I arrived in Riften at noon, the city looks like it was built on top of the lake that lies just next to the city itself. I headed to the famous Black-Briar Meadery to try some of their famous mead since I was in Riften and didn't plan on staying for that long, the city had a strange feeling to it and I didn't like it.

The same night I stayed at The Bee and Barb, run by two very friendly argonians. When I headed out from the inn to take a look around the town I came across a long man, he had red-ish hair and looked tiered but his eyes were alert. He came to me and asked me something I didn't expect from a complete stranger, he was asking questions about how I hade mady my coins, the thought that I had stolen every single coin, I tried to tell him that stealing money wasn't my thing but he didn't believe me. He came with a proposition, If I stole a ring from one of the merchants in the market called Madesi and placed the ring on a guy named Brand-Shei without anyone noticing I would get a piece of the profit, I asked him why I had to place the ring on the man but he didn't answer, he just said that while he made a scene and got everyone's attention I could sneak away and plant the ring on Brand-Shei. Surprisingly, I did as he said.

The man was called Brynjolf, he started speaking very loudliy about having something very interesting that everyone needed to see, as he caught the attention of everyone I snuck away and headed towards the east market table, right under the table there was a small chest, inside it I found a golden ring, I quickly put it in my pocket before a guard could see me and headed to the west side of the market. Brand-Shei was sitting on a barrel right next to his market stall. I carefully placed the ring in the outer pocket of his coat and went the other way. Brynjolf noticed that I was done and finished his ramble about this "Super Amazing Thing" that he was speaking about.

I returned to him and he was very pleased, he gave me some coin for my effort and told me that if I wanted more I could visit him and his "group" down in the sewers under Riften. I told him that I had other things to do but if I had time over I would go ant check it out.

As I was heading back to the Bee and Barb a courier stopped me, he had a letter from me. I was surprised and wondered who could have sent it. I sat down on the porch of which I was standing on and read the letter, it was stamped with a red wax seal, I recognized the symbol but couldn't remember from where.

I opened the letter and read it slowly, it was from the Jarl of Falkreath. If the Jarl sends a letter with a courier it must be something urgent I thought and continued to read. It stood that he had heard of me and my "talents" and asked if I could come to Falkreath to visit him, he needed my help with a "problem of great interest".

I wondered what that meant, I decided to head there in two days or so. I spoke with some people around town and asked them about my parents, nobody knew anything. But there was one guy that told me that they might had joined the rebellion army, I had never heard about this "rebellion army" I told him and he quickly explained it to me, there was a civil war in Skyrim, this I had heard about but never out much energy into finding out what was going on. I guess I should have.

There were two sides, the Imperials and the Stormcloaks, the imperials wanted to "remove" one of the gods that the nords worshiped, the god Talos, because he wasn't a divine he was a nord just like themselfes, the Thalmor didn't like this one bit and forced the nords to stop worshipping Talos or they would start a war towards them.

The Aldmeri Dominion (the Thalmor) and the Mede Dynasty (the Empire) fought a great war over this, the war was later called the Great war. To be able to achieve peace both parts had to sign the White-Gold Concordat. Aside from all the gold that the Mede Dynasty had to give to the Aldmeri Dominion and the land that they had to give them, Talos worship was banned. Ulfric Stormcloak founded his own little army which he called the Stormcloaks, they fight to restore Talos as a divine and drive out the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion out of Skyrim.

I find this very interesting, I decided to head to Windhelm which was the "capital" for the Stormcloak rebellion. I packed my things and took off to Windhelm.

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I find Falkreath really cozy, I spoke to a young man, he said he had traveled through Skyrim for most of his life. He told me he used to be one of the bodyguards to a nobel man. I told him my story and my search for my parents, he told me that the best places to go to if I want to find out what happened are Riften and Solitude. I decided to head to Riften the same day, I would take a stop over the night in Riverwood and then continue over the mountain pass and arrive in Riften at afternoon.

I left Falkreath and headed to Riverwood, on my way I passed through Helgen, the city that the dragon had attacked. The city was in ruins. There were burned corpses scattered around and the buildings where burned to the ground, the only thing that still was whole was the city wall surrounding the city. I quickly passed through and headed to Riverwood, it was getting dark and I didn't want to stay here in the night, who knows what I'll meet. When I was just outside Riverwood some vampires attacked me, I have only read about those, to meet them up close was truly terrifying.

I headed to the inn and got a quick supper and went straight to bed. Tomorrow I'm headed to Riften!



I decided to go on a small adventure, since my coin pouch increased with coin I decided to travl to the town of Falkreath, falkreath lies west of Helgen. The road to Falkreath was very peaceful, I met some wolves and two deers, and yes I killed them.

When I came to the great lake Ilinalta I was greeted by a great golden bear, at least that is what I thought I saw, until it turned around. It was a sabercat, it was much larger than I expected, and the two long teeth looked like they could rip me into two pieces without effort. Me and Lydia managed to bring it down, its claws were very sharp and almost tore me to pieces.

When we arrived the town of Falkreath some guards approached us, they asked if we had seen a dog on our travel, I didn't remember seeing a dog so I replied him with a no, I asked him why he was asking and he told me that the local blacksmiths dog had ran away and he was rewarding the person who could reunite him with his furry companion.

Falkreath was a charming town, Skyrim do like their houses entirely made of wood and stone. I don't know why I rabble so much about it, where I grew up, in Valenwood, we live in trees and treehouses.

I miss my home, I miss my parents, I have never met my real parents, I was raised by bosmer, my father's name is Faldil my mother's name is Belwen. They told me that they found me under a gigantic mushroom out in the forest when they were hunting. That's why I have a very interesting name for a nord, they didn't know my name so they decided to rename me.

I have always wanted to travel to Skyrim and see what my homeland looked like, since my parents were hunters we didn't have much money, I managed to save up from working very hard and could finance my trip across the land.

Now while I'm here it seems like it was my destiny.



I've been helping out at the inn and chopping wood as a living. I don't earn much but it's enough to keep me going.

So much has happened, first dragons, the suddenly I'm dragonborn?! I came here to find out what happened to my real parents, now I'm destined to save the world from the dragons?

I have been hunting at dawn when I'm not chopping wood, the pelts from the animals here in Skyrim is very beautiful, I have heard of an animal called sabercat, I've seen some stuffed ones, they are big cats with very long teeth, I want to see a living one, I hope it won't eat me, but it would make for a pretty rug.

As I was exploring the wilds of the Whiterun holds' plains I came across an abandoned camp, some unfortunate hunter had his camp overrun by a bear, the camp was situated right under a big rock, it stock out and acted as the "roof" of the camp. To the right there was a wooden rack, it was filled with furs, light brown, dark brown, thick, thin. Pelts from sabercat, wolf, cow, deer and elk. I thought since he was dead he isn't going to need them anymore and I'm running short on money so I "borrowed" them.

Altho I found something more in that cave, a green cape, very interesting I thought. The cape was light green and had scale formed leather on the back.

I returned to the market with a backpack full of pelts, a belly full of honningbrew mead and a hunger for adventure. I sold most of the pelts, the once I kept I'm saving for doing some coats and fur capes for the winter, I have heard that the winters in Skyrim are very harsh.



We arrived in Whiterun the next day at noon, we were both very hungry so we stayed and ate at the Bannered Mare before we went up to the keep, I find the rabbit stew at the Bannered Mare delicious, the herbs are just right and a small hint of argonian wine to sweeten the taste, the rabbit is perfectly cooked and falls apart in your mouth when you eat it.

We ran up to the keep and as we went to see Farengar I saw that he was speaking to someone, I don't know who it was, but I know it was a woman, I could hear that from her voice. They were discussing the dragons, she seemed to be very interested in the matter. She was dressed in a brown leather armor and had a thick leather hood so I couldn't see her face. She was very determined and spoke clearly and precise. As I entered the room Farengar stopped speaking to the woman and went up to me. I asked him if I could help him with anything more but he said that all that was left was things only he could do, I didn't tell him about what happened in the cave, it's best to not tell anyone.

As me and Farengar where speaking, Irileth came running into the room with one of the guards, she told Farengar that he needed to come at once, she turned to me and said I should come to. She said that a dragon had been spotted nearby. A living dragon, I finally get to see one! I don't know if I should be excited or afraid. We followed Irileth up the stairs in the keep to were the Jarl was standing, a guard who had come from one of the watchtowers told the story, he said that a dragon had attacked the western Watchtower and was not circling around it, he had barely escaped with his life.

The Jarl (Balgruuf the Greater was his name) stood quietly for a moment, he said that me, Irileth and a group of troops should go to the tower and see what is going on. We did as he said, me and Irileth and the rest of the guards met up not far from the watchtower. When I arrived it was dark, it was almost midnight. The stars where glowing up in the sky and were giving the environment a very magical feel. As we arrived a guard came running towards us, he looked as he had seen a ghost and had sweat and blood dripping from his head, he waved his arms and told us to go back, he said that the dragon could be back any minute, after he had said that he ran away, I never saw him again. As I went inside the watchtower another guard screamed in fear "THE DRAGON IS RETURNING SAVE YOURSELFS", I ran up the stone stairs of the watchtower to the top to see if I could see it, and I could, I could hear its roaring scream too. It came from the north, from the mountains, it was as big as the moon and dark as the night. It had gigantic wings and flew at us in a tremendous speed.

I grabbed my bow and I ran to Faendal who was standing next to a big hole in the wall, we stood there firing arrows since that was the only thing we could to, we weren't trained solders we were hunters, we came from the trees not the sky.

It was a long fight, many were killed, I managed to survive, Faendal to. When we thought there was no possibility we could survive this we still managed to kill it, it fell from the ground, breathing fire and burning everything in front of it, I saw men be burned to death, I saw men screaming for their life, screaming because of the pain, because of fear. The beast was finally dead, or was it? I'm not really shure if you truly can kill a dragon.

The survivors came forward from their hiding places, we slowly moved towards the dragon, as we got closer something happened, it started to glow, the flesh and scales was glowing in a deep red color. A moment later it was on fire, we ran away to get shelter, we didn't understand what was going on. When the whole dragon was burning a white light came from it and I couldn't see anything, everything was white. I had this very strange feeling, like something awaken inside me. The white light faded away, I looked up from my hiding place, I was hiding behind a piece of the tower wall that had fallen to the ground. I could see the dragon, or, what was left from it. I could only see a skeleton. The fire must had burned everything else. I looked towards Irileth and she had her eyes wide open, she starred at the skeleton. What in the world was going on?

After a moment of silence one of the guards turned towards me, the stood silent. His eyes where wide and he spoke with a deep voice, he studded and asked if I just devoured the dragon's soul. I told him what, I must heard wrong, I thought you asked if I had devoured its soul. He nodded as a confirmation. Has he gone mad? Did the white light do something with him? As my thoughts got deeper another guard appeared. He said that the white light that came from the dragon had surrounded me and "grabbed" me in a way. He said that I had devoured its soul and only one person could do that, the dragonborn. Dragonborn I said, I had never heard of such a thing, he told me it was the only person that could truly kill dragons, since they devoured their soul. He asked if I could shout, I asked him what in the world a shout was. He said that the dragonborn could speak in the tongue of dragons, but man called this a shout. Only a few men could do this, Ulfric Stormcloak, the leader of the Stormcloak rebellion and Jarl in Windhelm had used shouting to defeat high king Torygg. I remember hearing a courier speaking to a man a few years ago about this, someone had killed the high king of Skyrim, now I know who it was, yet I had never heard of this Ulfric Stormcloak.

I did shout, I don't know how I did it but I did, the force pushed the guards in front of me away, what was this? They turned to me and said that I truly was the dragonborn.

Irileth didn't care much about what the guards where saying, she was pleased since she now knew that the dragons could be killed. She told me to return to the Jarl and tell him about what had happened here, and I where off back to Whiterun.

When I had reached the stables outside the gates of Whiterun, something happened. The ground started shaking, the animals screamed and tried to escape their pastures. I stood still and tried to keep my balance, I didn't know what was going on. I could hear a dark deep voice saying something in a langue I did not speak. I think the voice said "Dovahkiin", I'm not shure. As the voice silenced the shakings disappeared and it was like nothing had happened, what in the world had happened? I rushed to the Jarl as quick as I could.

As I entered Dragonsreach, Balgruuf was sitting on his throne and speaking with two people, Proventus Avenicci, his steward and Horngar his other bodyguard. Proventus was a peculiar imperial. He wore a gray gallon and had it seemed to be one of the "upper class outfits". He had a round face and old eyes, brown hair that seemed to not been given any care and dark circles under his eyes which spoke of fatigue. They were talking about an upcoming fight, which side he should take, I did not listen since I didn't care. I asked if I could speak to the Jarl, I came forward and told him what had happened at the watchtower. He rubbed his chin and mumbled. I told him that one of the guards thought I was something called "dragonborn". He immediately looked up at me and said that that must be what happened before, Horngar, a robust man spoke to me about the shakings and the voice, he said that it were the Greybeards that caused it. I asked him who the greybeards were and they told me that there where men up on the mountain of High Hrothgar, they were monks and masters of the way of the voice and never interfered with the troubles with this world. He said that they must have felt when you devoured the soul of the dragon and knew that the new dragonborn had awoken. The voice was them calling for me. Dovahkiin meant dragonborn in the dragon tongue. The Jarl said that it was a tremendous honor to get called from the Greybeards and it haven't happened for a very long time. I had been in Skyrim for a week and so much had happened, I need time to think about this. I'm not going to High Hrothgar just yet, I need to think about this.

Balgruuf had one more thing for me, a "reward" for my help. He made me Thane of Whiterun and had the shield maiden Lydia watch over me, I also could buy property in Whiterun if I wanted and had the money (which I don't), Faendal had go back to Riverwood and help out at the mill, instead me and Lydia joined forces. Lydia where a brown haired lady, she was very robust and looked as she could crush a mudcrab with her little toe.



We were up at sunrise and had a quick breakfast consisting of a slice of bread and some vine. We took our things and where of to Bleak Falls Barrow.

The road to Bleak Falls Barrow was not easy so access. We were greeted by a blizzard and as we reached the ruin after a few hours of climbing there where a group of bandits that had taken the ruin as their new base. Me and Faendal fought well and we quickly killed the bandits. They had prepared a fire as we entered Bleak Falls Barrow and we sat down to thaw our freezing fingers. As I sat down I looked around me, the ruin was huge and looked like it had been deserted for over 200 years, cobweb was hanging on the walls and from the ceiling and it had a really distinct smell of mold and rotten meat, the nose quickly adapted luckily. Everything around us was carved in stone and the massive pillars in the center of the room had beautiful patterns carved into them. We went down the long hall and was greeted by a few skeevers. We noticed that the amount of cobweb on the walls increased the deeper we went, and we found out why soon enough.

We heard a man screaming further ahead, he thought we were his friends and there to help him. We entered a big room full with cobweb on the walls and floors. In the corners there where corpses and animals wrapped in cobweb. We saw the man that was screaming before, he was hanging on the wall and was stuck in the cobweb. As we walked closer he told us to cut him down, but as we were closing up a gigantic furry orange spider dropped down from the ceiling right in front of us! I have never in my life seen a spider as large as this one, yet I used to live in Valenwood! I was shocked and stood paralyzed starring at it. It got closer and spat a green poisonous goo on me, hurt like hell. I took my bow and started shooting at it, after a long fight it was finally dead, I barely survived! We went to the strange man and asked why he was there, he only replied with "It is a long story now cut me down!" We did as he asked and as he was free from the cobweb he laughed and ran away. Faendal looked at me and sighed. We ran after him and found him dead on the floor. I wondered what had killed him. He was a bosmer and his clothes where rags. He had his clothes filled with cobweb and dirt and looked like he haven't taken a shower for months! And the smell….UGH! I quickly looked through his pockets and found a diary and one very peculiar item, it was made interlay out of gold and was shaped like a foot, or a claw. I said to Faendal that this must be the item that the shopkeeper was looking for, he agreed. I glanced through his journal and found out that the name of the claw thief was Arvel.

We went deeper into the crypt, we ran into a few creatures, the looked like a man but and man who had lived in a crypt for 500 years, their skin was green and grey and was slowly falling apart, their eyes where glowing blue and their clothes where barely there. Their skin had dried up against the bones of the creature and it looked like it haven't eaten for a very long time. The whole place reeked of rotten flesh. Faendal told me that they were called "Draugr", they were the remains of ancient nords and where the rulers of the cold ruins.

A few hours later the crypt suddenly stopped, we were facing a huge cave instead. As we went inside the cave a group of bats flew right into our faces. The cave was big and had a small stream going right through it. In the center of the cave there where a strange structure, neither me nor Faendal knew what it was. It was a grey wall with signs from a foreign langue written on them, as I stepped closer the letters started to glow in a blue shimmer. As I looked even closer the blue glow was surrounding me and I had a really strange feeling in me, I felt, complete?

As the blue shimmer had faded away from me I heard a chest cracking behind me. It was another draugr, but this one was different, it was much harder to defeat than the others and it seemed to be much more intelligent. Me and Faendal fought for long and just as we felt like this was the end, we managed to defeat it. I looked at the draugr and saw that it was holding something, it must be the stone tablet! It was a large thick rock shaped like a square and had more of the strange symbol that where on the wall on it. I laid it in my bag and we continued out from the cave. After a while we were outside! It was afternoon and the air was very refreshing, I took a deep breath and let the fresh air reach my lungs. Faendal said he recognized where we were, he said he used to come here and hunt. He said that Riverwood was not far away and we agreed to go back for food and well-earned rest. When we returned to Riverwood I made a quick stop at the shop and gave the claw back to its rightful owner, he was so happy and gave me some gold for my help. I was going to go back to the wizard the next day and return the tablet to him, I didn't want to travel at night, it's not safe.



I was good to go at noon, my day begun with a delicious rabbit stew and a cup of mead, not just any old beer, it was the town's special honningbrew mead. It had a small hint of honey and was an adventure itself. Before I left I visited the local alchemy store to stock up on health potions.

As I left the city of Whiterun I went towards Riverwood, as I was walking I noticed a deer was standing and drinking by the stream, I thought this was an excellent chance to test out my new bow. It was a clean shot and I had a new pelt to sell, I really need the money.

When I arrived to Riverwood I stood and spoke to a fellow bosmer, his name was Faendal. He was old and had grey streaky hair tied up in a hair knot. His green clothes where dirty and worn out. He was carrying an ax and told me he worked at the local mill. He was a trained archer and we discussed archery for a while, he was kind enough to show me a few tricks. I asked if he wanted to follow me on an adventure to Bleak Falls Barrow, he was really surprised when I mentioned it and asked what I was going to do there. I told him I had an item to retrieve and I really could use his help. He said that he was missing adventuring in the wilds and would love to come, but he needed to pack a few things first so we agreed on staying one more night in Riverwood.

He lived in a small wood cabin newt to the wall that was surrounding the town. Riverwood lays next to a river earns its money from fishing, hunting and the lumber mill he told me. I walked next to the river when I was entering Riverwood for the first time and I saw a few salmons jumping in the water. He said that we could go fishing someday if I wanted. I told him that it would be wonderful!

Before we went home to Faendal we visited the local shop to sell some goods and buy food supplies. The owner of the shop looked really concerned and I asked him what was troubling him. He told me that the day before he had had an item stolen by a thief. It was a precious item to his family and losing it made him heartbroken. I asked what item it was he lost, he told me it was a claw in gold. I told him that I would keep my eyes open and if I saw anything I would tell him.



As I went to the gates outside Whiterun I was approached by a guard, he asked what my business was since the gates where closed due to the dragon problem, there it was again, dragon. I don't see what is coming of this world, the have all gone mad! As the guard let me in I asked for directions to the Jarl. An old lady pointed me the way, she looked like she had seen better days, her hair was gray as ash and her eyes where tired.

Whiterun was a small city full of life, the houses where very different compared to my home in Valenwood. All the houses were built in wood and stone and had gorgeous decorations. I was very overwhelmed as I went through the gates.

I made my way to Dragonsreach which were where the jarl lived, I needed to speak to him about this "dragon business" and what was going on with everyone. Since nobody else would speak to me about it I thought that he might help me. As I entered the keep i was approached by his bodyguard, Irileth I think her name was. She was a dunmer, her hair was as red as fire and she had some battle scars across her face. She was surprisingly polite, she asked what my business was and I said that I wished to speak to the jarl about the dragon business. She immediately let me through.

As I was speaking to the jarl he asked what my business in Whiterun was, I said that I had just recently arrived, I have traveled for 3 months from my home in Valenwood to find out more about what happened to my parents. I went through Helgen or what was left from it as I had passed the border. Everything was in ruins, it looked like the entire town had been burned to the ground, corpses everywhere. After I had told him what I had seen in Helgen he looked Irileth then back at me. He said it was a dragon attack. I told him that I had heard a lot of people speaking about it but I thought that they were mad!

So it is true then, dragons have returned! I can't believe it, I thought they only where legends, stories in my books. I asked what they were going to do about the dragon, he didn't know. I asked it I could be of any help, and he told me to go and speak to the wizard Farengar Secret-Fire.

Farengar was a strange man, he had a purple monk tunic and covered parts of his face with a hood. yet I still could see his alert brown eyes. He spoke to me about a "Dragon Tablet", a tablet made of stone, I asked him what could be so important with a stone tablet and he said that it could help with the research, it seemed as if he himself wasn't so shure of what the tablet actually was. he pointed me towards Bleak Falls Barrow, an old nordic ruin. I told him that I would return with the tablet as soon as I could.

Adventuring in an old nordic ruin huh! I really look forward to it, I went to the General Goods Store and bought myself a new bow, the old one wont due in ancient ruins, who knows what I will find! Before I left I went back to the inn where I had spent most of my nights in Whiterun, The Bannered Mare, for an adventure like this I need to rest!



I've been in Skyrim for 2 days now, time flies! I made up a cap near a town called Riverwood, the rain was pouring so I had to run to the town and look for shelter, my fur tent isn't made for this weather. When I arrived in the town of Riverwood, soaking wet I med a strange old lady, she said that dragons had come back, hah! Dragons? No that can't be true. I found an inn, Sleeping Giants inn, strange name for a inn, I am staying for the night. The house lady Delphine is keeping a close eye on me, I don't understand why, tomorrow brings new adventures!




This blog is going to be a fiction diary, if you haven't read a diary like this before I'm going to explain it shortly for you. The journal is written by a character in a game, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Its going to be about the characters adventures, daily life and the backstory of it all. See it as a normal diary but from the perspectives of a caracter in a fictional world. The journal will take place "in game time" wich means the time in the game (and date) will be written on the blog. Most importantly you will get to know the character, see her point of view. So, I hope you're sitting comfortably, grab a blanket and a cup of tea and lets start the adventure of Elriniel!​

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