center, WanDa Plaza, and it was actually really big and had many different stores.

We also went to the understreet-shopping-area.

Here in China, green tea flavored things are really common. Yesterday we FINALLY found the green tea ice-cream in a little vending machine, something I've wanted to try for very long now and it was so good! I don't know how much Oreos we've bought since we came here... there are so much different flavors, but the green tea one was unfortunately not a favorite in this case.

This month,the public buses in Langfang are for free, because there's some construction work in the city, (Sandviken do you hear me??) But the disadvantage is that on our way back home the bus was so jam-packed that we had to wait for the next one to come, which only was about a couple of minutes anyway :D.

Tomorrow we're going to move from Tools to Round Tools at our workplace!



Hello there! Today we finally climbed the historical and amazing Great Wall (!!), which was one of our absolutely must-to-do things during our travel here! Despite the fog that lay like a blanket above the mountains, and aaall the stairs, it was still a totally magnificent and fantastical experience!!!! I can't explain in enough words, sorry, but pictures say more than thousand words so voila!

We took the cable car up the mountain, and already there we had a stunning view!

Hello from the other side 🤘

Those stairs were no joke, a workout for a lifetime.

But at the end we reached the top sweaty and tired but satisfied, yey thumbs up.

But... then we also had to go down again of course... :D But totally worth it, of course.

And now our names are written on the wall. 😆

Simply, we had a very good day today that we'll always remember 👼, and don't forget to check our instagram @sosinchina.




We haven't been blogging now for this whole week with work, and it's because there's been a problem to reach the blog-site correctly from here for some reason. Anyway, now it works great again and from last time something was written on the blog we were at work and had a break. Now the whole week of work here in the office in Beijing is over and we've mostly listened to presentations concerning the company. We've learned a lot of new information, such as how the marketing and the sales activities work here in China Sandvik Coromant. It's been interesting! We've also met "the Coromant family" here and they're such a nice group that we sadly had to say goodbye to now because our next step in this journey is the plant in Langfang that we'll spend the coming working days at. But that will also be interesting!

We liked where the office was located, since it was in a business park and only about 20 min walk from our hotel, so we always got a little exercise in the morning, and of course fresh air *tons of exhaust* after breakfast, and I promise we eat a lot of breakfast at this hotel... East Hotel❤

The first day our mentor Music recommended the London Bridge restaurant, since it was mostly western food...

....But the next days we only ate Chinese food, which we really like! Very much spice, which we didn't think about before we came here, and rice and shrimps! But in the picture, you can see I'm eating tofu... which I didn't like that much but Sofidars huge bowl of noodle soup with shrimps was yummy. In the picture, you also can see us together with our lovely mentor Music💕 (no I don't have that big eyes in real life haha)

Hotpot became a favorite so we actually went there two times this week.

More rice and shrimps and spice...

After lunch, it's common that you go for a walk and in the park there's a lot of beautiful roses🌹

​Here's a picture of me (Sarah), Sofidar, May (left) and Music (right). Yesterday was last day we met Music😿 But we also got to know May, which also works in Langfang! But more about Langfang when we go there.

Time for the weekend!



We ended our holiday week yesterday with visiting the Summer Palace, and it was also the most beautiful attraction we've visited so far! All the architecture, and the nature around us during the sunset were breathtaking, I'll let the pictures speak for it.



Yesterday, we rode the subway back and forth (totally 3 hours) and visited the Beijing Zoo, aquarium and the Summer Palace! Some of the attractions we both enjoyed, and some we had divided opinions about, but overall, we had a very pleasant trip!

We finally found the pandas but unfortunately not in the, what I think, right condition for them... They looked so unhappy and I didn't enjoy the trip at all. I don't think Sofidar really liked going to the zoo together with me because I just kept on complaining about how wrong and bad I felt for the animals all the time. They are very beautiful to watch and admire tho, but not to keep them in a cage I think...

What a picture Sofidar took of this peafowl.

Then we went to the aquarium and we were just on time to the dolphin show.

We walked past this and we thought it was really lovely. So we stopped by and took some pictures. When we were done at the zoo and aquarium, we took the subway again to the Summer Palace, and I must say that it was a whole adventure by its own. Therefore, I'm going to sum it up in an another post with a lot of pictures.

Today is also the first day of the internship, and right now we have a break, so I took the opportunity to blog since we went home a bit late yesterday and had to sleep early to get up at 7 o'clock. Up to now, we've been introduced the workplace and we feel very welcomed. But more about that later!

See you.