Ladies, are you cozy?

You have most likely (if not, where have you been the last 3 years?) heard about the very popular app Tinder.

I can tell you as much as I decided a week ago to join Tinder, and to my surprise it wasn't as bad as I had first thought. I have been against Tinder for a very long time. But hanging around friends with tinder profiles can be a very good selling ploy.

It was tempting - it was Tinder.

Here I am today - Tuesday, on Tinder and obsessing like a little girl. I can not deny the fact, that a compliment and some attention is something I like.

I am not at all a tinder pro, in fact, I am a beginner. So to make this whole experience easier, I am making this a diary for you lovely ladies.

I am not a brave person, but being the one who texts first is something I consider bravery. And today has been the day, where I have been courageous and texted 2 guys first. You see. Beeing the one to text first is not as easy as first thought. So ladies, make me proud. Text first and see how difficult it is for the guys to text first.

I don't know what I expect from Tinder, but at the moment I am just trying to have fun and yolo (it seemed quite appropriate here don't you think?).

If you are interested in my Tinder 101, you are more than welcome to grab a coffee and smile nervously with me. One thing I have learned so far, is that Gif's are worth more than a 1000 words.

Bottom's up


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April 16th 

Ladies, are you cozy?

Not only am I the untouched, but also these stories are. These stories are as bare as “the naked man”.

I want to have a space where I do not need to retouch to be interesting or to be fun. I need a space to tell it as it is without predicting a future shame and shitstorm.

If I remember correctly, the time was 13:30 (or close) - it was a sunday - april - 2017.

He came through the door. I was nervous. We shaked hands. We exchanged names.

To let him keep his immunity I will call him A in this story.

A is:

  • Cute
  • Sweet
  • Magical eyes
  • Smile
  • hair
  • blonde

A is also my brother in law’s brother… and 24.

How that sucks! Not because I could ever get that boy, but oh I wish I could! It felt like there was a connection. An unspoken connection! Maybe I put too much into this - after all - I am a girl!

I am a girl with all that follows - and that is putting too much into a small thing, it is stalking your brother in law’s cute 24-year old brother, it is obsessing over small stuff and crying to ‘The Fault in our stars’! All of that because I am a girl and therefore excused.

I might have already checked his facebook. But lady! You don’t understand. For me, in that very moment. It felt like I was on the train from platform 9 and 3/4.

Maybe it was nothing, maybe it was. Maybe it was because I have been lacking of sleep the last year, maybe it is because I only had 1 coffee that day or maybe it was because the alcohol in my body was still lurking in the dark.

I don’t know, and nor will I ever.

All I know is that in that when A looked at me with that cute little smile of his, I felt like I could either run the world or fall off my chair.

I know. This is terrible. Of course nothing is going to happen. But can’t a girl dream a little?

Bottoms up





Ladies, are you cozy?

If I could, I would become a musician. If just I had the patience to sit and practice an instrument every day, I would. Tonight I honour those people who have the patience to practice and the talent to create something so beautiful and amazing.

“If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once every week.” - Charles Darwin

I don't want to live my life with any regrets, so without further ado, let's jam up your night with some heated tunes.

If you know the danish singer Alex Vargas, you should also get to know Harrison Brome. This single has some resemblence to the music Vargas makes, and that is only a good thing. This beat makes you want to stand on the dancefloor and go a bit phsychedelic with your dancemoves.

This track is about a year old, but it still makes me want to groove along. It makes me think of a bon fire with cold beer and good friends. This I assure you - makes you ready for summer.

I know Harry Styles just released this single recently, but musicians work fast, and I am quite into this remix by Raspo. It is a little more upbeat and suitable to heat up your night than the original version. Hands up, I have to admit my love for this british fella, and going solo has only made my love for him bigger.

I can only say - I love how he succeeded in turning boyband into ballad.

Frank Ocean, Jay Z and Tyler The Creator do not need a description. The names speak for themselves.

This place is going to be my coffee break, and I hope you will take a break with me

Bottoms up




Coffee break 

Ladies, are you cozy? Are you ready to snuggle up and join my little coffee club?

Meeting up for a coffee can sometimes be the highlight of the day, and especially when the meeting takes place in the heart of Copenhagen. This is place is going to be just like that. A nice cozy place where you can fuel up your body, take a break and have fun.

I am a student living off a small proportion of money, so I can not promise you ladies that my sense of style is going to be great, but I will promise you though, that I will try.

This title is, I got to admit, not the best click bate in history - if I wanted such thing I should propably have written something like: 'I lost my cat' or 'Am I pregnant?' Because apparently people love to read about pregnancies and cats..

But I will try and make you guys fall in love with my mysterious and very exciting personality.

So who am I? Who is this alien invading my screen?

- I am completely in love with Copenhagen, Coffee, cocktails & clothing

- I am also very much into music - but it didn't fit my strong word game.

- I always crave guacamole

- I love writing

- My plan is to survive school

- I want to write about music, fashion, beauty and my personal life - basically just like any other blogger out there.

- I want to stand out

This place is going to be my coffee break, and I hope you will take a break with me

Bottoms up