Breakfast and cuddles.

My silly beautiful girl.

Street art in Harlem.

Some cozy coffee shop.

Sofie and Micheal on a bar in Stamford.

Our house, in the middle of the street...

The brief two weeks obsession with fidget spinners.


The streets of NYC

St. Paul's cathedral.

The Swedish Church in New York!



It is incredible how happy a person can make you. After not have seen Klara since I left it was so amazing to actually having her by my side, walking arm in arm through the streets of New York.

Lunch at Jack's Wife Freda.

A thing I kept thinking about the entire day, except the fact how happy I were to have my babe in town, was how proud I felt to be able to show my best friend around in the city that I now call my home. Weird.

Älskade Klara.

Having someone in front of you, in physics person, is definitely different from seeing them on the other side on a screen, but still thank God for technology. How would I have kept in contact with all my loved once without it? With snail-mail?

That my wallet also got stolen and returned the same day is a story for another day...



Missing this girl so much now when she is back in Sweden.

"Forced" the guys to go to a psychic, who turned out to not at all knowing what she talked about and who made up stuff as she went along. Kind of sad.

This View though.



I have for a time now thought back and forth, weighing the pros and cons, and debating with myself whether or not to go home in October or to stay here in New York. It took a lot of thinking and even after the decision was made it took some time to get it all ready, but today it became official that I am going to extend with my host family and stay in New York for 6 more months.

It was a hard decision to make and there was a lot of aspects to consider. However, I felt like I was not yet done in New York. There is yet so much more to discover. I have an amazing host family, with kids that I love very much and I am not ready to leave them yet either. It has taken almost a year to feel completely at home here, and some days I still don't, but I want to give it more time. I want to have more time with the family, more time in the area, more time with the american friends and the au pairs I met here, more time with the amazing Swedish family I have come to know, and last but not least I need more time with myself. I am still figuring out who I am and what I want in life and right now I believe that being in New York is the right place for me to do so.

I feel very happy with my decision but I know that it is not what I originally decided and that it might come as a chock to some. I am sorry for that and it is definitely one of the hardest decision I have made. Especially, knowing that it means that I will not see some of you for six more months. I have heard that my decision to stay is selfish, but I need to be selfish right now, because I know, in my heart, that this is the right decision for me. And of course, not for a second, does that mean that I love you, my family and my friends, any less. I made the decision after a lot of consideration and a lot of going back and forth. What made the decision hard is knowing that the time until I get to see my loved ones will be longer but in the end I knew I had to do the decision that felt right for me. Hope everyone understands!