I know, it is a couple of weeks since Christmas, but these pictures were to cute not to post. I’m going to let the pictures speak mostly for themselves. But I have to say it was an amazingly cozy Christmas week, with my host family. Joy, food, and snuggles!

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Like I established in my last entry I don’t belief in resolutions and instead I was talking about setting goals for yourself. I always set goals for myself and in everything I do. I set goals when it come to training, studying, work etc.  ​Because by setting up goals, I know that I will always continue challenging myself into learning and developing to become the best version of myself.

So what are my goals for this year?

My goals this year is a bit different than previous years. This year, I am focusing on myself; mentally, physically, and my relationship with friends and family.

My goals for 2018:

* Be a better friend.
I want to make sure to really be there for the people I care for. Look over my friendships, and try to invest more. This includes becoming better at “checking in” with them, and become better at, for example, calling.

* Look over the energy in my life. Where do I focus my energy, and where do I want to focus my energy? If those two aren’t the same I’ll have to work on changing that this year

* Work on self love. I have come so far when it comes to this goal. I enjoy spending time with myself, but this year I want to work on not being so critical and harsh myself.

* Keeping up with the news. Don’t think I never read or listen to the news, I do. But I have realized that I lately started avoiding it because I don’t like the content of it. In other words, I become so affected by all horrible things going on in the world, but ignorance and denial is of course not the right way to avoid the problem either... Therefore, I am going to start keeping better up with the news again.

* Train for Paris Marathon. Yep, that’s right. I am signed up for Paris Marathon. And right now that feels like a nightmare. I am training, and preparing but it is 100 times harder than I could have ever imagined. But I’ll do my best to get there! ( Go Sofie!!)



New Year, New me... Really? I am not a negative person, but why do we believe that a new year is going to change everything. That our lives suddenly and magically are going to change just because it is a new year? Why do we believe that our likelihood to succeed becomes greater as soon as it hits midnight on New Year's Eve than it was a couple of minutes earlier? Because if you couldn't set a resolution and keep it before New Year's, what says you will be able to keep it now? In fact, your chances to succeed are, in my opinion, even smaller because of the pressure to succeed.

Most people don't succeed to follow through with their resolution because they put to much pressure on it. They set the bar to high and as soon as they slip or make a mistake they give up. Why? Because they feel like they failed and because it is easier not dealing with the feeling and it's tough getting up and trying again. If you call it a resolution you are most likely to fail because as soon as you slip you feel like you failed because you failed keeping your promise to yourself, which is why I don't make resolutions! Instead I make goals.

A goal is something you strive towards. Something you put your energy into getting closer to. Mistakes and slip ups are okay. You are not there yet, but you are working to get there. Let's use the most common New Year's resolution as an example;

"This year I am going to become fit, I am not going to eat any sugar or fast food and lose x Kilos..."

This puts an awful lot of pressure on you, and if you do slip and eat something you are not supposed to eat, or don't workout like you planned you are going to feel like a failure and more easily give up. If you instead make it a goal, for example;

"This year I am going to work towards a healthier me, by eating better and by moving more"

These two examples have the same intention (reaching a healthier you) However, while the goal says that, IF you would slip one day that it is okay because it is a work in progress and you can always continue the next day. Breaking the resolution however, will most likely throw you off guard, and you are more likely to quit because you broke your promise to yourself by, for example, eating a cookie.

I hope I have explained my point of view clearly enough... I am all for setting goals and trying to make a difference and/or a change, but I definitely think we put to much pressure on the new year. Because, you can set a new goal any day of the year, and if you stumble and fall all you have to do is to stand up and try again. You don't have to wait for a new year to make a change. If you start today, next week, or on new years, it doesn't matter, it's just all about starting. And if you "fail" or rather when you do, it's your decision if you're going to get up and try again or if you'll give up. Most successful people have not only failed once but twice. The difference between them and "ordinary people" is that they never stopped trying. So go for it. Whatever it is that you are dreaming about. Follow your dream and don't stop until you reach it.



Wow What a feeling. Pure happiness to be back home in beautiful umeå and Sweden. To see mom and dad, and friends and family.

The view when I flew in over Umeå! Gorgeous.

After just a couple of minutes it felt like I never left, with the exception that I felt the need to hug mom and dad every second I could! And since yesterday, when I landed, so much have happened!

We went straight from the airport to the post office where we sent in my visa papers to the embassy (wish me luck) and when we got home Klara and her family came over for dinner and, my favorite dish that I have missed for a year, palt was on the menu. Yummy.

I went to bed exhausted and went up early to write högskoleprovet, for 8h (?)... and the thought that kept reoccurring in my head the every time I looked at the watch was; right now it's 3 o'clock in the morning, right now it's 4 o'clock in the morning etc (in the USA) haha. Very, very tired with an extreme headache I finished. Proud and happy to have done it.Also so fun to see some people I know!

Dad picked me up and we went home and cooked dinner for my cousin, his gf, and my aunt and uncle came over for dinner! Very cozy!



Have been rushing around all morning to get stuff done, laundry, the kids rooms, clean up, packing, cleaning the car etc. I also wrote small notes that I put on each of their pillow for tonight!

Can you believe that I am flying home today though!? I can't!! Now I'm truly so excited!

Extra snuggles and hugs this morning with my kiddos and OF COURSE, we can't forget, Misty Potato!

( I was the one naming her potato, she looks like a big bake potato, don't you think? She was also, both, three times as big as the other Guinnea Pigs her age, and is a real lazy potato who loves food, so I don't think there could have been a more suitable name, haha)

Tess didn't want to let me go at the bus and Dasch, who had forgot completely that I am traveling home, ran to the bus quicker than I had time to yell good bye after him! Haha my cuties!

Had a little breakfast break where I watched the last episode EVER of "HIMYM" to you who have watched it, what did you think you the end? I am so split!!

Also, take a look at those yummy meatballs I made for dinner yesterday? Perfect for breakfast today!

I was going to pack light... think I have overweight in probably all of my bags!! Well well...

Now I'm on the train to the City where I'll take a shuttle to JFK. I'll have way to much time at airport, but it was the best solution! Tax free shopping here I come?



Today I has been a busy day. I have been running errands, grocery shopping, and getting stuff done in the house because I am flying home tomorrow!! So I want to make sure everything is in order before I leave to make the coming weeks as easy for Sarah and Marco as possible.

I'll be home in Umeå for 2,5 weeks and during that time the family will have a different baby sitters covering for me, grandma and grandpa will also help but mainly, Sarah will go earlier from work to pick up the kids. I feel bad to put the stress on their shoulders but at the same time it was my "condition" when I decided to extend. And they are super excited for me, the feeling is just in my own head!

When I drove around in Bedford doing errands I felt so much love, for the area but mainly for the people, and my American family. Crazy how I have grown so fond of this little village and it feels good knowing that I'll be back in a couple of weeks!

Waiting for the school bus.

Everything felt a bit extra special and emotional today, picking up the kids from the bus and going to swimming where I was hanging out with Marie and the kids like every Wednesday. I made and cooked meatballs with extra love. We baked, biked and played "the floor is lava." I love the kids so much and the entire day (week) I have been trying to squeeze as much love as possible into those little munchkins❤️. So many hugs and kisses, and today I have been spoiling them a little extra, read A LOT. How is it possible to love two little humans so much?



I'm still feeling my cold that I have had for the last two weeks, so Friday was a calm day. I read some, studied for högskoleprovet, and did a quick but tough ab workout before I picked up the kids from the bus.

In the evening I was invited over for dinner at Rafaela, who is a new au pair in Jonna's family. She and her friends were super sweet and had cooked an amazing Brazilian dinner!

When I came home I stayed up talking with my host dad for awhile before going to bed.

Saturday I took Tess to early Swim lesson. Was super tired after to little sleep but it was super cozy having a little girls time so we stayed afterwards and had a snack in the cafeteria!

We then spontaneously decided to go into the city, just Tess and I, to the Planetarium. Tess loves space and is dreaming of becoming a scientist!

After the planetarium we took a cab to midtown where we had dinner at Bills Bar and Burger. Tess got a huge Milkshake for dessert ( I got to gain some extra points, right? Haha)

We then took a stroll past Rockefeller Center and looked at the people skating down on the ice, and decided we have to come back and skate there soon, before we continued to Times Square!

Tess had never been at Times Square at night so she was more than excited. We basically skipped the entire way there, and played games while we walked such as "don't touch the line" and "slugbug." We had such a blast and on top of all it was past bedtime, which made it even more exciting for Tess, haha!

On Sunday I slept in and then I took the train to the city, I strolled around and looked in some stores while waiting for the first Lucia practice at the Swedish church. No one can be more excited for winter and Lucia then me. Since it was decided that I was going to be an au pair in New York I have wanted to be a part of the Lucia in New York City, but I was to late last winter so I am more than happy I get to be in it this year!

The practice was much more serious than I had expected, and I, who has very little experience with singing really has a challenge in front of me! ( Thank you Mr. Evens at Leland, for teaching me how to read notes, and so much other important knowledge, without you I would have even more lost then I was...) But even if I am saying it's hard, I am really feel excited about this! I also met two super nice girls at Lucia that I am excited to meet again.

( Side note; my cold made me sound like a pubertal boy going through his voice change, hahha. I guess it can only get better!!)

I got sushi from the food market at GCT, and took a train home to meet up with Manuela.

Manuela and I spent the evening catching up, drinking wine and eating ice cream. A perfect end of the weekend!



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Fall is finally hitting New York and no one could enjoy it more than me. I love the crispy and fresh air. The leaves are starting to change color and I love being able to wear a sweater. The fall is so different here in NY compared to home in Sweden, when I say it's getting colder I mean that the temperatures are going down from about 34C to 19C which is perfect!

Dosen't this picture look kind of business professional? Me standing in front of the old town hall, love the building with the iron details!

Marie and I decided to meet up for a lunch at a super cute café in Stamford, CT called Lorca. Had coffee and warm soup while catching up on the weekend. I see Marie almost everyday, our girls have the same activities but it is still "needed" to also meet up without the kids.

We decided to have a little photoshoot!

How beautiful isn't she?

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Something I can miss living here in America and with an other family is the ability to just go over to someone's house and just hang. Cook dinner or watch a movie. There is two reasons why I don't feel like I can do that here in the same way as home in Sweden.

First of all, everyone lives SO far away so it's hard to be spontaneous in the evening when you know you have a 20 minutes car ride ahead of you, and second off all, even if I live here I don't want to be any burden to the family by having people over. Because I would understand if they want some piece and quiet after a day of work. Even though, my host mom tells me, all the time, that I don't even have to ask, and that my friends are welcome over anytime. But I still feel bad bringing people over... am I being silly?

So since I moved here it has become extra special to meet up friends for dinner. A perfect time to catch up and a nice way to get out of the house.

So Delia and I met up at our favorite diner for a late dinner.

Very cozy and so nice! Haven't seen Delia in awhile and it was great seeing her. We both ordered a burger and the sweet potato fries because why not?