Found this hat in Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked totally insane. But I really have started liking it! It might be big and a bit odd, but so warm and looks so good, what do you think?



I have stayed off my phone as much as possible the last week which is why there has been so quiet here. I got the stomach flu and was out for the longest of time and since I got back on my feet I have just tried to spend as much time as possible with the family, kids and friends. I have also been a lot at the rink. Wednesday was beautiful and we were out playing without our jackets after school and then Friday we suddenly had a big blizzard! So crazy weather changes. At least we have some snow now which I love!

So yesterday we had the greatest day out of school, because all school canceled because of snow. All in all we were out for over 7hours playing in the snow. I was shoveling like a maniac so we could build a snow fort. I can't even move my arms today... The families best friends were hour and it felt like it was weekend instead of Thursday. I just love evenings like this!

Tonight I am ending early so I am going to the movies with Ines and Jonna to see Fifty Shades Darker and tomorrow I am going to see the Rangers play against the Colorado Avalanche at Madison Square Garden, super excited.



I found these pictures and I realized that I never posted them and they are to good to be forgotten. so Therefore, I'll make a throwback to the day when I went in to help the Dasch's kindergarten class with decorating their gingerbread houses. It was super cute and fun and most kids were more into eating the decorations than to actually decorating their houses. One of those kids were Dasch who just LOVES icing so every time he thought I didn't see I scoped up some icing on his finger and quickly put it in his mouth, so adorable!

Dasch's awesome creation!

Seeing how much Dasch loves icing brought me the idea of giving him a jar of icing as one Christmas present, of course after asking Sarah for permission, and seeing his face when he opened the present and saw what the jar was absolutely priceless!



I realized that I forgot to tell you about when Stina and I went to a drag show at a place called LIPS. Each night they have a different theme and I think we went to 'Celebrity night which meant that we during our dinner got to enjoy a show created by the drag artists while we were enjoying our dinner.


The dinner was not the best neither of us have eaten but it was good and it is definitely not a place where you go for their food but for the show.

We got to see "Nicki Minaj"...

...Withney Houston and others. It was a very fun show and I loved how they included the audience in their act.

Stina and I with our beautiful waitress.

Such a fun thing to have experienced and I definitely want to go there again but to another of their shows and I would say that it is a perfect place to go if you want a fun night with your friends.



Before Sandra left her host mom came with the brilliant idea to make a goodbye surprise party for Sandra. So her and I planned it and tried to come up with a plan to get Sandra to her house in Brooklyn without her having a clue of what was going on. So I made up this story of how I had booked a table in Williamsburg and that we needed to pass her house on the way to pick up some Swedish candy? Haha, as you can tell the story was pretty bad so I was surprised that Sandra bought it and the evening turned out to be fantastic with friends and family. Such a good way to say goodbye to wonderful Sandra.



Like I, think I, mentioned earlier I got the amazing opportunity to travel with my host family to the Virgin Islands over Christmas. I am incredibly thankful that they invited me and I honestly cannot even start to describe how incredible the trip was. We took a plane from JFK to the US island St. Thomas where we boarded the catamaran, named the Pelican, which would be our home for the next couple of days. On the boat was the family and the kids older brother Tristan, friends to the family, and our captain and first mate.

Dasch and dad.

We sailed from beach to beach, and stopped at most beautiful places. A different location each night with fun stops along the way. The first day we motored to hawks nest which is my host dad's favorite location to start each sailing trip with and I understand him because it was incredibly beautiful. As soon as we anchored Tristan and I immediately jumped into the water swimming and snorkeling until sunset and it got to dark for us to see. In the morning we took off and passed the border entering British waters.

​We stayed on British water until the last day when we headed back. To get back into the US we needed to go through customs and I was extremely nervous that I would have forgot some paper and not get back in. Luckily, I got everything I needed and my host family also admitted that they had felt a bit nervous beforehand so we all relieved headed back to the boat. And I have to say that it felt funny to stop for customs in the middle of the water, getting dressed neatly, and walking in to a building with guards and Obama (<3) hanging on the wall after days on the boat. The last night we spent on a hotel in St. Thomas and it felt great being able to take a real shower and wash of the salt before heading to the airport. 


Tess <3

Relaxing on deck while motoring to a new location.


We watched beautiful sunsets, played cards, visited amazing beaches and swam in cool caves. Tristan and I spent as much time in the water as possible snorkeling and exploring.

I saw amazing, colorful fish and corals. One night we took a night swim with flashlights looking for fish. It was my host dad, Tristan, our captain, the kids, and I. Tess who is an amazing swimmer got to go with out life jacket and we dove down looking at five sting rays lurking at the bottom. After awhile everyone, except Tristan and I, had got up from the water so we decided to swim underneath the boat one last time hoping to see some new fish before also going up. We and did not see much until I suddenly hear Tristan screaming " OMG, Sofie! Look! What is that?!" We swam closer and it turned out to be a nurse shark! How cool and amazing is that?! I have swam with a shark! Still cannot believe it, so incredible.

This trip was truly wonderful and I have never experienced anything like this in my life. We saw and did so many amazing things and even better was that I got to spend so much quality time with my host family and their friends. I am so thankful for my host family bringing me and I will always remember this trip and the great time we had.



I know it is a bit late for a year summery but I really wanted to do one so I decided to create one anyway, here comes the first part!


2016 started with a bang when Klara and I booked a last minute trip to Bad Gastein, Austria. Our first ski trip without parents, but definitely not our last.. We had an amazing time with beautiful skiing, good food, spa and fun.

Tried to be outside a lot enjoying the beautiful January weather with friends and family.


Cicci and I enjoyed afternoon tea.

February was spent with friends and family with a lot of cozy dinners and good conversations.


March continued in the same spirit with cozy dinners and amazing friends and family.

A lot of blurry pictures was taken from memorable nights with my wonderful friends.


In April I got back on the ice for my club's traditional ice show. It was incredible to be back on the skates and still not a single day goes by without me dreaming of doing a comeback..

In late April mom and I went down south to visit my uncle, aunt and cousins. It was so great seeing them and, I know I sound like an old lady saying this, it surprised me how much they had grown. Both of them now, beautiful young adults.


In May Stina and I planed and hosted a spring party for our closest girl friends.

The outcome was amazing and it was so great to see our close friends interact and building new friendships. So much girlpower.

May ended with Bränbollsyran. I did not play this year but still went to the festival with my friends. The Chainsmokers, Ingrosso and others played and even if I got stamped to the ground during the Chainsmokers I still had the best time with new and old friends.


ot In beginning of June I, just as everyone else, worked hard to finish all schoolwork and my final project. I got to know Zelalem and later asked him to prom. We ended up having a blast and I am so happy I ended up going since I first had decided not to.

A couple of days later I finally graduated from Swedish High School. It was an amazing feeling and I felt and feel so incredibly proud of everything I accomplished during my years in school.

We had our class' champagne breakfast, with the teachers, at my house and my best friend, Eva, had flown in, all the way, from Michigan to celebrate with me. We had an amazing time and Eva got to be a part of everything that includes a Swedish graduation which felt very special after I got to be a part of my Michigan class' graduation 2015.

.I got nominated "the Class' Cheerleader" and bounced around more than usual while singing "cheerleader"... My best friends and all my family, relatives and non-relatives, came to the school cheering me as we ran out.

Eventually, I jumped up behind the tractor with the rest of my class AND Eva. I had the time of my life dancing and singing as we went around the city. I remember never wanting to go of the tractor and when we finally did many missed call from mom waiting at home with my Graduation party.

I had a lovely graduation party and felt very emotional and thankful for all wonderful people I got in my life. In the evening I ditched the big grad party and went out for a dinner with my best friends and later Eva and I meet up my best friend Ebba and some of her friends. Eva and I walked home through town in the beautiful light that only exist in the northern part of Sweden a summer morning.

I slept for less two hours and then it was time for my driving licence test which I, in some miraculous way, passed despite the lack of sleep.

So with a new drivers licence and a new car, Elin, Eva, Sanna and I drove up north to Boda Borg and my summer cabin. The night was beautiful and I remember that we stood admiring how pretty the world is for the longest time feeling so thankful for life.

A couple of days later Eva and I flew home to my beautiful Michigan. We lived life and enjoyed summer.

We watched sunsets, went to grad parties, had bonfires at the beach...

I met up with as many friends and family as possible. <3

One day I also went to the school to take a walk down memory land and I was also very lucky to meet some of my old teachers. Being in the school brought back so many memories from senior year and even if everything is changed everything were still the same.

I met up with some of my lovely figure skating friends who I am truly so happy to have gotten to know since they made my year so much better.

We went on a lot of hikes and spent time with Eva's lovely family. It was really amazing to be back and catch up with people but also getting to know new people. The entire trip was great and such a perfect start of the summer before going back to Sweden and work.



I have always claimed that skating is my medicine, just like other people feel better when talking to someone or going to the doctor skating has been my therapy. Whenever I have felt bad I have always skated. It has always helped me. It has always helped me feel better and to forget or/and deal with any problems. Of course there was times when nothing worked on the ice either which made me frustrated, but in general skating was always my medicine.

However, it came a day when I couldn't do what I loved anymore. To make a long story short, I got mono but I was wrongly diagnosed by the doctor who told me I could continue practice as normal, which I did until I ended up in the hospital. It totally whipped out my immune system. So instead of a recovery period of about a month it has taken me almost two years to getting back to "normal." Since then nothing has been the same. It took me over a year just to be able to function in school since I constantly ran out of energy or became sick and my absence present was up at 40 percent my senior year of high school. The teachers kept suggesting that I should should do an extra year to have time to recover but I refused and succeeded to graduate high school. And it is first today I feel fully recovered. I still need to be careful and have learnt to listen much better to my body but it is an amazing feeling to be able to slowly start building up my body again.

Today, I can stand up without becoming completely exhausted, I can go to the city without laying in bed the following day and I can do a workout without becoming sick for two weeks afterwards. It is an incredible feeling and it is so great to slowly get back. But everyday I still miss ice skating and miss standing on the ice like I used to, I miss my "therapy" so I felt so happy when my parents sent me my skates and when I took the kids skating this Monday.

Neither of the kids had skated before so it was a fun challenge trying to teach them the basics of how to stand on skates, getting up when falling and starting to move forward. I was very impressed by both of them; who both kept fighting even though it was cold and the ice was hard to fall on. They both really enjoyed it and I'll definitely take them again. Personally, it was wonderful to be back out there. I spent most time trying to teach the kids but still I felt pure happiness to be back and I'll definitely go many more times and maybe one day I can even start skating again. That is my dream. But for now it makes me happy just being able to be back because, as I said, skating is my therapy.



This weekend was a bit extra sad because my wonderful friend Sandra's last weekend here after she has decided to leave and go back to Sweden after having problems with her host family for a longer while. It was very emotional to see such a good friend leave but I definitely think she took the right decision for herself even though I would have loved to see her stay.

Sandra and I meet for the first time at the American embassy in Sweden by accident and since then our journeys have been linked together. We flew from Stockholm the same day, and was booked on a separate ticket just the two of us. At training school, the two of us was placed in the same room while all the other Swedish girls were spread out in different rooms. We also ended up in the same class and it has been great having her living so close to me here in the US. Having someone that understands where you come from and who you are without effort.

Sandra <3

Even if it is super sad that she left I know that we sooner than later will see each other again and I know that she took the right decision for herself.



After walking around in Central Park we took a late brunch at Le Pain Quotidien before continuing on to the village where we stopped by at the Swedish candy store Sockerbit before we headed to our big goal of the day, the friends house.

Stina, who probably is the biggest FRIENDS fan I know, was super excited and could not contain her excitement and almost fell over...

Greenwich village is such a beautiful area with its old town houses close to each other. I would definitely not say no to live there in the future.

Finally there we took the traditional pictures and to my despair, Stina insisted that we would play the TV shows theme song while standing in front of the house! At first I felt so embarrassed, but after a while we both where embraced by it dancing around screaming "I'll be there for you..." Haha, such a funny idea and I am so happy we did it.

When in the area, we decided to make a quick stop at the "sex and the city house" just to take a photo and to be able to say we have seen it. I reflected over how annoying it must be living in that house when there are always people outside your door. They had even put up a chain to keep people from entering the steps or knocking on the door.

We stopped at another super cute café, that I unfortunately do not remember the name of, to heat up and eat some more food.

After lunch/ coffee break we made our way to Union Square to take the subway back to GCT. And of course we had to stop and read at some of the post it's covering the walls with beautiful messages and protests.

At GCT we took a quick look at the food market. It was amazing with spices, meat and vegetables. I can't believe that I until now missed that GCT has a market and will definitely visit there again soon.