You might have read a lot of information about veneers which may have encouraged you to like this dental procedure. But do you know how useful is the idea of getting Dentist Teeth Whitening Alta Loma CA Well, there is a long history of its success that takes us back to 80s. You might be a good candidate for the dental veneer and below are the indications for using this dental option:

Indications for Using Prepless Veneers Include:

  • ØYour natural teeth color must be close the desired color of veneers or else underlying dark color will be visible!
  • ØThe teeth must have an ideal profile. That means the teeth must not bend inward for this technique to work!
  • ØThe teeth arch must be in a perfect alignment!

In Smile Select Dental, our goal is to offer you a minimally invasive dental procedure and our prepless veneers best serve the purpose. We can understand your need to get straight teeth with no drilling. We recommend trying dental veneers as it is a non-invasive dental procedure that brings great results. Consult us today for veneers!