NT's Bar

207, 1 Westgate St,, London E8 3RL

New York vibzz...

Gin Tonic w/ Grape, its as good as it looks!

I went to House of Sunny Pop Up Party yesterday with my friend Natscha after our long as day at work... Sundays are so buys at & Other stories.

The event was located at the NT's bar in London fields. I really love the interior of this place.. a lot of plants & fairly lights, it reminds me a bit of New York.. so cozy!

Anyway... the highlight of the event was the music.. it was so GOOD!! Seriously, the DJ played all my favorite tunes at the moment..I was shocked haha..

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1 & 2. My outfit.. random day

3. Poke booooowl... its so GOOD! I've had 3 this week

4. Varana , celebrated the opening of their flagship store

5. This dress tho....! I need it ASAP

6 & 7. If you have not been to Theodore Bradleys exhibition at Maddox Gallery .. GO! Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeldt, Queen of England and Mohammed Ali acts as a muse for Bradleys "Dia de Los Muertos" inspired paintings.

8, 9 & 10. Dover street market London , fashion retail company .. it Carry brands such as Celiné, Guccie, Palace, CDG etc.



Photo from, Places + Faces

Tuesday evening I went to Places + Faces print magazine launch in Soho.

I really enjoyed myself.. the music was lit and people were TURNT, to say the least!

I didnt get a chance to get a look at the pictures inside the magazine and I could barley see the photos on the walls, since a lot of people stood in front of them... Shame



I totally forgot about these blurry photos that I took with my disposable camera at Afropunk. last year...

@Mibo posing in front of the ice cream truck

Eating the most greasy pizza slice's at Voodoo Ray's.

@paalie and @Hawson at the Afropunk afterparty.

Paalieu reminiscing about the GOOD TIME we had at the festival.. Lol!



I haven't been posting a lot this month, I've been busy with Uni work!

1. Boba at Chatime in Shoreditch

2.Outfit from last week

3/4. Strollin' around Gloucester Road after Uni

5. A selfie of myself.. lol, instead of studying

6.. Acai bowl from Wholefoods, My fave!

7/8. Today walking around in Warren Mews, London.

9. @paalie with his new Bape tote bag



Yesterday, at Sampha's concert at Roundhouse, London.

Sampha's incredible vocal ability and undeniable stage presence stood out among the rest.. but the crowd wasn't hyped enough! Shoutout to my girl Nessa for keeping me turnt tho..




Jacket: Uniqlo U

Polo w/ zip: Weekday

Waist bag: Uniqlo U

Trousers: Dickies

Sneakers: Converse Deck Star 67' Slip-on