Hello world, as you can probably tell I'm new here and I have never had a blog before but I thought I gave it a try. Hi , my name is Vegh Isabelle and my boyfriend's name is Michael and we have been together for over 4 years and lately we noticed that we are a very distinct type of couple that we have never met before so we decided to share our lifestyle and thoughts with the world, maybe help some other people relate to us 😊. If you've read the title you know we are a single couple, now, what does that exactly mean? I don't want you to think this is sad or anything negative about it, this just happened to be our type for now and we have become very accustomed to it. We define a single couple as a couple that mostly spends their time with each other and nobody else due to various reasons. In our case, we are currently in our second year of uni and we moved here in the autumn of 2016, most of our friends(mutual and not) chose to go to uni in another city and the ones that are here (maybe 2) live veeery far away and don't have time to meet up often. Regarding new friends: I am a very anti social person and even though I've managed to make some friends we never get to talk about anything other than school and they spend most of their time in their hometowns. Michael has just dropped out of uni after the first year cuz he hated it and the people there (he just started another uni) so you can see why he hasn't managed to make any friends there. So, we are a single couple :D and it can be very good and bad sometimes and I'm sure there are people in our situation out there so in the next posts I will share our experiences and accumulated wisdom with you.