Since I got here I have gotten lost so many times, with GPS, without GPS, and with a map, nothing seems to help and it's extremely hard to find your way when all roads are very winding. I lose track of where I am and like I said I even got lost with a GPS. It was Thursday when I was to pick up Dasch from school and bring him to karate practice and I was sure I knew the way to school put I still had the GPS on as a back up but I lost service and suddenly I was out somewhere in the forest without any idea of where to go... I got super late to pick him up and got to rush to Karate only to find out that it didn't start at 15:45 but at 16:00 so we ended being the first ones there which was pretty great!

The kids get karate homework to work on personality and behavior and I really liked the message of Dasch's homework of the week. It is something to really reflect over.

After karate we went to the barber to fix Dasch's hair after the little "accident." I had brought a picture with me of how my host dad wanted it to look like and I thought it turned out great. However, when I woke up the next morning my host dad had taken the shaver and changed the haircut which I thought was funny, but I had to agree that it turned out even better (picture of that will come later)!

Happy guy after getting his haircut.

Tess was at dance and got a ride home with One of her friends which meant that me and Dasch had a cozy evening together with homework and some drawing. Very cozy.

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Wednesday was the second day without school in the same week which meant that I was taking care of the children the entire day. Tess' best friend Natalie was over which was super fun. Although, we had a lot of fun it was a much more challenging day than the days before. Dasch had a couple of meltdowns and it was hard knowing how to handle in the best way possible and still balancing that with keeping track of the girls. I talked a lot with my host mom about it and we both agreed on that it is a part of his age and him adapting to a new Au pair. It was still tricky and I at first felt like I did something wrong but then realized that it has nothing to do with me personally.

We played outside for a couple of hours and then we played hair stylist. In the afternoon we went to target to buy crafts to make Halloween decorations. Very fun day even if it was a bit more challenging.

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Last Tuesday Was the first day I had full responsibility of the children which meant that I woke them up for school and prepared everything for school. Everything went smooth. We ate breakfast and walked to the school bus. Dasch and I have started a new habit of picking out clothes for him in the evening before since he is very picky of what he is wearing which has meant a lot of stress in the morning but with this method it has been super smooth to get ready! The only thing I forgot was tooth brushing so that was a pretty good first morning.

After dropping the children at school I went for a long walk/ run trying to getting to know the neighborhood.

Malin, a Swedish Au pair that I meet at training school, came over and we decided to go out for lunch. However, because we don't know the areas so well we drove around but didn't find anywhere to go and then we got lost from each other since we drove separately so we spent a lot of time just trying to find each other again! We laughed so much when we finally found each other and we both felt like it was typical us since we from the first time we meet each other has been pretty confused in each other's company being the two just going with the flow!

I picked up the children from the school bus and then we went home to do some reading, snacking and playing. The kids also practiced piano before their piano teacher came over for a piano lesson.

So cute!

Dasch dreams of becoming an astronaut and going to space and he has this very cool and awesome spaceship in his room which I believe is every child's dream.

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Monday last week was Columbus Day which meant that the children had no school so the entire day was spent playing and hanging out. My host mom was working partly which meant I took care of the children for parts of the day myself which was a bit nervous but very exciting. We played outside in the beautiful weather and then after lunch we took them to a play date at one of the children's friends. A lot of children from Tess' class was there and Dasch also had a friend to play with. It was great for them to play while I hung out with the moms talking and gossiping. In the evening we (the family) watched a movie together which was not very good but it was still very cozy being all together.

​Tess did my hair and said that it is how I should wear it when I go on dates! My host mom and dad laughed and complimented me for my new hair style. So cute of Tess though! 

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On the last day of training school we had CPR and first aid training in the morning to learn how to act in acute situations. It was an interesting day and so important things to know in life and when taking care of the children. In the afternoon most of us went on the NYC trip which was amazing. It felt so good to be back in the big city and even better knowing that I am going to live here for a year with the possibility to visit every weekend! We went for a guided tour with a super fun old woman and she played all typical New York songs making it feel even more surreal.

We stopped in Battery park to see the Statue of Liberty and take pictures of the skyline, as you can see she was very far away in the distance but I decided that I definitely will take the ferry to the island sometime this year.

After a couple of hours we got dropped off at Rockefeller center and while most people went up to see the view a couple of us went to explore a little and then head for dinner at a typical American diner. We ate burgers and drank milkshakes and had a lovely time. A little bit later Erica and lovisa also joined and we all hung out for awhile before heading towards the busses. However, we walked in the wrong direction and didn't realize until we had walked 8 blocks, which meant that we had to run from the 56th street till the 34th where the busses were going to pick us up super worried that they would leave. Luckily they had waited and we were not even the last people to get on but it was still super stressful! In total a great day and a really amazing time at the training school.



It has been almost two weeks since I came to the states and I have been very busy trying to settle in to my new life here and getting into a routine, therefore I am still behind in the updates and because of that I decided to do a summary of the week at the training school at Long Island. All Au pairs traveling with Cultural Care start their journey at training school learning about how to raise children in america, food saftey, CPR among other things. I have heard from a lot of au pairs that they thought training school was super boring and that the school was gross so my expectations were not super high. However, I was so positively surprised! It was such a fun week and even if I was super excited to come to the school I in a way it wish I could have stayed there for another week. I met amazing people, the teacher I had was wonderful and so funny which really made the days go by fast. My class was also so great and we really had so much fun. I don't know why other au pairs in the past has not liked it but it was an amazing week and I think we all of us who were there agree on that. Of course you could tell that the school was old and a bit worn down but it was absolutely not as bad as everyone said it would be.

We came to the school late in the evening , at least if you considered the fact that I had been awake for over 26h without sleep. Amazing Sandra and I got to sleep in a room together with a girl from Argentina named Sofia that also lives in Bedford. Even if we were extremely tiered the hunger was bigger so we went to the lounge where pizza was waiting, even if I can't handle pizza I had some anyway before we went to bed.

All the Swedish Au pairs.

Two days followed with fun classes and lectures in the evening. We hug out as much as we could when we could and had an amazing time. First night there was a candy picnic where everyone had brought candy from their home country. I tried a lot of different and somewhat weird stuff but personally I still think Sweden has the best candy! We didn't sleep much and often stayed up late hanging out with people from around the world. One day we went to a nearby grocery store where we spent at least an hour walking around looking and exploring. We also ended up talking to the staff for like 15 minutes just because they were so nice and funny. Another night me and Sandra stayed up hanging out with a girl from Spain and one from Australia and when they went to bed we stayed up hanging out with Luca from Germany for another hour or so.

Between two classes.

My amazing class.

CPR training.



Söndagen började med att barnen väckte mig tidigt på morgonen. Dagens stora händelse var att familjen skulle hålla i en stor lunch/ hejdå party för en av Sarahs mostrar därför bakade jag och barnen kladdkaka som efterrätt. Det var super mysigt och kul att involvera barnen. När kakan var i ugnen skyndade jag, Tess och Mimi (mormor) till affären för att handla några sista minuten ingredienser till lunchen. Jag körde mesans Tess gav mig instruktioner hur jag skulle köra. Jag kände mig nervös då det var första gången med ett av barnen i bilen. Det gick dock jättebra även om instruktionerna från Tess ibland kom lite sent vilket resulterade att vi behövde vända några gånger. När hon till exempel pekade bakåt och sa "Där var det, det var där" haha men väldigt gulligt ändå.

Sunday started with the kids waking me up early in the morning. The big event of the day was hosting family lunch / goodbye lunch for one of Sarah's aunts therefore the kids and I baked Swedish Kladdkaka for everyone. It was super fun o get the kids involved. When the cake was in the oven Tess, Mimi (grandma), and I hurried to the store to get some last minutes ingredients for the lunch. I got to drive while Tess gave me directions. I was nervous since it was the first time with one of the children in the car. It went super well even if some of the directions from Tess sometimes came a little late, which meant that I a couple of times had to turn around! Like when she suddenly pointed back and said "it was there." Haha but it was super fun.

Ännu "roligare" var det när Tess och Dasche väckte mig på morgonen och Tess säger "Sofie när jag tänder lampan kommer du få se en överraskning med Daschs hår" jag; "oj spännande" Redan då med känslan att något var på tok och när de tände visade det sig att Tess hade klippt Daschs hår i en ny frisyr.. (vilket syns tydligt i bilden ovan) så jag frågade såklart om de verkligen fick klippa varandras hår och Tess svarade med ett stort leende "Ja!" Så jag frågade igen om hon verkligen, verkligen fick göra det och hon svarade igen att hon gick det... självklart så får de inte göra det men det är roligt att se hur de testar mig för att se hur jag reagerar.

Also, even more "funny" was when Tess and Dasch woke me up in the morning and Tess says "Sofie when I turn of the light you will see a big surprise with Dasch's hair" Me; "Oh really?" Already having a feeling something is up. And when they turned on the lights I could clearly see how Dasch's hair was cut into a new haircut... (Which can clearly be seen in the second picture above) So, of course I asked if they were allowed to cut each other's hair and Tess says with a big smile "Yes!" So I asked again "are you really sure you are allowed to cut each other's hair" and she again said that she was... of course they are not but it's funny to see how they are trying to test me to see how I will react.

Gästerna kom och vi hade en super trevlig lunch tillsammans. Jag spenderade mycket tid med barnen uppe i lekrummet. En av deras favoritleksak just nu är att leka "tickle monster." Jag får såklart agera monster! Deras familj och vänner är så härliga och det var en super rolig dag. När de åkte hem sent på kvällen tog en av kvinnorna mitt nummer och vi bestämde att vi ska ta en lunch någon gång snart. Sedan gick jag till mitt rum och tog fet lugnt ett tag, facetimade med min pojkvän och med Sandra, som jag träffade på training schoool och är en au pair i Brooklyn, mesans jag väntade på att den andra debatten mellan Hilary Clinton och Donald Trump skulle starta. Jag vet inte ens var man ska börja diskutera angående debatten men det var absolut intressant att se hur annorlunda amerikansk politik är i jämförelse med svensk politik. Jag tycker också det är knäppt hur, speciellt Trump, spenderar så mycket tid på att attackera varandra personligen istället för att diskutera den faktiska politiken och deras olika synvinklar.

The guests came and we had a lovely lunch together and I spent a lot of time playing with the children upstairs. One of their favorite things right now is playing tickle monster, with me, of course, being the monster! Their friends and family is so lovely and it was an amazing time. When they left late in the evening one of the cute ladies took my number and we decided that we will go for lunch sometime soon. I went and relaxed for awhile taking and FaceTime with my boyfriend and Sandra,who is an au pair in Brooklyn that I meet at the training school, while waiting for the Second debate to start. I don't even to say about the debate but it was certainly interesting to see how different American politics are compared to Swedish politics. I also think it's is ridiculous how they, especially Trump, spend so much time attacking the other one instead of discussing the actual politics and their individual standpoints.

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Har du någon son sett en häst bajsa mitt framför dina ögon? Det hade inte jag och inte heller 5åriga Dasch. Behöver jag säga att det var ett väldigt stort ögonblick för honom när hästen plötsligt började bajsa kilon framför hans ögon.

Så min andra dag hos familjen började med att både Dasch och Tess väckte mig med en kram. Vi satt och pratade ett tag i min säng innan jag gick och duschade. När jag kom ut hade de gjort en skylt där det stod "Sofie is awesome- Tess & Dasch" vilket var det perfekta sättet att starta dagen på.

Have you ever seen a horse poop in front of your eyes? I had never and neither had 5 years old Dasch. Needless to say is that it was a very big moment for him when the horse suddenly started to poop pounds just in front of his eyes.

So my second day in the family started with both Dasch and Tess waking me up in the morning with a hug. We sat and talked in my bed for awhile before I went for a shower, and when I came out they had made a sign outside the bathroom door saying "Sofie is awesome- Tess & Dasch" which was the perfect way to start the day.

Först på agendan var en roadtrip för att besöka en av Sarahs kollegor som bor i Conneticut. Hon och hennes familj har en liten bondgård och en flicka i samma ålder sol Tess. Barnen hade aldrig träffats förut men lekte jättebra tillsammans och Sarahs kollegas barn, Aiden är så duktig med djur. De har en häst som går runt fritt på gården och som påminde mig jättemycket om Lillagubben i Pippi. Den såg till och med ut som den hästen. De har även ankor, hönor, getter och hundar. Dessutom bor det kor på gården bredvid som de brukar mata.

First on the day's agenda was going on a road trip to visit one of Sarah's work colleagues who lives in Connecticut. They got a small family farm and she has a daughter the same age as Tess. The kids had never
meet before but they played so well together and Sarah's colleague's daughter, Aiden are so good with the animals. They got a horse that walks around freely on their garden, just like in Pippi Longstocking, it even looks like that horse. They also got ducks, chickens, goats, and dogs. And just next doors they got cows that
they feed.

The bull, who's name was Mario weighs over 3000 pounds and with that weight he had hurt the only other bull so bad so his horns had broken off. That bull was now left out from the group and stop all sad by himself. The others even stole his food from him.

Daschs ansiktsuttryck efter han hade sett hästen bajsa...

Dasch's face after he had seen the horse poop...

Vi fick mata ankorna med ärtor och det kittlade super mycket när de tog ärtorna från händerna. Vi plockade också ägg från hönorna och åkte i deras golfbil vilket jag tror var Dasch favorit då han ville åka igen och igen.

Then we also got to feed the ducks with pees witch felt very funny when they are the pees from your hands. We also picked eggs from the hens and rode on their golf cart which most likely was Dasch's favorite thing to do because he just wanted to go again and again!

Vi åkte sedan och åt lunch på en resturang, som jag nu inte kommer ihåg namnet på och sedan åkte vi hem och hämtade Marco för att åka till områdets high schoool och se på deras homecoming match i amerikansk fotboll. Några av Tess vänner gjorde Cheerleading. Det var väldigt roligt att följa matchen då jag aldrig har sett en amerikansk fotbollsmatch förut. Dock så spenderade jag mestadels av tiden med att göra akrobatik med barnen och äta det amerikanska godiset skittles.

We then went for lunch at this great restaurant which I don't remember the name of and then headed home to pick up Marco to go to the high schools homecoming football game. Some of Tess' friends were doing cheer and it was very fun to watch the game since I have never seen an American football game before. However, I spent most time hanging out with the children and they doing acrobatics and eating skittles.

Vi åkte sedan till en underbar mataffär som har en bar och ett lekområde på övervåningen. Så många av Marcos och Sarahs vänner kom dit med sina barn och vi alla umgicks där i några timmar. Sarah och Marco är underbara och så är deras vänner så det var super trevligt. Efter någon timme eller så gick papporna ner i affären och köpte sushi för de vuxna och "kyckling fingrar" åt barnen. Efteråt stannade jag, Sarah och Sarahs mamma och handlade innan vi åkte hem. Väl hemma åt vi sen middag innan jag gick i säng sent. Något som jag tycker är konstigt är att man får köra i USA fast man har druckit alkohol?

Then we went to this beautiful grocery store which has a bar on top of it with a play area for the children, so a bunch of Marco's and Sarah's friends came their and we all hung up there for a couple of hours. They are amazing and so are their friends so it was a very fun time. After an hour or so the dads went down to the grocery store and bought some sushi for the grownups and chicken fingers for the kids. We had a great time and me, Sarah and Sarah's mom,which the children calls Meme, stayed and did some shopping. At home we had a late dinner before I went to bed early. Something I find weird is that you get to drive in America when you have
been drinking alcohol?

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Har nu kommit till familjen som är hur gullig som helst! Har fortfarande inte internet på telefonen vilket gör att uppdateringen blir lite sisådär.
Efter några underbara dagar på training schoool på Long Island åkte jag buss med andra au pairer för att möta familjen. Jag som känt mig lugn hela veckan kände mig plötsligt så nervös hela bussresan. Dessutom behövde jag verkligen gå och kissa vilket inte gjorde det bättre. När vi kom fram till White Plains, NY stod Sarah, min värdmamma och väntade med en stor skylt som mina värdbarn hade gjort. Jag sa hejdå till alla underbara au pairer innan jag och Sarah skyndade oss att hitta en toalett...

I have now arrived to the family who is incredibly sweet. I still don't have internet on my phone which has stopped me from updating as much as I have wanted to.
After a couple of incredible days at the training school on Long Island I took the bus with other Au pairs going to the same area to meet our families. I, who have felt calm the entire week, suddenly felt very nervous the entire bus trip. On top of that I really had to pee which didn't make it better. So when we arrived to the bus stop at White Plains, NY my host mom Sarah was waiting with a big sign that my host children had made. I said goodbye to all the amazing Au pairs that I meet this week and then me and Sarah went to find a restroom...

Vi åkte sedan direkt till skolan för ett "class mom" möte, för att planera en halloween fest för Dasche klass. Sedan gick vi för att hitta Tess som hade lunch. Hon var super blyg men jag fick ändå en kram innan gick vidare för säga hej till Dasche. Han hade gympa så han såg oss inte först, när han väll fick syn på oss blev han jätte glad och då han visste att han inte fick gå ifrån lektionen räckte han upp handen och sa "fröken fröken, there is mom and Sofie!!" Medan han pekade på oss, otroligt gulligt!

We then went straight to the children's school for a class mom meeting to plan a upcoming Halloween party for Dasche's class. Afterwards we went to find Tess on her lunch hour. She was super shy but I still got a hug before we went to say hi to Daschle. He had PE so didn't see us at first, but when he did he got super excited and since he knew he couldn't leave class he instead raised his hand saying "Mrs .... Mrs... Look look, there is mom and Sofie" while pointing at us, so cute!

Jag och Sarah åkte hem och åt lite och sedan bestämde vi oss för att ta med hunden på en hajk. Vi tog därför bilen och jag fick för första gången köra i USA! Snacka om att jag var lagom nervös när jag satte mig bakom ratten i en bil som är minst dubbelt så stor som min bil hemma i Sverige! Men det gick jättebra om än jag körde lite sakta. Vi gick sedan på en super mysig hajk bland träden så Buck (hunden) fick springa av sig. Väl hemma tog jag en tupplur tills Dasche kom hem från skolan. Han kom då och väckte mig med en kram, gullunge!

Sarah and I drove home and ate a little before we decided to take the dog for a hike. So we took the car which meant that I for the first time got to drive in the US! You can imagine how nervous I was when I set down behind the wheel in a car that is at least double the size of my car back home in Sweden! But it went great even if I drove slower then the speed limit. We went for a very cozy hike among the trees and Buck (the dog) got to run free for awhile. Back home I took a nap until Dasche came home from school and woke me up with a hug, sweetie!

Vi åkte på flagfootball som Dasche spelar och jag lekte monster/ tagen (jag var självklart monstret) med alla barn innan träningen började. Sedan blev jag introducerad till alla mammor och lekte med de barn som inte spelade flag. Efteråt åkte vi hem och jag fick äntligen träffa Marco som just kommit hem från en business trip. Några vänner till Sarah och Marco kom över med sina barn och vi alla umgicks ett tag innan jag gick och la mig. Dasche och jag lekte med några muggar och han gömde en kork och jag skulle gissa var den var. Jag gick sen och la mig och pratade med mamma och pappa ett tag på FaceTime.

We then went for flag football which Dasche plays and I played tag/ monster ( I was the monster of course) with the kids for awhile before practice started. Then I got introduced to the moms and hung with younger kids not playing flag. Afterwards we went home and I finally got to meet Marco, my host dad, who just flew in from a business trip. Some friends to Sarah and Marco came over with their children and we all hung out. Dasche and I played with some cups and he tried to hide a cork and I was supposed to guess where he hid it. I then went to bed and talked to mom and dad for awhile on FaceTime.

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Had an amazing goodbye party with some of my closest girl friends with a lot of laughs and deep conversations. I am going to miss my girls so incredibly much and I am so happy that they came and made my night special! At night a few of us went out to the club, there we meet up with Zelalem, and then danced the night away until the club closed! So fun!

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