My Baby girl turned eight and now I am officially not allowed to call her my little girl anymore. We made a deal saying that from the day she turns 8 she's a big girl meaning that I can't continue calling her my baby! Even if I have only known Dasch and Tess for 6 months I can already tell how much they have grown and developed as individuals during this time. It is so wonderful to be a part of their childhood and to see how they grow but it also scares me seeing how fast the time is passing and realizing that I soon am doing halftime here. I can't imagine the day I have to leave these two munchkins that each day becomes a more essential part of my life.

My beautiful host parents with their BIG girl! <3

Infinite amount of love<3

Tess birthday party turned out so well! It was so fun to get to be with the girls on the ice. Some of them had been on skates before, while most where total beginners but everyone kept fighting and motivating each other. The spirit was so positive and it was great to see how the girls stood behind each other out there. Such an amazing group of girls (and boys.)

I am extra happy it turned out so great after Tess earlier had expressed her concern saying that some of her friends had been saying that they didn't like skating, but like I said; everyone went out there and had a blast!

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I woke up like any other morning, got ready and went upstairs to the kitchen. I talked with my host dad for awhile and after a little bit I was about to head upstairs to the kids and asked if the they already were awake. He looked at me and then said that they already were on the school bus. I did not understand what was going on and asked what time it was and got to realize that it is 8:30 am and not 7:30! Meaning that I put my alarm exactly one hour later than normal without realizing. It was truly such confusing feeling when I realized my mistake and I really feel thankful that my host parents got the kids ready. I felt so bad and they were so sweet and laughed at me and my confusion. So much love to them.

Picture from when I was jumping around on one leg refusing my crutches because of the blisters I got in my armpits that was killing me...

So know I am off again without doing any work. Thinking I will try to go for a walk even if it is raining. I kind of like rain and with some good music plugged in it becomes very soothing. Ever since I skipped the crutches I have really started to appreciate walking and getting places by foot. Even if it still hurts I am so happy that it is better it makes life so much easier.

Have you listened to Zara Larsson's new album? If you haven't you should definitely. I keep playing these three songs on repeat. What is your favorite songs right now?



My big Girl has turned eight and today we are having a Birthday Party for her at the ice rink with all her close friends and family. Super exciting! I just hope I can be on skates because of my foot. Hopefully! I am so proud of her and the woman she is becoming and so happy that I get to be a part of her childhood. Happy Birthday Tessie! Love you.



I know that it is already three months since Christmas and I keep wondering where the time went. This post would maybe been a bit more appropriate just after Christmas but that didn't happen and I think these pictures are way to good to not post. All the pictures in this post is taken by our Captain Paul.

When we woke up on Christmas Day morning Santa had left a treasure map on the table. The kids quickly figured out that the map showed where Santa left them Christmas presents!



The girls and our Captain, Paul and First Mate, Eva.

The map showed that the presents were located on the closest beach, so we all jumped in the Dinghy to take a closer look...

On the beach the kids quickly found their present!


So much love to my host family.

Happy over his new Stormtrooper, Finn. This pciture looks like it could be a commercial for Target.

3D crafts.

The entire Crew!<3



The blog has been standing quiet for a while and an improvement is definitely coming. However, I am primarily blogging for myself and sometimes life comes in between. Feels like life has been going on in 120 percent and so much has happened since last so I'll try to do some updates the next couple of days.

Ines and I went to the city and started the day by strolling around Grand Central Station market.

Afterwards we decided to go to one of my favorite Brucnch places in New York called Le Pain Quotidien. Their food never disappoint and I always end up ordering the same Smoked Salmon, Avocado toast.

After brunch we took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.

She is so beautiful and a powerful symbol for (among other things) freedom, a new and better life, and the friendship between nations. And I found it very interesting learning about her history.

Did you for example know that the Statue of Liberty is hollow and that the copper she is made of is just as thick as the sides of two pennies (circa 2mm)?




Headed in to the city midday with Ines and was greeted by the most beautiful of spring weathers. We walked to Ellen's Stardust Diner, but the line was humongous so we walked back and ate lunch at Bill's Burger.


Their burgers and shakes are amazing so of course we went all in!

We walked around and looked in some stores before we took the subway to Upped West Side for a Stand Up Comedy Show!

Apparently there were some really famous comedians there but no one I have heard of. Apparently Amy Schumer sometimes do shows there as well!

It was a very interesting experience and definitely something I think you should do if you are in NYC, but some of the humor was a bit to raw for my taste but, overall, it was a great experience and I had a lovely time with Ines.



I woke up a bit extra early to surprise the kids with heart shaped pancakes and a small Valentine's gift. We had a very cozy morning but also a lot of things to get ready before school. Like usual the lunch bags had to be packed, and backpacks prepared. However, this morning we were also finishing Valentine cards for Dasch's class and passing by the grocery store to by chocolate to Tess' class, everything very last minute but that's how it sometimes goes and somehow we succeeded to get everything finished in time and the kids to school.

After dropping the kids of in school I was heading to fill up the car but ended up going in the wrong direction (how is that still possible that I get lost after almost 5 months?) so when I finally got to the gas station my range was 4 miles... Felt very thankful for making it there and promised myself to go to the gas station earlier next time... Then I realized Dasch forgot his backpack in the car so I had to drive back to the school and this time I made it without getting lost, yey!

The day was mostly like any other day with the exception that everyone showed a bit extra love towards one other. This is though something we should try to do every day and not only Valentine's Day!

After school I took the kids to swimming and when we come home Sarah and Marco surprised us with Valentine's gifts, which was so sweet of them, and we had a cozy dinner together. Thus, a very good day.



Ines, Jonna and I went to see Fifty Shades Darker and I must say it was much better than the first movie. You get a much greater understanding for the characters and it I much warmer. I have read the books and found it a bit frustrating when the movie didn't follow the plot in the book. But as soon as I stopped thinking about that I really enjoyed it and Jonna and I, even went to see it a second time when my plans didn't work out for Saturday.

Life can sometimes be a bit like a puzzle especially when you want to do everything. I worked late, so after I dropped the kids of with Marco I hurried home and heated up some pasta and hot dog that I ate outside in the cold while waiting for Ines and Jonna who were picking me up!

Haha, I don't ever think I have seen a movie twice in the theater and definitely not two days in a row, but why not? Jonna and I had a super spontaneous night ordering home food, talking about everything and nothing before we headed to White Plains with the music playing loud in the speakers. Such an amazing night! Really love spontaneous days like this and it made me realize how much I value that and my friends!