​ I know what you're doing 

I know exactly how your mind tricks mine 


Cold blooded. 

I saw it 

You pointed out a minor flaw 

To keep me occupied 


Is all I want from you 

I want your time and your full attention 

But I never get it unless you're really horny or something like that 

Where is your heart gone? 

Did you ever really have one...

You told me many things 

Mostly about her and what they did to you back then 

What about me?

What about my feelings? 

You don't want to look at my soul I know, yet you refuse to let go

When I finally did you realized what I am to you 

Was it love 

Or just something to fill your gaping void of nothingness 

Baby you don't see what loving someone really means

In practice 

It means welcoming the other person's demons as your own and replacing I with "us"

You jump to your games 


Can't even begin to explore with you 

The book remains unfinished.

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This was supposed to be us

If karma doesn't make you pay for what you did to me, I will

Personally rip you to pieces

It's all planned and I can see it with my mind's eye, clear as a murder scene

Don't think you can just get away with it, that I'll move on like nothing ever happened.

Cause soon you'll have a lot of regrets

You'll be the one to wish you'd never met me.

I gave you so much of me, all of me and I was ready and willing to take a bullet for you any fucking minute?

Don't you see?

Are you really that blind?

You see nothing but the irrational truths in your own damn head.

Where the fuck did your imagination go?

I thought you were like me

With heart and soul

Instead I find what,

A rotting lump of filth, stinking through that once so precious mask of a face

Good fuckin luck trying to find someone to clean your garden of shit cause heaven knows I've had enough .

I'm so done caring for something that leaves as soon as the rain washes over them for a bit

You really thought you could just have it all, take all I have to give, and then when I'm sinking deeper and lack strength to provide you with the joy I wished on you,

you abandon all we ever shared.

Fuck you!

Right in your face and your damned body,

I want to rape you,

torment you til you're completely shattered apart like you deserve to be.



It's all sad. Just sad.

The love for you I had, the endless burning and soothing poison running through my veins

The craving of you.

Baby, this river is running too high, too far

We might drown in it

You didn't hold my hand in the end

I said "don't try to fix me"

And it was like you didn't get the words

Like they meant the opposite

I loved you, every single thing about you as a person, a soul

I needed it bad you know

The closeness and intimacy of your eyes meeting mine in a place where time ceased to exist

Your protective arms around me

Your warm, soft lips..

It's a deep, ever torturing ache inside of me, since you left

You left me

Alone here

To die

Or even worse

Live without you.



You look at me with a cold indifference

Reflections of anger in your deep eyes

Shaking, I try to focus

But am distracted

By your mournful beauty

"Why.. How could you do this to me?"

Although never said out loud,

these are the words viciously burning my skin at every bite, every touch

"How could you?"

Tempted, broken inside

Shivering, as I breathe your intoxicating scent

You dig in once more


"The burning... it's gone" I whisper quietly in between gasping and moaning

"I think I'm... immune"

You look at me with an expression of understanding

She needs more, she wants pain

Nearly euphoric now we both lean closer as the blood starts dripping down along with little pieces of skin

From me to you,

My love.