Before departure

Hi! My name is Eline Sonita Rafoss. I am going to be an exchange student in America, with the organization EF, the school year 2017/18. EF Class of ´18!

Age: 17 years old

Home: Moi, Norway

Family: One younger brother, and my mum and dad

Destination: Roseville, California, USA

So I´m going on an exchange to the USA the school year 2017/18, and I´m going with the orginazation EF. I have always wanted to go on an exchange year as long as I remember, so this is a dream come true. My dad was an exchange student himself, and made me take this extraordinary decision, by being an exchange student in the US. Because of this, I do already know my host family, and know where I am going. I have known this since summer 2013, and I have been waiting since that summer to travel to the US for a year abroad. By this, my family also knows what and who I am going to in the US during my exchange.

I made this blog mainly to update my family and friends at home. But also so I could use this to look back at when I´m older, and also to reach out and to help other future students. I love reading exchange blogs myself, and it has helped me very much into this journey. I will mainly write in English, so that both my friends and family in Norway, USA and the rest of my international friends can follow me during my year.

My goal is to upload a blogpost every week, and a video at the end of the month, where I have made a summary with pictures and videos taken by me and my friends, during my exchange year.

I hope you want to follow me and my year in the USA.

Eline Sonita