​If anyone gets the opportunity to get braces - say yes! It's a pain in the ass to brush your teeth THAT thoroughly everyday, but it's worth it. Look at that change! 

the day before I got braces // today, about 5-6 months after



I will try to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible. Remember, I'm not a movie-expert or anything like that. I'm simply someone who enjoys watching movies!


There were some plot points I liked more, and some I liked less. Remember Clint's farm in Age of Ultron? Yeah, there was something like that (But less annoying though). Something that bothered me was the romance in this movie, sometimes it felt pretty... forced. It feels like they are pushing The Straights at you, even though it doesn't add that much to the plot.

Characters, Cast & Acting

I liked the set of the new/younger characters: Jean, Scott, Kurt, etc. I think the cast was nice, and they were easy to like. Personally I like the chemistry between McAvoy and Fassbender, but because the screentime was needed for something else, there wasn't really that much time for character depth and development for Professor X and Magneto.

Now, personally, I think Apocalypse was a waste of Oscar Isaac. I don't want to spoil much, but his lines were sometimes cringe-y, his motives were kind of unclear ("a betterworld" ok then?), and the main villain was overall kinda boring. (Again, this is my personal opinion. I don't know if the critics will say otherwise.


One of the highlights were Quicksilver, again. I just love a scene were things that are supposed be fast are slow, it's just so cool. There were a couple of jokes that were pretty funny as well, and some cool foreshadowing.