I remember when i was littel, my friends and me had frindship books. And if you don't know what that is, it is basicly a book where your friends writh about themself. And i thought i should do that, so you guys would get to know me a bit.

Name: Sofie

Birthday: 9. may 1998

Pets: A cat called Baron, two dogs called Vaks and Misha and a hamster called Hamtaro

Favourite colour: Green and lavender, but relly I like colours as long af sthy ar not to brigth

Favourite dish: This is hard because i LOVE food, but if i had to choose it would be my moms potatosup, shushi and rye bread (I konw it is not a dish but i really love it, but it has to be dansih rye bred)

Favourite superheror: Batman

When you was littel, what would want to be when you grew up?

First i wantet to be a vet, but i get sick when i see blood. Then i wantet to be a farmer just like my dad. And now i have no clue.

What is your hobby?

I don't really have a hobby, but i like to take pictures, read, write, draw and I think that this blog counts as a hobby.

What three would you bring on a desert island?

A book, sunscreen because i am pale AF and a knif so i can survive.