Wedding floral decoration is an important concept of a wedding. These flora decorations have the power to make or mar the appearance of the venue. You wouldn’t want your D-Day to be spoilt by unprofessional and messy flower hangings, would you? While it is not practical to expect 100% accuracy while arranging flowers at the wedding venue, it is very important to avoid committing these blunders:

Not adapting to situations

You can refer to magazines, newspapers, catalogs, and videos of celebrity weddings to get an idea of how you want flower arrangement at your wedding to look like. That should be the end of it, though! Yes, you can use it for reference purposes only. You cannot expect the exact arrangement to be replicated at your wedding. The potted plants that were lined neatly along the Westminster Abbey during the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton were awesome. You may have loved this arrangement, but it is wrong to expect the same design and nature of plants for your wedding as well unless you belong to a royal family! Take inspiration, but be practical at the same time.

Overstating the importance of flowers

While bright and subtle flowers can add grace and beauty to your wedding, it is wrong to assume that you need floral decoration everywhere. Some people are so obsessed with flowers that they decorate ceilings, floors, dining tables and the corners of the venue with flowers of all types and colors. This is totally uncalled for. This would not only cost you a lot of money, but it would also overshadow all the other arrangements that you have made. Use candles, glass, mirrors, laser lights, fabric, tulles and colored paper wherever necessary to bring down cost and make the venue creative as well.

Not knowing your floral style

If you dong know what you want, your wedding venue might look like an unkempt garden of different colored flowers that look out of place. To avoid this, you need to know what kind of style you want to express on your D-Day. If you are wedding dress is subtle you may want to match it with subtle-colored white roses or decorations of any white flower. Sometimes, you may also want to follow a contrasting, bold theme. White clothes with bold, orange or purple flowers would look awesome, provided you carry it off in style. Mismatched floral patterns and wedding clothes are the biggest mistake that you can ever make when planning for floral decorations on your D-Day.

You can choose experts of floral designs for weddings to ensure that you don’t make any mistake in this department. However, you should be careful to choose a florist who knows what is expected out of him/her. Choose only those florists who are experienced and who enjoy a good reputation among people in your locality. This way, you can be sure of entrusting an important job with the hands of a professional and expert player who knows what his/her client wants and who provides tailor-made solutions based on his/her client’s budget constraints and requirements.

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