As a senior in high school, it's crazy to believe that brain cancer is a possibility. But what seems crazy, has become my reality. You'd think a normal senior would be considering colleges and such, but I can't. It's nearly impossible to think about. For the next two years of my life I will have to go in for an MRI every three months. Every three months. At every appointment I will have to lie down in that gigantic, noisy machine and wonder if the radiologists will tell me my tumor is back. I will never know what my future holds for my health.

Up until September of 2016, I was living my life as a normal teenager. I started my senior year off strong, and was just as excited as every other senior I attended school with. My whole world changed in the blink of an eye, and I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I underwent surgery on October 4th, and missed a month of school. When I went back to the doctor I was told that there was a possibility of some tumor being left behind, but we wouldn't know until March of 2017.

As of right now, I have been stressed to the max and depressed. Because of my high GPA, I felt like I needed to jump back into school right away. I went from fifteen minutes of computer/TV a day to 8 hours of school. My schedule includes English, College Government, Yearbook, Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, and Physical Education. I felt as if I had something to prove and needed to take on the world.

The thing is that my medications were making me suicidal, and with a near suicide attempt, I had to stop some stress factors. I had to do something, anything. So I went in and spoke to my school counselor, which we decided it would be best for me to drop a class that wasn't needed to graduate. Pre-Calculus was my first choice, but wanting to be a nurse, I'm not sure if I should drop math.

I was recently accepted into Boise State University and don't know if that is even realistic for me. If I can't take on seven high school classes, how am I supposed to take on classes at a huge university?

2016 has been a crazy roller coaster for me. I ask that you don't take anything for granted and that you tell those you love just how much they mean to you. I didn't know just how many people cared for me and loved me, until I was sick. Now I can't help but appreciate the smallest of things. Tiny moments are so precious, so appreciate those things. Find value in everyday life, because you never know when something will change. You never know what the future holds for you.