Short Message Service or SMS has been a popular mode of communication through mobile phones. People convey their good wishes, feelings and even short invitations through SMS. At the same time this is a mode to reach maximum population through their mobile numbers for marketing and promotional activities for various products and services.

We sometimes fill up online forms for joining a website or for downloading some specialized formats from webpages of government departments. To validate the mobile number or to ensure the user is the same person that is operating online services, they ask to fill in One Time Password in provided space. Usually we immediately receive an SMS giving the OTP that is supposed to be entered in the provided space for further access to the online facility. This can even be applied for changing ATM PIN, as the automated system would send the OTP to registered mobile number of the subsequent customer to avoid fraud. These are called ‘Transaction SMS’ and they are restricted for use such as verification of numbers, validation and sending OTP. These cannot be used for promotional activities as per law. Transactional SMS Service Provider India offers these services online.

To avail this service to customers, companies need to have Transactional SMS API in India that is provided by professional SMS service providers online. They ensure faster SMS deliveries in order to validate OTPs for better customer satisfaction.

Bulk SMS is another service that can be used to convey the same message to a group of people. Usually, this is used to invite people for a meeting or event. At the same time, there can be some other reasons to send bulk SMS. Users are enabled to send same message to multiple numbers at very cheap costs when they buy a Bulk SMS package from SMS service providers online. Thus users can save money for conveying message to large number of people through their mobile umbers.

Bulk SMS for schools in India can be helpful to make sudden announcements of meetings and even holidays. If it would be a regular working day of schools and due to some unavoidable circumstances if it is essential to declare a local holiday, school administration can send messages to all the staff members and students regarding reason for holiday well in time using bulk SMS package. Thus they can avoid inconvenience of staff members and students to gather at schools and go back as there would be holiday declared due to some or other reason.

Another important application of SMS service is promotional activities. Companies can send promotional content to their existing and prospective customers through SMS. This is a proven way to attract new customers to buy products and services of the particular company and retaining their existing customers by easily updating them about their latest offers and discounts through SMS. Companies can reach a large population for promotional activities as almost everyone has mobiles these days.

Thus SMS service providers can help us to easily reach larger groups to convey our messages through their cheaper and easy to use SMS packages and services.

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