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Hello sunshines!

I hope y'all are feeling well, I'm good, thanks for asking. (:D)

This morning I woke up at 10 am and I had a lot of energy. I didn't feel tired at all so that was a awesome feeling. Then someone very annoying came and knocked on my door several times. Who do you think it was? Perhaps Simone. Yup you were right!

I freaking love her so much, for those who know. They know that Simone is like my little sister. Well she is my little sister, fuck yeah!

I'm wearing my own design today. I've designed the two piece dress by myself and I've also sewed it myself. Awesome right?

I hope you think it's as pretty as I think.

My plans for the day is to eat a lot of food and snack and also to party later with Simone.




Hello lovies!

Today I got asked if I could go and help in a watch store in Skagen, called "Skagen Ure". So I went there and served some champagne and spoke to some German tourist in German and just had an amazing time there.

It was a lot of fun and the staff there was so kind to me.

At one point, I saw a tourist bus passing by the store so I went out and waved to them sitting on the bus and they waved back to me. 10 minutes later some of them came to the store and asked me why I was waving at them. So I said that I waved because they were supposed to come here and buy a watch, because there a lot of nice watches here. His answer to that was "Then I'll take a look and see if your right."

After a few minutes the man came back and he asked me "Whitch one is your favorite?" And at that moment, I was like fuck, whitch one is my favorite... but earlier I had seen two watches that I really liked so I pointed at one of them, a rose gold and silver watch. He asked "Is this your absolute favorite one" I said "Yes sir it is". He Them kindly asked me to try it on and I did. He looked at it around my wrist and he said. I'll take it but it's only because of you. So I got very happy but also a bit sad because it was a gift for his wife, haha!

When I was done helping him choose a watch, I went back to my corner to serve some more champagne. My boss for the moment came to me and said "The man that you helped, he came back and told me that he only bought the watch because of you."

So that was a lot of fun and it made me happy that I could help out in just standing and serving champagne to make a man buy a watch. Oppa!

After my work was done there. The boss there asked me whitch watch I wanted. I looked at her and in my head I where like "Wtf, I'm getting a watch for only working here for two hours and 30 minutes."

So yup, I got to choose any watch I wanted . So I chose the one my boss had but the bigger one. (Höhö)

I am so happy and so thankful. Thank you "Skagen Ure" for treating me so well and thank you for the beautiful watch. 

If you ever visit Skagen, visit them. The people that work there are so sweet and they will make your day better for sure. Plus they have a lot of beautiful watches and you can also get your name on the watch. It's a perfect gift! I'm in love with my watch. Wiho.





to my lovely readers and hello to you if you're new here.

My name is Solav and today I'm going to make my first English blog post ever. The thing is that if you read my blog posts on a daily basis (probably not "daily" because I'm ATM not posting so much at all. But I think you understand my point, at least I hope so.) You'd know a lot of things of me already but for those who just clicked on my blog right at this moment, you'd know nothing about me. Obviously you're curious and you probably already think that you know exactly how I behave as a person just by looking at my pictures or you're just what I like to call a "normal human being" and by that I mean you have a heart and don't judge me in anyway possibly but then we have something called a bad heart. Do you know the difference between a heart and a "bad heart" is?

Let me explain to you on how I see people with a heart and people with a bad heart. I don't mean "bad heart" as in a sick heart. I mean a bad heart as in a bad human being.

I feel like we all have responsibility as human beings to say sorry if we talk shit about another person and it comes out. We all talk shit, we all do but we have to do it with the right people because not all of your friends will understand what you mean about the person your talking about. Plus it can't go from mouth to mouth because we as human beings we can change that. We can change the fact just like that, just because we can. If we talk to a stranger about how we feel towards a specific person, I believe that is very low (very very low). Just because we don't like or we don't click with that specific person. It doesn't mean that the stranger we are talking shit with should change their point of you on someone they don't know just because a stranger is talking shit about them. Like wtf.

I've never judged a person on what I've heard. In fact there's one person I'm super interested in and I've heard a lot of things already but the thing is I don't care about what other people have to say about this specific person. You know why? Because I don't know the people who are talking shit about the person I'm interested in plus I don't even know the person I'm interested in that much but what I do know is that the person seems like a very nice human being. That's my point of view.

My point of writing this is because yesterday I was partying with my best friend from Sweden. We had a lot of fun until one guy decided to talk to my best friend about me and tell him that I can't behave they way that I'm behaving because the way I'm being is "slutty".

My best friend obviously told me this and I got affected, ofc I got affected. I'm a human being with a heart and I can feel sad sometimes and I can get affected just like all of us can.

Okay so when I heard that this guy didn't like my behavior, I went to him and asked him if I he could talk to me. He said yes and we talked.

I asked him "What do you think about me" and he immediately knew what I was aiming for. He looked at me for a minute and then he just said basically everything my best friend had told me already. He said that he and his friends doesn't like my behavior and that they think I'm behaving "slutty" and other people think that too.

It hurt me, it really did. I just wanted to cry at that moment but I didn't, instead I talked to him. I told him that you will never go forward as a human being if your going to judge a person just by the way the person looks or how social the person is to others.

I freaking love to dance and to meet knew people. My friends, my family and for those who read my blog, they know that already. But the ones that don't know me think I'm "slutty". What?

The "slutty" thing I did was that I was talking to everyone at the party and that I was dancing with everyone, that was my "slutty" behavior.

So I asked him what's the meaning of a party. He answered "To get drunk, have fun and to dance and talk to people" and I said to him well how I am different from that. He was quiet for a minute and then he looked down on the ground and then at me and he said "I'm speechless, I don't know what to say. I really feel like a used the word "slutty" for nothing" and then I told him that he's not the only one saying that to girls or to boys but if we do so we have a responsibility as a human being to say I'm sorry because yes we talk shit but our point is never to hurt anyone if we don't have a honest reason and often we don't have a honest reason. We just talk, just to talk.

I wrote this in English so everyone can understand what I'm saying because it's very important that we stick together and support each other and appreciate the fact that we are living. We may go thru hard things in life and we may have it very difficult to live but the reason to do so shouldn't be because we hurt each other's feelings for some stupid opinions and shit talking.

You should do whatever you feel like doing because you will always make your own decisions because it's your life. As long as me take responsibility for our actions we will go so much further in life.

I'm happy with who I am, I am thankful for my life and I'm looking forward for what's next.

If you you feel annoyed or something towards a person, speak to them and only to them because no one knows them better then themselves.

I hope you all have a wonderful day because we all deserve it.

I just like to dance, does that make me a slut?




Hello guys!

Hur är läget då? Ah vad härligt att höra! Med mig så är det toppen tack.

Jag och min kära Simone har precis kommit hem efter att ha varit på stan och gjort lite små ärenden!

Jag låste bara säga att vi var på Espresso House Nordstan och köpte oss en iste vid namn "Very Merry". DEN VAR EN STOR BESVIKELSE. Den var inte god nånstans enligt mig och Simone. Jag kan liksom inte beskriva smaken men det var inte gott iallafall. Testa om ni vill och skriv till mig vad ni tyckte om den. Det kan liksom inte bara vara jag och Simone som ej gillar den. Well Well.

Vi träffade på min kära vän Haris som jag inte träffat på ett tag. Superkul att ses igen och växla ett par ord. Haris ser ni på bilderna! Superfin!

Kram kram på er! Vi hörs



Hej på er!

Nu har jag sagt hejdå till min finaste Sophie som skall iväg på sin bal! Åhhhhh vill börja gråta, har sett framemot denna dag så länge. Har sett framemot att Sophie ska på bal sen jag gick ut nian i grundskolan. Min finaste Sophie ska på sin bal idag, Wiho!

Jag sminkade Sophie och lockade hennes hår. Hon är så vacker naturligt men med lite spackel så blev det en helt annan grej. Hon blev så vacker och jag blev så glad över att se ett så stort leende på hennes läppar när jag var klar.

Max som är Sophies pojkvän, var såå fin han med och de båda tillsammans var helt fantastiska. Jag önskar de en underbar kväll.

Hihi nu ska jag hem till min Simone och kolla på någon dokumentär (standard). Puss puss och hoppas att ni alla fååååår en superdag! Särskilt Sophie och Max!

Kraaaamisar (BILDERNA ÄR SÅÅÅ FINA eller hur???)