Härliga coola Veronica Maggio, hennes nya singel Ayahuasca (läs om min upplevelse av Ayahuasca här) kommer inte att släppas förrän hennes fans har listat ut texten till den genom att bara lyssna på musiken.

I tisdags lades en lucktext upp på artistens hemsida där vem som helst kan lyssna på låten utan text och försöka fylla i de ord som fattas. I skrivandets stund är det bara några enstaka ord som fattas, gå in och se om du kan komma på vilka ord det är. Gå in på länken under:

Veronica Maggio Ayahuasca

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Jag sa upp mig förra veckan. Jag har varit på samma företag sen 2009, jag kände att det var dax för mig att gå vidare. Jag hade tänkt stanna ett tag till, men skall jag vara ärlig så var jag enbart kvar för pengarna skull! Hur mycket jag än önskar att jag kunde leva utan pengar så funkar det tyvärr inte. Men så kände jag att nä vad väntar jag på så jag sa upp mig.

Så nu vet i fasiken vad jag skall göra hahah, nä då jag känner mig lugn jag har en massa saker jag vill göra. Det känns super spännande.

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I resigned last week. I have been at the same company since 2009, I felt it was time for me to move on. I had intended to stay for a while longer, but to be honest, I only stayed for the money! How much I wish I could live without money its unfortunately not working.

But I came to a point that I asked myself what am I waiting for, so I went to my boss and told him I wanted to quit. So now haha I dont know what to do, well no, I feel calm , I have a lot of things I want to do. It's super exciting and I feel very happy!



Off course its tough off course its frustrating, to be forced to use a wheelchair.

Off course its tough off course its frustrating when your body doesn't do what u want it to do.

Off course its tough off course its frustrating to not be able to do the things u are used to do. 

Off course its tough off course is frustrating to ask other people for help. 

Off course its tough off course its frustrating when people look and treat you different then what they used to do when you didn't use a wheelchair.

Off course Im sad, And off course I cry

And yes sometimes it really sucks....

But my life is full off so much happiness and beauty, and its my life and this is the body I got this time. And I cant change to an other body, but I can choose to love it and treat it with love.

And I feel blessed in so many ways, this has taught me so much about this life and the most important thing is that Iv gotten to know my self in a way I never thought was possible.

So don't be so hard on yourself, treat your self with love. And stop compare yourself to others. You are perfect just the way you are.



Inlägg jag skrev innan min hemresa, som jag visst glömt att posta. 

Nu har jag varit borta i 4 månader, jag lyfte den 15 november från Landvetter. Resan började i Brasilien och avslutas i Goa, Indien.

Det har varit verkligen varit 4 månader fyllt med allt möjligt, en resa som stundtals varit riktigt tufft och jäklar vilka prövningar jag mött både fysiskt och psykiskt. Men så himla bra, det är i svåra stunder, prövningar och motgång du växer och utvecklas. Självklart så är det inte enbart när det är tufft som du utvecklas och växer, men "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

Om jag skall sammanfatta min resa med några få ord så är det; Lärdom, förändring och kommunikation. Sen har jag mött så mycket härliga inspirerande människor, känt så mycket kärlek och glädje. Har b.la lärt mig att jag behöver vara mycket rakare i min kommunikation, att våga säga ifrån. Lyssna till min inre röst och lita på den.

Nu längtar jag verkligen hem, saknat min familj så himlans mycket. Det är alltid tufft att vara ifrån dem och denna resa har det varit tuffare än någonsin. Jag har inte varit hemma runt jul på många år nu och jag saknar verkligen att fira jul med familjen. Det är ett dilemma, jag fixar verkligen inte klimatet i Sverige under den tiden på året men känner så starkt att nästa jul vill jag vara med min familj.



I was on an amazing ceremony on Thursday, from 8.30 in the morning to 22.00 in the evening. I felt very lost in Brazile, but since i came here Iv been feeling much better. But I felt that i needed to ground my self more. I did a crystalhealing that made me feel very good.

So when this opportunity came up to participate in this ceremony I felt at first that hm maybe I shouldn't do it! But I thought about it and the answered I got what that i would be good for me.

And I really dont regret that I did it, it open my heart and I talked from my heart, I cried and laugh. It was like It healed something deep inside me. I prayed loud and things from the past that needed to get out came up. I left everything in the fire.

I feel so light, happy and content now. I really feel amazing. Thank you Grandfather of Wisdom.



I feel so satisfied and relaxed here, I have a totally different feeling inside compare to what I had in Brazil. I love the food, the warm weather the amazing people the markets the animals yes I really love this place.

I went to the market in Mapusa the other day to visit this man who mix perfumes thats suppose to suit you the best, by looking deep in to your eyes. He was such a sweet man, he told me that I am very open and that i also have to learn to close that gift. He told me a lot of things I needed to hear. The perfume smelled amazing and he gave it to me as a gift.

Almost every day three sweet Indien children comes by my house and play, today they braided my hair.Tears began to flow from my eyes, tears of happiness and gratefulness, I am so blessed there is so much love surrounding me! 



Now I'm finally arrived in my beloved Goa. Brazil is beautiful but nothing for me, I'm glad I saw it but I will probably not go back. It is quite expensive and if you are vegan / vegetarian and can not cook your food at home is difficult.

The breakfasts consisting of sweets, bread, fruit and a lot of different pies with meat in. And they had, at most, a salad which didnt contained some kind of animal on the menu. It became a lot of beans, rice and salad and lots of bread. Often it was meat in the beans so I always had to asked them before I ordered so I did get sausage in it.

We were in Bahia in Brazil and traveled around a lot, we rented a car and it feels almost like a must if one is to get around in a smooth manner. It was very very hot, i love the heat but it was times i thought it was a little too hot. Never in my life I have longed to freeze a little, but I did sometimes in Brazil.

After a tough journey from Salvador - Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo - Ethiopia, Ethiopia - Mumbai, Mumbai - Goa with a lot of turbulence and storms over Delhi and it should be added that I really do not like to fly. It's really not my thing, so I had a really tough time and thought why do I do this to myself "never again" !!!

And after hardly any sleep, a lot of tears and anguish we landed in Mumbai and my wheelchair is gone! Its gone and now three days later, it is still missing. But what shall I do I just have to cross my your fingers and call them each day and see if they found it.

But wow Im so so happy to finally be here, I feel really comfortable in Goa. This year we rent a new house again, it's become some houses over the years. It is a little nice to not have the same every year, but do I find one that I really like I probably would have taken the same. I have always traveled with my x previously, this is the first season without him. He will come down with his new girlfriend in late January, he said, but we are not staying in the same village.



To day its the last day here, we have already been here a month. Tomorrow we take a flight too Salvador, and from there we go by car to Chapada de Diamantina and we are going to a place called Vale do Capao.

Its been a very relaxed and calm month, sleeping, eating, hanging by the pool and then eat again and then its time to go to bed again.

Its when everything feels like its standing still and you cant escape from yourself and your thoughts, that suppressed memories or things you have to face comes up to the surface. Its been moments with extreme contentment and inner peace and then its been moments with a strong anxiety so strong that It feels like Im loosing the connection between mind and body and it fees like Im outside my self.

Its really terrifying and scary but I know its starts with a thought a thought that I started, and I know Its not dangerous and Im not going to die. The day of the new moon I felt it coming, I always have a inner dialog when it happens I talk to my self in a loving calming way, listen to music that i know and breath. The episodes its short and intense and I only had them like 2 ,3 times since I came here thank god. When its over the tears came the beautiful beautiful tears, and I cried and cried and cried. Its been a lot of strong energies this month, and as the sensitive Pisces I am it can sometimes be overwhelming.

Im so looking forward to go to Capao its suppose to be amazing, with waterfalls, mountains and jungle. And a lighter energy.

Yesterday we took some photos on the beach, Mias is an amazing photographer



Im so satisfied with his work, it really came out perfect.  Im good for a while now :-) But its going to be more for sure. I was so close too tattoo my hands and fingers also but I thought about it and looked at my hands and decided that Im going to wait. That felt like a good decision. I will post more pics when its healed. 



"I believe in a higher power. I have no need, or desire to wrap an identity around it, because religion's obsession with 'the right identity' has caused separation of our planet's people - and I believe in love and unity, regardless of our spiritual beliefs. Whether we call it - God, Source, The Universe, Buddha, whatever - doesn't matter to me. My eyes, ears and heart are open to the wisdom, beauty and miracles that surround us constantly. That fills me with love, happiness and a gratefulness beyond words."



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