Before Halloween, there are always predictions about which costume will be most coveted looks for 2017. There is a real pressure with every passing year to create a terrifying or memorable costume for Halloween parties

People usually like to look at popular cultures such as TV, movies, global events and viral stories for inspiration.

If you are still confused about your Halloween costume for this year then why not have a look at our list of top 5 fancy dresses for 2017.

The IT Clown

It is no surprise that the scary clown from It movie is the top costume for 2017. The horror film has generated more than $290 million in box office revenues so far. We are expecting a variety of clown costumes with scary clown masquerade masks to make an appearance this year.

Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman movie had a massive success at the box office this year which has seen a resurgence in its popularity. We are predicting a lot of women dressing up as Wonder Women this year to channel their inner strength, and at the same time, we are expecting many party-goers to don on a Harley Quinn costume at the same time.

The Stranger Things Character

The hit Netflix show inspired many Halloween costumes last year. And with the new season set to launch on October 27, we are expecting to see 80’s inspired costumes to make a comeback this year.

Just because the season is over does not mean, its hype has died down. Games of Thrones without a doubt is the most watched TV show in the recent years and has built up a huge fan following. We are hoping to see a lot of Daenerys costumes this year.

Anyone can put on a random costume and wear a halloween accessory, but dressing as the Mother of Dragons requires confidence!

Make an effort, get yourself an ice blonde wig and make sure you look the part, you will surely catch a few hearts.

Star Wars or Beauty & the Beast

For the last one, we are quite confused about which one should we leave out, so we put both of them on our list. Why not channel your inner Disney fan by going as Belle from beauty and the beast, after all the movie did take the box office by storm. If you are a couple, you can dress up as beauty and the beast. But if Disney isn’t your cup of tea, then I am sure you are a Star Wars fan.

This year one character is standing out from Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie and it is of their heroine, Rey. This outfit is probably the simplest to make. All you need to do is wear a white shirt and beige harem pants and drape some white piece of fabric around your shoulders and waist. Tie everything together with a belt, and you are good to go. Don’t forget to cover your arms and take BB along with you.

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Helpful Inner and Outer Beauty Tips

Being beautiful is about a lot more than just looking good from a physical perspective. If you're someone who truly wants to be beautiful, then you need to focus on your inside. You need to concentrate on your spirit and your essence. You can begin by asking yourself about any positive qualities you bring to the table. Which good qualities make you stand out? Why exactly are you a good friend? If you can answer those questions easily and successfully, you're more than likely well on your way to being a genuine beauty. Authentic beauty revolves around a whole lot more than great hair styling and makeup application, after all.

If you want to showcase your inner beauty to the world, you should make a point to smile a lot. A smile can light up your whole face. It can make other people feel happy, too. What could be nicer than that? A real smile can add a lot of warmth to your face. It can soften your features in general.

A sense of tranquility is essential for people who wish to attain inner beauty. If you want to be beautiful inside and out, then you need to strive to get enough sleep each night. Try to get a minimum of eight hours of shuteye on a nightly basis. The calmer and more serene you are, the better you'll come across to other people. You'll look a lot better to them as well. Adequate sleep is essential for both inner and outer beauty. If you fail to get sufficient sleep at night, your complexion will look dull and exhausted. It'll look anything but radiant and glowing. You'll also more than likely have conspicuous bags under your eyes. If you want your skin to always look fresh and lively, you need to make sleep one of your biggest priorities.

Regular exercise is also important for people who want the amazing combination of inner and outer beauty. Jogging is an example of a physical activity that contributes to both kinds of beauty. Jogging can make you feel alert, lively and ready to seize the day. It can enhance your mood. A good mood can make you look beautiful to anyone. Nothing is more captivating and attractive than a true smile. Happy eyes are enchanting as well. Remember, too, that jogging is cardiovascular exercise that can keep your body weight in check. It can help you achieve a toned and healthy physique.

Make up that looks natural and fresh can be great for people who want outer beauty. If you want to look gorgeous and welcoming, you should steer clear of makeup that's overly heavy and thick. It can be a great idea to go for lighter foundation coverage. BB creams can be ideal for people who want skin that looks natural as can be. You can also master some tricks of doing makeup and make your look more complete.

Great hair styling is essential for outer beauty as well. If you want to keep your locks in fantastic condition, you should deep condition them once a week or so.

Follow these really easy tips to be beautiful from inside out and become another wonderful part of the world.



No matter the topic, be it fashion, industry, movies, or video games, there always seem to be trends. Health and fitness are no exceptions. Though there are always mainstays that always remain in fashion, there are some standouts for the year 2017. From franchising fitness to cannabis, here are five of 2017’s top fitness trends.

Foods that Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is linked to everything from acne to life threatening illnesses. Deborah Barrington, a senior editor at Industry Drive expects to see the market for inflammation-fighting foods to grow by 7% by 2020. In fact, these types of foods are already trending on Pinterest. Turmeric and ginger tea are also trending in searches, with the number of people searching these terms up by 20%. Zucchini noodles, cauliflower rice, and vegan cheese have seen a spike in searches as these replace inflammatory ingredients like gluten, grains, and dairy.

Expect to see brands, both in stores and in restaurants to begin to cash in on this trend. Starbucks already started with an inflammation-fighting drink made with cayenne called the Chile Mocha.

Dare to Go Bare

Before you waggle that brow, let us clarify. I mean to go without makeup, one of the fastest growing health and wellness trends in 2017. Celebrities are posting selfies of themselves sans makeup and promoting the hashtag #nomakeupmovement. A search of Instagram for no makeup pops up several million results. The bare faced trend echoes the body positivity movement in the acceptance of self. However, don’t expect to see makeup going away entirely. But expect brands to pick up on the trend of the glowy, fresh-faced look throughout the year.

Cannabis Goes Commercial

With more and more states legalizing cannabis recreationally and medically and our northern neighbor looking to legalize nationally, it’s no wonder that cannabis is trending. Pot-infused foods and beauty products are finding their way to the store shelves. However, don’t look for these to get you high – they won’t. Instead, these products use cannabidiol (CBD) as the main ingredient. Many health-conscious people are even switching from traditional ways of smoking cannabis to using dry herb vaporizers.. Vaporizing delivers a higher dose of cannabinoids than smoking. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. Do not expect to see cannabis fall off of the trend list anytime soon as it is quickly gaining traction as a medical treatment for a variety of illnesses and symptoms.

Plant Protein is Blossoming

The idea that protein must come from an animal is quickly becoming passe. Hemp protein is cropping up wherever you may look, from smoothie powder to potato chips. When it comes to smoothie powder, plant protein is expected to overcome whey protein on the fitness drink aisle in stores. In fact – it’s not a trend that is niche and applying only to athletes or vegans. Market research shows that 80% of households now have meatless Mondays. Millennials are playing a huge part in growing this market because they are interested in what is good for them and what is good for the environment as well.

Franchising is the Fitness of the Future

The boutique fitness craze all began with independent fitness studios like SoulCycle and Barry’s Boot-camp. Now semi-corporate, SoulCycle is joining other former boutique fitness studios and opening hundreds of studios worldwide. Orange theory leads the way, having opened a new studio every day in 2016. Leaders in the franchising craze are barre studios, which combine ballet exercises, yoga, and Pilates. In fact, the franchising model is imperative for the growth of these fitness studios, allowing growth to come faster than the traditional owned and operated business model. Ensuring a positive, personalized experience among its customers is one of the focus points of the franchising business model.

These are just a few of the many health and fitness trends that gained ground and became the forefront of the industry in 2017. Which have you tried? Which would you be willing to give a go?



The bedroom is the heart of any home. It's your sanctuary, the place where you spend your most private time. It's an extension of your living room, your office, and maybe even your kitchen (who can resist eating in bed?). Most importantly, your bedroom is your resting place. Given that the bedroom is all these things to us, it's only logical that it should contain certain items that will allow it to be that kind of space. So, we've come up with a list of 5 things that you definitely can't do without in your bedroom. You know, just in case you hadn't realized what was missing in your sanctuary.

#1: Bed

Ok, obviously, a bedroom MUST have a bed. Otherwise, you can't really call it a bedroom, can you? But what some people don't realize is the fact that you can't just have any bed in there. If you want to get the best night's sleep you've ever had every single night, then you better have a bed that's able to provide it. While there isn't one single bed that will be perfect for everyone, there are some that top the list. One of them is PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress. It's 100% organic, natural latex that provides excellent support in all sleeping positions, great edge support, not too much body contouring, and great cooling.

#2: Mattress Protector

Most people wouldn't even think that a mattress protector is an essential accessory in the bedroom. They're definitely missing out. A mattress protector ensures that your bed stays free from allergens, dust mites, perspiration, fluids, and urine. Now, you might think that your bed doesn't need protecting from some of those things because you're not allergic to anything and you make sure you never wet the bed. But dust mites and bacteria are something that you can't really avoid. And if you engage in certain bedroom activities, you may not be able to avoid producing a "wet spot." Having a mattress protector like the Luna Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector is therefore a no-brainer. You need it to keep your mattress safe and clean for as long as you have it. As an added bonus, it also lengthens the longevity of your bed.

#3: Curtains

Your window treatments can set the mood you want to project in your bedroom. Blackout curtains are perfect for letting you sleep in on a Saturday morning or setting the mood for a candle-lit night of loving. Sheer curtains, on the other hand, lets all that natural light into your sanctuary without taking away your privacy.

#4: Luxury sheets

Ok, so you’ve already got the bed and the mattress protector. The next up the list is the sheets. You can’t really lounge in your bed on uncomfortable sheets. To get all that rest and relaxation in the comfort of your own bedroom, your sheets should feel silky, soft, and cool. It’s all about making your bed feel like a cloud. With the right bed linen, you may end up never leaving the bed at all.

#5: Storage

Your bedroom can never be your resting space if it’s filled with clutter. Who can relax knowing that you have things strewn everywhere? This is where storage comes in. And it doesn’t have to be anything that clashes with your style. There are loads of storage containers that serve as decorative pieces as well such as storage benches or ottomans.



One of the most exciting times for couples that are getting married is the time when they begin to look at wedding bands together. That’s when it really hits home that they are going to soon be spending the rest of their lives together.

Selecting that special wedding band to go with an engagement ring for her and finding a timeless style for him is important. Here are some of the hottest trends for wedding bands in 2017.

Stackable Wedding Bands

Some wedding and engagement band sets are meant to be worn in a stack or even designed to interlock to create one gorgeous band. What bride wouldn’t want more sparkle to go with her engagement ring?

Some couples decide to forgo the solitary stone of an engagement band and opt for stacking bands that feature several smaller stones. Mixing a combination of styles and settings can create a wedding set that is truly one-of-a-kind. Also, the stack of rings can also be mixed and matched to suit her mood. When anniversaries come around, you can give her yet another diamond anniversary band to add to the stack!

Getting your Chocolate Fix

Ladies love chocolate and chocolate diamonds seem to elicit just as much excitement as the confectionary treat they’re named for. Though the term “Chocolate Diamond” is proprietary and trademarked to the Le Vian Corp., diamonds that have are brown in color are actually even more common than white or clear diamonds, according to Dr. George Harlow, geologist and curator of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Until very recently, the market just didn’t seem to want them. But now they are very popular to add to wedding and engagement sets as well as earrings and bracelets.

A Garden of Color

As spring and summer are approaching, so is wedding season. Many couples that are looking to walk down the aisle in 2017 are choosing precious and semi-precious stones that are not regularly seen in engagement and wedding ring sets. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are always traditional colored stones that are added to diamonds to bring a pop of color to a ring set. However, it is increasingly popular to see unusual stones such as moldavite, opal, Alexandrite, topaz and blue topaz added instead. Alexandrite and fire topaz both have the wonderful chameleon-like quality of changing color in the light.

It’s All About the Cut

When you’re in the market for diamonds, no doubt you’ve heard about the Four C’s - Carat Weight, Cut, Color and Clarity. In the area of cuts, found solitaires are still the most popular choice of stone cuts for engagement and wedding bands. In 2017, however, there is a growing trend toward other shapes and cuts of diamonds. Square and marquise-cut diamonds have grown in popularity, especially now that more and more brides are looking to recreate the look of an heirloom piece that was handed down from their mother or grandmother. A square cut center stone, for example, can be made to look even larger when it’s surrounded by many smaller round cut diamonds or other colored stones. Again, stacking can add an even more sophisticated look that’s sure to be noticed.

Mixing and Matching Metal Colors

Why limit yourself to a ring that is any one color metal? Couples can mix and match the metal of wedding bands so that it goes with any other jewelry choices they wear without the awkward feeling of it clashing. Gold, whether it’s yellow, white, or red, as well as platinum or titanium, can make up a gorgeous combination of metal colors that have a timeless appeal. Add the perfect stones and you can create a combination that is just as individual as the both of you are.

Of course, even when you take a look at what the hottest trends for wedding bands are this year, in the end, you and your beloved should decide what is most appealing to you. Perhaps the best trend to follow is making every aspect of your wedding all about who you are. No doubt you’re already doing that when you’re deciding on that perfect dress or the wedding colors you choose or even the theme of your wedding reception. The best wedding trend of all is to make your choice according to your own tastes.



Call it a biased opinion but, yoga is one of the best workouts ever. Not only does it strengthen the body, it helps quieten the mind, and often leaves practitioners in a state of relaxation. Unfortunately, when we work out in uncomfortable clothing, it can ruin the overall experience. Who can enjoy the true beauty of a perfect chaturanga if their clothes are bunching up in the wrong places?

Thankfully, workout clothes are no longer restricted to the gaudy fashions of yesteryear. Today's yoga clothing is fashionable and is made out of high quality, durable material that will not only hug you in the right places, it wicks always sweat as well.

Intrigued? In this post we aim to provide you with some tips to help you pick the perfect pieces for your ensemble:

The Perfect Yoga Outfit

When picking the perfect yoga outfit, it can be easy to get caught up in the different trends. But, in this case, a little goes a long way. As such, the must-haves for any yoga ensemble will include these few basic pieces:

  • Leggings: These fitted bottoms come in trendy tie-dyed patterns, bold prints, and bright colors. They look especially good when paired with a slouchy top.
  • Tops: Snug fitting athletic wear will probably always be in style but there are some loose fitting tops that pair well with leggings as well. No matter what you choose, comfortable and breathable tops will give you the ability to move freely while in tree pose and keep you sufficiently covered while running errands or meeting your friends for lunch.
  • Coverups: Whether it's a pullover or sweater, billowy cape or oversized wrap, the perfect cover up will keep your sweat soaked clothes out of plain sight and/or keep you warm when the weather is a little nippy.
  • Sneakers: Your sneakers are a great way to show off your personality. So have fun and go for something a little different and wild.

A Couple of Considerations Before You Buy

When you look good, you feel good. And, as a consequence, everything (including exercising) is a lot more fun. But, before you fork over that cash for the latest Lululemon athleisure set, consider these points to help you get the most bang for your buck:

  1. Pick Your Colors Wisely
    Research has found that color has a psychological effect on humans. For instance, bright colors like orange, purple, red and pink tend to energize us while pastel and muted shades have a calming effect. So, if you want to feel more motivated, a pop of color may be just what you need to get moving. If you like wearing black, a colorful top paired with black leggings may be just the ticket. When wearing this color from head to toe, consider pairing your ensemble with a colorful athletic jacket.
  2. Streamline Your Clothes
    Your workout clothes should be fitted but not tight. Baggy is a no-no. Don’t be shy about showing your curves. When you start losing weight, it will be more noticeable - which will keep you motivated.
  3. Choose Figure Flattering Pants
    Skinny, tapered leggings are a popular choice, but they are not your only option. For instance, if you are bottom heavy, workout pants with a slight flare are more flattering than straight leg pants. The flare helps bring balance to the bottom and hips.

The Bottom Line

With so many styles, prints, fabrics, and colors to pick from, yoga wear is more versatile than ever. These clothes have been carefully designed to fit into your life, both in and out of the gym. They are no longer hidden away in the farthest reaches of our closets, they’re proudly on display in our grocery stores, offices, and on the street. They remind us that we are allowed to feel good and in so doing, help us lose weight. How can you beat that?