So we have officially reached the half-way mark of the 7 week summer break and I feel at this point our batteries are fully recharged and it could be useful to make use of the final weeks. Although of course it is still important to relax and enjoy summer, here are 8 of my tips to enrich both your mind and body.

 1)    Get prepared:  First things first ,organise anything you may need for school instead of rushing last minute before school starts! Personally, as a year 12 student, this summer will involve booking more university open-days, making a start on my personal statement and trying to improve my CV, along with all the other homework provided by school!

2)     Start a blog: Although I have only just started blogging, I love the feeling of planning what I will blog and it is also extremely enriching to have complete control over what I am writing.

3)     Make a summer reading list: While this point is pretty much self-explanatory, in the summer holidays you have complete freedom over your reading choices, so make the most of it!

4)     Do some volunteer work:  I am currently doing some volunteer work at a charity shop and as I have so much free time. Not only am i meeting new people, but it feels good to know i am helping others.

5)     Go on a run outside: Summer is my absolute favourite time to work out, and doing it in the sunshine makes it all the more enjoyable! Make the most of the nice weather while it lasts.

6)     Make a list of things you would like to do / places you would like to visit:  Every summer me and my best friends make a list of all the different things we would like to try, and slowly try to achieve them together.

7)     Try a new restaurant: Does this even need explaining? Trying new food will forever be one of my favourite things to do.

8)     Get a part-time job: Summer is the perfect time for a part-time job as you have so much free time. Not only are you making the most of your spare time, but it also makes you a more independent individual as you are responsible for organising your own time and money.

I hope that these tips can help to improve your summer ever so slightly, enjoy your holidays!