In three months I turn 33, but who cares. Age isn't the number of years you have lived. It's about how you feel inside. Sure I feel like 100 some days, but most of the time I feel like 18. And I love to be silly and not taking things so fucking serious all the time.

People now days are too obsessed with aging. What's so wrong with getting older? I mean there's nothing you can do to stop it. What you can do is make the most of the time you got on this weird little planet.

Sure I haven't done all the things I'd like to yet, but there's still time and maybe some of the things I planned just isn't in the stars for me. But that's ok too.

I have friends who are much younger than me, and some of them are really worried about turning 20 or 25. I try to tell them that for them the best years of their lives is just starting. There's no need to be afraid. Ok, so life isn't easy all the time, but it isn't hard all the time either. Much of life is what you make of it.

So no, I'm not scared about getting older, I'm scared waking up one day regretting not doing all the things I'd wanted to. 
So fuck age, who gives a shit if you're 22 or 72, it's just a number, get out there and live your life to the fullest. I haven't done that lately, but now I have have reached my limit, and I say life, here I come!



I've been wondering about something, and that is how come a woman can't enjoy sex in the same way a man can? I mean we watch porn, we masturbate, we take nude pictures, we love to have sex. So why is it that if a girl likes all those things she's frowned at, called a slut. People assume she fucks around with every man she sees. Hmmm doublestandards if you ask me. And I don't mean to sound all batshitcrazy feminist here, but it is actually true. A woman can't be a sexual creature, because then she's a whore, she deserves to get raped, she's not girlfriendsmaterial and so on.

What the fuck is wrong with a woman who loves to shag her man more than once a month? NOTHING!
I get a lot of strange questions and requests on instagram because of my pictures there. Most are harmless questions or comments about my looks or relationshipstatus. But some are really nasty, it is about how much sex would cost with me, if I would fuck them and all kinds of things they want to do to me beacause they think I deserve it just because of the pics I post.
Hmmmm so wait a minute, a pornstar like, hmm let's say Jenna Jameson because everybody knows her...Does she deserve to get raped to death just because of the films she's in? NO, HELL NO!
Does a girl deserve rape just because she wears a sexy outfit to the club? NO, HELL NO!

No woman or girl deserves to be raped. There's is no excuse for it. It doesn't matter if she was drunk, flirted earllier in the evening, wore a tight little dress or if she had posted nude pics online....
The men who have those thoughts in their twisted little minds have no sense of right and wrong. They think they own a woman just by making up some excuse. They behave like cavemen.
And what's sickening is that most get away with it.

Here in Sweden rapes have increased the last couple of years, and they are getting more violent and sadistic. Most women doesn't even go to the police because they know the guy will get away with it in the end.. And if they do press charges the guy/s gets the most pathetic punishment ever, a few months maybe.

This is just sad, disguisting and infuriating.

So no, no woman deserves being raped. No matter her clothes, alcohol level or attitude...just no, if you are a man who gets off on rape, maybe just maybe you should visit a prostitute who likes roleplay so she can teach you rapeplay instead, because that way your pathetic little dick gets what it wants but nobody get's hurt. (and now some say "But the sexworker gets hurt blahblahblah..". shut the fuck up, if a woman choose to work with selling sex on her terms, then go for it I say)
Or even better, why don't all of you rapist guys just rape eachother, then you will know what it feels like the things you do to others.

Just face it, a no is No no matter what.

(borrowed picture from The Canadian Federation of Students )



Hi there, great to see you. Welcome to my new blog which I hope I will be using as often as possible, Mostly I speak through pictures rather than the written word, but that is for my instagram. Here I hope to combine the two worlds.
So what am I going to write about then? Well everything really, my life is filled with strange hobbies, shopping, girly shit, bodypositivity, animals, horror, classic cars, movies, music and the big things in life.
So I'm not another makeup girl, I am actually crap at doing my makeup, but I do like to play around with it. So yeah everything that my life consists of will be written about here.

And why in English you might ask, well because my instagramfollowers are mainly from other countries than Sweden. So I'll do my best and write in English so that everyone can understand what the hell I'm going on about.

So stay tuned my friends, I will return soon with hopefully a new personalized header and some more posts =)