The kids had no schools neither Thursday nor Friday so we played a lot and had friends over for play dates. On Friday, I took the kids and Tess best friend Nathalie to the aquarium in Norwalk. We walked around all morning looking at and learning about different sea creatures. Super cozy.

In the afternoon we went over to Dasch's friend Naoise for a play date. All moms (and I) were hanging out drinking wine. Naoise's mom had prepared with cheese and crackers and after awhile my hm also showed up. It was super cozy sitting in the afternoon sun, drinking wine and hanging out. I am so happy they include me even if I am not one of the moms!

Sarah took the kids to swimming and I headed home for a shower. Manuela came over and we ate dinner and updated each other on life. Marie came over and we all got ready for an night out.

Started the evening with drinks at the rooftop terrace Sign of the whale in Stamford. Loved being just the girls mingling around, talking to people.

Later we headed downtown and ended up at Hudson. We danced for an hour or two. I had more fun than I have had for a while. These girls are just amazing!

Saturday was a calm day, I watched tv shows, enjoyed the weather, ran some errands and caught up with one of my best friends, Eva.

The weather yesterday was amazing (31 degrees Celsius) so Jonna and I met up at the park. We had brought snacks so we stayed for hours and hours, taming, talking and eating. Definitely the perfect Sunday. That I burnt my face badly and now look like a lobster is another story...

I went home and took a shower before Jonna and her families' new au pair came and picked me up. We drove around showing her around in Westchester, our favorite places and everything else she can possibly want to know or need to know. Super fun and cozy and the new girl seems super sweet, but knowing that her arrival means that Jonna's departure is coming closer devastates me. Can't believe that she is leaving in exactly one week.

We stopped and got ice cream at Ben&Jerry's Before we drove home again. And of course we had to take a picture with the cow... haha.

Min fina Jonna, som jag kommer sakna dig!

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In the evening we got ready and headed to SoHo, where we had been lucky enough to get a reservation at the restaurant, La Esquina. I had heard so much about the restaurant and the food and was more than excited to go there.

La Esquina is kind of a secret restaurant, located in the basement of a Mexican kiosk called "the corner." To go in there you have to go in through a hidden entrance, and to get into the restaurant you have to walk through the restaurant's kitchen....

My beautiful mommy before we went inside.

The food and drinks were amazing and we, of course, ordered the corn on the cob that we had heard amazing things about.

It was a great evening, so tasty food and an amazing night with my wonderful mom.



After our race in Central Park we went back to the hotel for a shower before we headed towards Central Park.

On the way there we stopped by at St. Paul's Cathedral on 5th, which is definitely one of the most beautiful churches I have been in.

Just look at the marble!

Had a fantastic Acaì Bowl after the race.

Our first stop in Central Park was Strawberry Fields which is created as a tribute to John Lennon and the Imagine memorial. Very beautiful.

Then We walked to the famous fountain known from all movies, have no idea what it's called but it is located next to the boat house and the pond with the cute rowing boats, also know more from the movies.

For anyone and everyone that has watched Gossip Girl, this is where "they" (not to do a spoiler) get married in the last season and then run off to avoid the police.

Love the nature in the middle of the city! So cozy. After the park we looked in some stores and strolled our way home to get ready for purchase reservations at La Esquina.



The second weekend mom was here we ran a women's 10k in Central Park. It was such a special experience with so many women gathered in one place, running, fighting and sweating together.

Before start!

The spirit was on top and I loved how everyone was cheering each other on. Girl power on top!

It was just an experience in itself to run in Central Park, how movie like isn't that?

After the finish line. Such an amazing thing to have been apart of and to have experienced.

So beautiful but it was honestly almost to hot to run, and even if the race was in the morning the temperature were closer to 30C in the shadow! Crazy. And I could really feel how the heat were affecting me which actually was scary. I felt dizzy and weak and had to start mixing a little bit of walking with my running after 5km because the head was killing me.



What a night! Friday after I ended we took the train in to the city, checked in at the hotel and got ready for our dinner reservation at "Catch" and OMG is all I can say. So amazing food and atmosphere. A very popular place with a very varying and interested crowd, located in Meatpacking District. I have wanted to go here for a longer time and mom had also read about it so we were super lucky to get a table!

First, look at my beautiful mom...

...and then look at that amazing food. Can you believe that it tasted even better than it looked?

You never know how the picture turns out when you ask someone else to take the photo of you but I think it turned out pretty cute!

Yummy, yummy, yummy! That dessert, especially, was to die for! When you put the spoon through the first chocolate layer this amazing white chocolate sauce ran out and together with the chocolate cake and the sea salt Carmel ice cream it was amazing.

Outfit of the evening. I really like this picture even though I got a frown on my face. What do you think?!

"Pose like a blogger.." haha.

So after dinner we took a long walk on the High Line which is a old, elevated, railroad that they rebuilt into a beautiful park.

So beautiful walking there and especially as the sun started to set.

Älskade mamma.

All in all, it was a magical night.



On Sunday we woke up a little later and took a walk to pick up our tickets for the 10k the following weekend. We went to a ticket booth at Times Square and bought ticket to the musical "School of Rock" and then had a late brunch at a deli before the Musial started.


Why is yellow school busses so fascinating for foreigners (mostly talking about myself)?

Had no expectations for the musical but it turned out to be very great. Amazing to see how talented kids that was a part of the production.

Haha Mammi!<3

Dinner at "Jack's Wife Freda," such a great place but I would say I think it is a much better lunch place because I don't really think they have a dinner menu, but we didn't have any reservations so it was perfect!

"Klätterapa" aka Daschle<3


Älskade mamma. Hur kan hon vara så bra?

Spent the week hanging out with mommy, working out and playing with the kids. Challenge, what is different/ special in the left picture? Haha



How come that every time I have watched baseball live the team I have been cheering on lost? Coincidence, I'm sure but still a bit frustrating.

Either way, Delia and I took the train together to Grand Central after work and then the subway to Citi Field which is METS home arena.

After walking tons of stairs we finally found our seats and a this cool sign.

Of course we had to pose next to it! Tons of stairs equals not amazing seats, BUT I actually almost like the atmosphere better sitting this high up than when we had the "first row" seats watching the Yankees. (Even though I am not complaining over those either... ) I was another (very cozy) feeling sitting so high up watching everything that happened down below...

... even though the players looked like ants and we couldn't see the ball because it is to small...

... we had an amazing time.

We sat a big group of friends; watched the game, ate a little, talked and hung out. And I got the "honor" to sit next to my beautiful and amazing friend, Jonna. <3

Yes, that I am the one "not smiling"... The people know me that this is not a very uncommon "Sofie Face" haha.

Oh look! I did succeed to smile in one of them!


When you feel done watching the game you start taking selfies instead!

And then even more selfies...

The game was actually an Au pair event/ meeting, which is why we have the Cultural Care foam fingers, such a fun idea.




All I can say is wow. What an experience. It has always been my moms dream to fly helicopter so on the first Saturday mom was here we had booked a 20min ride over NYC and wow, how amazing it was.

The view over Manhattan and Central Park, facing Lower Manhattan was absolutely amazing.

I was lucky enough to get the seat next to the pilot , but I wish mom would have got it instead since she had looked forward to this for so long. However, how you sit is based on your weight so we did not get to choose our own seats but I really wish she could have got my seat with my view.

Freedom tower and lower Manhattan.

So pretty with the green in contrast with all the concrete buildings.

The Hudson River separating Manhattan from New Jersey.

Like I said, what an experience! So amazing and beautiful. If you have the chance this is definitely something I would recommend doing. It is very pricey but totally worth it. Next time I want to fly helicopter up to the top of a mountain and ski down. That is my next goal. How amazing wouldn't that be?




My mom is just amazing. Such a strong, beautiful, and kind hearted woman. She have so much love for others and is such an inspiring source in my life.

Having her coming all the way from Sweden to visit me was so special. And so needed with some girl time, love it and I love her.

After a night of sleep we went straight in to the city for some exploring.

Cool building on Wall Street.

I love this little girl and Everything she is a symbol for. She is called "the fearless girl" and even though the discussions are many whether she was actually placed there, by the company, as political art to bring up the question about work equality and women's role in the industry/ a motivation for women. Or if it is fully a commercial trick from the company's side.

Either way I love her. I love how she is facing the, so well known, bull at Wall Street with her arms in her waist standing up for every woman, as a protest but also as a motivation for all women. The inequality between men and women is unacceptable and has to change and regardless of the debate I see her as a symbol for women, feminism and all that means.

Mom acting tourist on the Staten Island Ferry.

Statue of Liberty.

Mammi <3

Brooklyn Bridge is a most do if in NYC.

Flat iron building.

Dinner at Eataly. (Dad, you should have been here. Heaven for Italian lovers.)

Can you see the resemblance between mom and the ballerina? (Look in the background!)

For dessert we shared a milkshake at Bill's Bar and Burger.



Once we said goodbye to Eva, Jamie and I decided to walk around a little in Queens since it is a place we definitely don't visit everyday.

I love exploring parts of a city that differs from the rest and Queens is definitely one of those places. It used o be very dangerous but a lot of parts have been "cleaned up" and are today like any other neighborhood. However, you should still be aware of where you are walking and what time of the day it is, which is just like you should do anywhere else.

So much more colors, markets and life on the streets. Love it.

You could see how the culture is different here. It is authentic and more personal. A lot of people didn't speak any English and more then once people were whistling after us when we walked down the street. Like I said totally a different culture.

Well back on Manhattan we grabbed lunch at a place I can't remember the name of. The food was good but the "Fries" were a disappointment.

We both felt kind of tired so after walking around for awhile we decided to go to the movies and ended up watching the new Baywatch, which actually turned out to be far better than my expectations. And yes Zac Efron is looking good.

Overall, such a good day despite the sad fact that Eva left. But loved spending some quality time with Jamie. She is such an amazing person.