I'm back and still coughing, but not as sick as I had been the last time I updated. First things first, IT IS AUTUMN! I have been planning autumn as soon as it ended last time and have reeeally been looking forward to it. There are so many things that I want to do now when I got the chance, wear warm knitted sweaters, a cute hat, walk around in long coats and my overknee boots, wear scarfs, have movie marathons, read good books, drink warm beverages, walk around in the rain, the list can just go on until there's no more space to write or people get too tired to read it, whichever comes last.

Back to where things ended last time, I had to deal with a nasty cold and as I am still coughing, I'm still dealing with it. I have not been working as much as I did last month and thank goodness for that as I truly were in need of some break and also got more time to rest and for the first time in a long time I actually did use my time to rest, which I usually never do when I am sick. Other than that things has been quite.. normal? normal for me at least.

Now to how things are now, I finally started watching Gotham! I'm so in love with this serie and the characters are so well played! The actors are amazing, the story is brilliant and easy to follow and the serie itself is just brilliant. I also have a wee bit of a crush on Edward Nygma(Riddler), probably because he always tells a riddle and I love riddles and to solve riddles and get to do that while watching Gotham. So to anyone who has been considering about watching it, watch it. You won't regret it.

I'll continue eating my dinner now and then bake some blueberry and apple pie, and will share the recipe tomorrow.

This bby got a new aquarium. It is waaaaay more bigger than his last one and he loves it. ❤ This is Gally by the way, the sweetest little being there is.

And look what I got!(bought actually) Love my new t-shirt. Purrmaid.

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This post will probably be very short since I am sick and falling asleep as I am writing.

So, I took the train to Linköping yesterday to visit my dear friend Dani(mothercactus). She and Marcus picked me up and we headed straight to town to have a walk around and *drumrolls* get my Ben&Jerry's!!!!!!!(also some sushi). Anywho, I bought the LAST Ben&Jerry's, non-dairy, chocolate fudge brownie and although it was a bit more pricey than the average Ben&Jerry's.. it was freaking worth it. It tasted so much better than the original and I'm not saying/writing this because I'm vegan, no, it is because it was actually better. It was filled with this massive chocolate flavour and if you love chocolate as much as I do.. then you know what to go for. Back to the day, I also bought sushi for lunch and after some more walk and some grocery shopping we headed back home. As I mentioned this will be very short as I am not feeling very well and have not had the time to really rest(also I need to work tomorrow and it is double shift).

During the evening we watched the Conjuring 2 before we decided to have a Lord of the Rings marathon until like 2 in the morning.

Not much happened today, except for me getting some exercise and ran in order to not miss the train.

Look what I got from Dani! The cactus name is Jeff.



Woke up to the rain tapping on the windows, the wind singing and the trees dancing. What did I do on this fine day so far? I decided to have ice cream for breakfast, listen to some music-highway to hell is playing now- and watch some episodes of House before it is time for work. My work starts at 4 o'clock and I'll finish at 8 o'clock today, which is not very much at all and completely perfect as I need to prepare a few things when I get back home. I'm travelling to Linköping tomorrow to meet Dani!(YAAAS) I'm very excited as it was some time ago we met aaaaand if luck is on my side.. I will get to try out the new Ben&Jerry's dairy-free ice cream!!!!

Okay so, as I mentioned on my last post, I never thought I would get to have Ben&Jerry's again. Like.. evur. But they launched their new ice cream, I think it was last year, and they are dairy free. I almost lost it as I read that one of the flavours are -----> Chocolate Fudge Brownie. <---- It is my absolute favourite ice cream and I just can't even..

Anyways, so I will get to spend time with Dani tomorrow and have Ben&Jerry's. Can it get any better? Probably not.

My morning breakfast. Blueberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

The demon in the background is my adorable little NightFury(she's a cat).



While making pancakes for breakfast, I kept thinking about being vegan and the impact it has had on my life. I also kept thinking about people's reaction, from friends to family, their concerns and curiosity about being vegan.

So I decided to write about my experience as a vegan to create a better understanding and also clear out any misconceptions out there.

The first thing I really want people to stop thinking is that vegans only eat sallad and that you will miss out on a lot of the "good" things because you are vegan. Here is how it is, there is almost nothing out there that cannot be veganized and nothing that can't be replaced with a vegan alternative. Sure, I admit that the reason I wrote almost, is because there are a few products that does not have a vegan alternative, however that does not mean that there will never be. Just compare the vegan substitutes that exists today that people couldn't imagine would be possible a few years ago. There is vegan Ben&Jerry's now, I never thought that would happen. My point is, anything can be veganized and all you need to do is use your imagination and have a bit of a patients.

Now to the things that I had to face and questions that needed to be answered. A lot of people did wonder if I could even go out and eat(da fuq?), because "Are there even alternatives for vegan?". Yes. It is everywhere. All you need to do is ask them to remove the part that you do not want on your plate, you know.. like regular people do. Even before I was vegan I used to mess up the menu's by adding or removing things that I liked or didn't like. People do that all the time, so what's wrong if a vegan does it? Not that there are not any vegan restaurants.. just saying, it is not like we do not have any choice at all.

Another "worry" that people had were how I would get my protein and calcium for my bones(it makes me laugh now when I think about it.. I'll explain it to you later) and how the whole thing would affect my body. I did my best and explained to them the pros and cons about veganism and I'll let you guys know them as well. There are more pros than cons, really.

Pros: You will live longer and live a healthier life. Don't believe me? check it out.

You won't be eating dead bodies or stolen milk that will leave you with diseases and will mostly do you harm. Meat increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and so, so much more. That was just the meat, here is why dairy is bad: first of all, you're a human and that's the milk of a cow. I'll repeat it as some think it still makes perfect sense. human. cow. what point of it made sense? Back to the health risks: cancer, acne, contributes to osteoporosis- which means it is not good for your bones at all and there is a reason why so many people are lactose intolerant(once again.. cow milk).

You will be more conscience about the choices you make. After a while of being vegan, there is this veil/cloud that disappears from your mind. I know it may not make sense to everyone, but it is true. You become aware of the things that you had been putting in your body, the harm it did and the harms you did. The world makes more sense and you see it as it is, rather than as others present it and want it to look like.

You will never have to feel guilty about a life being taken just because you like the taste of it.

Your choice will be saving the planet, not just for you but for the future generations as well. This is also where the conscience part comes in, as the world makes sense, you begin to realise how harmful the meat industry is to the planet and also why there is not enough food for the poor, because it goes to the animals that are later to be slaughtered so that people can enjoy 5 minutes of the dead body on their plate. We grow enough food to feed 10 billion people, in a planet of a bit over 7 billion people, where millions are still starving.

You can use that perfume or any other product of yours without feeling guilty about the company testing on animals.


It may take you a while to adjust. That's probably the only con I can think of.

You need to make sure you get enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Not that you wouldn't have to keep that in mind if you ate meat, but still, it is just a friendly reminder.

Being vegan has not only had an impact my life but also those around me. I know a lot of people who are so damn sure that meat and dairy product is necessary that they get butt-hurt as soon as I prove them wrong. I do not do it because it is fun, I do it because either they decided to judge me by judging the things I eat or decided to try and prove me and the facts that I put out there wrong because they've grown up hearing how good certain things are for them without ever checking it up. However, I also do have my moments of making sure to create awareness of the things people eat. I feel like it won't hurt me or the person in anyway by knowing the risks out there.

I remember telling mum a few weeks ago, about how dairy products actually affects our bodies and at first she was a bit upset and did argue. BUT two days later, I opened the fridge and found dairy-free drinks. My mum, and I'm sure most parents, want the best for their kids. So if they have grown up hearing how good something is for everyone, of course they will make sure to provide it. Mum has always been health conscious and made sure that we would not fall too much for the unhealthy things in life, which has had a great impact in my siblings and my life. Sure we do it eat unhealthy sometimes as well, but it rarely happens.

When me and my sister decided to go vegetarian, this was before we chose to take it a step further, my mum did get worried about a few things and the sudden change, however, she also gave it a chance and today she cooks vegan food as well. She has managed to turn all of my favourite foods, that she made and required meat or dairy, into vegan and they taste just as good and sometimes even better. She also loves a lot of the food that me and my sister make that are vegan. My mum and my sister is where I got a lot of my stubbornness from and which is why I never give up on things that I love and know that most things veganized because they showed me that it is possible when I thought it wouldn't be, all you need is your creativity.

This post went from vegan facts to my mum..

Anyways, what I have learned and would like people to keep in mind if or when they would try out a vegan diet, is that there are vegan alternatives to the things that you do love, however, you must find it. It took me some time and a lot of patients before I found and now know the things that I like and do not. I mean, you're changing your diet and there will be tastes that you are not used to, however it does not mean that you won't like it. It took me a while and a lot of different products before I found a dairy free "cheese" that I did like, dairy free ice cream that I did like and so on. It doesn't mean that I quit trying everything else because I found the next best or maybe even the best, I want to keep trying since there are so many alternatives. So, don't be afraid of going vegan, you won't miss out on anything.

Now, I'm going to continue enjoying my vegan pancakes and I hope you all have a lovely day.



One of my family's and my favourite holiday is Halloween and as usual we will celebrate as greatly as we can.

I am looking very much forward to Halloween and have to admit that I have been waiting for the autumn weather as well. I want to wear knitted sweaters, my over-knee boots(that I recently bought), a long coat and scarf! I just can't wait for it. Also imagine it raining outside and it doesn't matter whether you're at home reading a book and having hot cocoa or outside on a walk, watching the vivid colours of the leaves, while the rain taps on the window or umbrella. This is what I want this year.

Back to Halloween, as usual there will be a lot of decorations, food and sweets. Hopefully, I won't be working on that day.

My plan for this years halloween is to have as much decoration as possible and really add that spooky feeling. Watch a lot of horror movies and make sure I am ready with my halloween costume and makeup.

something like this, but more scary to it.

none of the pictures are mine by the way. I found them on pinterest.

And obviously a picture of my over knee boots.



I don't even remember the last time I posted anything on the blog, but I'm back now. I'll try to make the past days as short as possible and write about the highlights rather than the boring parts, such as work and so on.

The reson why I haven't posted anything for some time now, is because I have been either busy at work(most of it was work) or that I got a day off and was busy that day. So on Monday I went to Söderköping together with my dear friend, Joanna. We(she) drove quite early mostly to make sure that we would not have to wait for too long to buy ice cream from a place called "Smultronstället"; they have these amazing ice creams that they decorate and present in a very cool way.

I was pretty sure that they would not have vegan alternatives, so I was ready to go for sorbet, not that I mind it.. but they did have vegan alternatives! They had strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream that were dairy-free! The ice cream was great, a bit expensive, but it was a one time experience and did not hurt all too much. After that we continued to have a look around the town, it is such a cosy little place and absolutely lovely. We found ourselves a nice restaurant and had some pizza, I know, gluten, but it was worth it. I also had a burger later but that's another story. Efter that day the rest of the days were spent on work, work and more work. I got two days off now though, one yesterday and one today.

Yesterday began a bit slow, I was really tired but decided to be productive and clean the apartment. I cleaned every damn room and corner until the whole place looked freaking new. It took a few hours and I am not sure if it was worth it because it left completely exhausted, however after I was done, I decided to watch all the Hobbit movies! That was a great way to end the day.

Today I woke up at seven to get Elijah(the cat) to the vet. Nothing serious, he was just getting his teeth checked up and cleaned. He is still grumpy over the fact that we took him to the vet but he will come around soon.

Not sure what to do the rest of the day, but I'll figure something out. Right now I'm dreaming myself away and thinking about having a place of my own and decorating it. All the furniture's, plants and freedom of just having my own apartment. ugh.. I'll check pinterest for some more ideas and inspiration for my future apartment.



Here I am again, doing my best on this blog and all..
I do not have any new recipe and it seems like it will take a while until I get the chance and have the time to bake something. I have been and will be busy with work most of the days and the days where I do not work double and finish earlier will be spent on other things.
Take today for example, I finished work at 1 o'clock and headed straight to town to meet my sisters to have a look at the "Italian village", they were selling everything from pasta to pastries!
Unfortunately, I could not have the pastries-they were not vegan- nor the pasta since I am trying to stay away from gluten.
But I did not come home empty handed. Another reason I headed straight to town after work was because I am in need of new black jeans. So I checked almost every store and the only ones that I found really comfortable and wanted to buy..didn't. have. pockets.
I will NEVER understand why people think women can do fine without pockets. Men could probably fit a tent in their pockets(I know I am exaggerating) while we either get those tiny little pockets where you could fit one damn bobby pin or the ones where you think there are pockets but no. it was there to trick you.
Anywho.. back to the good things. I bought a really cute, mint green, knitted sweater and even decided to go extra by buying a bra and two bralettes from Twilfit.
I seriously hate wearing bra and decided to give bralettes and also twilfit a chance and I am glad I did because they are amazingly comfortable.
I'll just leave this photo here now since my sisters are watching Star Trek and I don't want to miss it.

As you can see I also bought shoes.



Oh yes. The first vegan recipe is here and to make it extra, they're gluten free!
So I've been feeling sick for the past few months and after a call the nurse suggested that I might be gluten intolerant and try to stay away from it for a while and see how it goes. So far I haven't been feeling sick and I still hope that I am not gluten intolerant because it is not easy staying away from gluten and get used to the gluten free life(so far at least).
Anyways, I had a day off and decided to bake something and it did not turn out all too bad.

Things you need to know before you start baking: you can easily change things the way you want and like. If you don't want, like or have brown sugar, you can just use ordinary sugar and perhaps add less sugar or it might end up too sweet.
I usually add less sugar in my pastries since I don't like things too sweet.
Also if you're not gluten intolerant or want to use another flour, feel free to change it.

So, here is the recipe to these delicious chocolate chip cookies!

Things you need:
225 gram of milk free butter/margarine
2,5 dl of brown sugar
1,5 dl sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
2 "No Egg" powder (egg replacement)
4 dl Gluten free flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoons of cacao
0.5 teaspoon salt(I used sea salt, but you can use regular salt if you want)
3 dl of minced chocolate(dairy free)

You will also need:
baking paper 

How to:
Set the oven to 225 degrees.
Mince the dairy free chocolate(you'll add this in the end).
Melt the butter/margarine and mix it together with the egg replacement, vanilla sugar and sugar.
In another bowl add and mix the flour, cocoa, salt and baking powder. Mix all the ingredients together and add the minced chocolate as well and mix that as well.
Use a tablespoon or your hands(your choice) and form them into orbs and place them on the baking paper, you decide how big you want the cookies.
Put the cookies in the oven and let it stay for 8-10 minutes. I had mine for 7-8 minutes because I like it when they're a bit soft
That's it! They are easy to make and delicious!



As the header says and you've probably guesses, I had a day off. It was spent a bit differently than it usually does. I went to visit my friend Joanna and I am glad I did that for I did need to spend some time in the Shire.(We call the town for the Shire since it is does remind one of it)
We spent the few hours talking, laughing at memes and headed for a walk- that was after I missed the bus- to have a look at her parents new boat before heading back to the bus stop.

Here is a picture of roses, that I took during our walk. I love roses.
and a picture of me and Joanna.
Hope you all had an equally fun day!



It has been a really slooow day.. woke up 5.30 again and headed to work at 6.30. There was a lot of messes when it came to my schedule this week, but I know it wasn't my boss's fault(she couldn't have known that my co-workers would mess up their schedule and mine with it). Took some time and a bit of running up and down in the building before everything cleared up and I got to work at another department for today. It went well and I didn't mind it that much since they had a cat there.
I'm hoping for more days off soon so that I get the time to bake something and share it on the blog! I'm usually too tired after work to bake something or do anything else actually..
Anyways, hope that the rest of you had a better day

a picture of the cuddliest cat!