Hello Everyone,

My huge apologies for being so quiet in here the last couple of months. The reason being was that I simply did not have the motivation to write anything. I found myself in a little bit of a rut a while back. I had finished college and was due to start working full time in the hotel that I have been in for the past four years. However at the beginning of the summer there was very little hours there and I wasn't getting enough hours during the week. This led me to applying for countless jobs but with no luck. However in the past two months work picked up and I got a lot of hours and so work became extremely busy. With summer coming to an end now there is even more hours available and hopefully work will continue to be busy. This most certainly not a permanent job. This is only for the next ten months or so, in order to save money for my travel plans next year. Lots of decisions and plans have been made in the past months for next year when I finally leave this small town.

Firstly myself and my younger sister are going on holiday for two weeks without our parents. We are heading to Seoul South Korea. It sounds like a very random place but that will be a another blog post for another day, however I will say that we are extremely excited about it.

Secondly I have decided to enroll in an online course to qualify to Teach English as a Foreign Language. I was looking this up a couple of months ago and decided against it but two of my close friends recently moved to Beijing China in order to teach English and they are having the time of their lives. For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a teacher but I didn't put it down in my college application. I also think that with this qualification I have even more opportunities for travel and see the world. I am fully qualified in hospitality and even though i do love my work recently my heart is just not in it as much as it used. I think that I need to take a little break from it and that is what I plan to do next year when I start my travels.

My mind is extremely focused on next summer and if I am being quite honest it is the only thing that is getting me through work and life at the minute, knowing that this time next year I will be far away from here is music to my ears.

At the minute the plan for after I come back from Korea is to go to Canada with a friend of mine, This is not the same person that was originally supposed to go. So the plan is at the minute to leave around the end of June the beginning of July, however I have a back up plan in case Canada goes wrong again. That is to fall back on the TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language).

So this was just a little update on what I have been up to the past few months. I know I have been quite boring but I am back to writing again and hopefully I will keep the motivation and inspiration to keep posting. I will doing a couple pf posts based purely on Korea. I will explain why we chose Korea of all places to travel to.

Thank you for reading.

Talk Soon

Kathy x

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Hello Everyone,

Today's is going to be my first time ever doing a favorites blog post. I decided to do this because I had so many things in the last month that I am obsessed with and wanted to share with you all.

Cosmetics and Skin Care

As you may or may not know I am obsessed with MAC lipsticks, I have been for quite a while now and I cannot resist whenever I go to Brown Thomas to pick up a new one. On my recent shopping trip to Dublin, I picked up another new lipstick. This time I went for a very bright pink matte lipstick. Now I very rarely wear pink lipstick but I saw it and could not put it down

Link to MAC Lipstick Brown Thomas Website

Next on my list is the Tony and Guy reconstruction hair mask. Recently my hair has not been at its best. It has gotten very dry around the ends of my hair. A haircut is needed but I haven't had the time to make an appointment. I bought this on the Boots website and It is the best mask I have used in a long time. I use this mask once a week after shampooing and conditioning my hair in the shower. I only put this mask in the bottom half of my hair and I leave it for five minutes and then I wash it out with warm water. It leaves your hair feeling so soft and healthy.


TV Shows

The 100 Season Three,

I am absolutely obsessed with this TV show at the minute. I have watched it from the start and at the minute we are over half way through season three. This show has the ability to keep mind blowing you. You can never predict what is going to happen and you also cannot get attached to characters because someone dies in almost every episode. It keeps you interested and excited. I watch it every Friday night when the new episodes come out on Netflix

One Tree Hill

I am hooked on this oldie at the minute. I started watching it on Netflix because I needed something new to watch. I had watched it a few times when it was on the television years ago but I had never seen the entire show. I am almost finished season one and I am loving it.

Snap Chat Favourites

My snap chat favourites this month have to be

Kourtney Kardashian and Anna Sacone Joly

So that is it for my March Favourites. I hoped you enjoyed reading this blog post.

Let me know if you used any of the products I mentioned or watched any of the videos or shows that I talked about.

See you soon




Hello everyone,

This weeks post is about my wonderful day of shopping in Dublin city. Last weekend I had a rare Saturday off, so myself and my sister and my cousin planned a day out shopping in Dublin. I love shopping up there because it has all my favorite shops. It is about an hour and a half drive to Dublin from my house. We left at 11.00am and I drove to the Luas (for anybody who does not know what that is, its's the public transport system used in the city) it is much easier to park on the outskirts of Dublin rather than driving in around the city. We got to the middle of the city at around 1.00pm.

First we decided to go to Brown Thomas, it is one of my favorite shops because it is where I buy my MAC makeup and I tend to go a little mad when spending money in there however that day I restrained myself and only bought one lipstick. We went for a browse around the entire shop as the girls had never been there before. We went to the Celine section where I saw the most amazing pair of sunglasses. They are the same as the black ones Kim Kardashian wears, absolutely fabulous. I didn't buy them there and then I decided to wait for a couple of weeks and get them then. I went to have a look at the home-ware section and fell in love with almost everything in there.

Next we walked down went to The Body Shop as I had to stock up on my moisturisers. I always use the vitamin E range from The Body Shop. I started using them two years ago and fell in love with them. They are fantastic on my skin and leave it feeling soft and healthy and fresh. I bought the day and the night cream and I also got two free samples of the Vitamin E sorbet and an overnight face mask. After we left The Body Shop we walked down to Laduree Cafe for some macaroons. It is the cutest little shop/cafe. My sister bought eight macaroons for €16.00. They were delicious. We then went for Lunch in a beautiful little Italian restaurant. Here I got a pasta with mushrooms, chicken and spinich. It was to die for. We cannot for the life of us remember the name of the restaurant but it was really nice. After we finished lunch we headed to the Disney Store for a quick look.

The sunglasses above are not the Celine ones that I mentioned before, these are New Look Sunglasses along with the watch. Both tops are from Bershka.

Thanks for reading. 




Good Morning,

As you can see from the title of the post that I will be writing about an afternoon tea that I had recently. About two weeks ago myself and my best friend decided to go for afternoon tea. We did not have college on the Wednesday as the lecturers decided to go on strike, so we decided to make the most of our day off. We decided to go to Mount Juliet in Co. Kilkenny as she had never been before. I had been a few months back for afternoon tea with my Aunt and I loved it.

Mount Juliet is a five star luxury house that has its own country house, golf resort and spa.It is home to one of the Michelin star restaurants The Lady Helen and it also has some beautiful lodges and cottage available to rent as well. It is only a thirty minute drive from my own house but when you get there you feel as though you are in other part of the world. It is so peaceful and relaxing there.I rang them up the day before to book our afternoon tea just in case they were busy on that day.

We left my house at 12.50 pm as I had booked it for between 1.30pm and 2.00pm. The drive up was fine I was able to remember the way up but once we reached the gates of Mount Juliet I got completely lost. There was a lot of construction being done so we had to go a different entrance to reached the manor house. After about twenty minutes of driving around we finally got to where we supposed to be.

We parked up and got out and went inside to reception. We checked in with the receptionist and she showed us into the lounge where our table was reserved. This room was beautiful, it has very high ceilings and beautiful furniture. The entire house reminds me of Downton Abbey. It has a feeling of elegance, class and charm to it. Our table was reserved by the window overlooking the river and the equestrian fields. Once we were seated our order for tea and coffee was take by a lovely waiter. We both ordered tea. Our three tiered cake stand was brought out few minutes afterwards and to say it looked delicious was an understatement. The bottom tier had a beautiful selection of sandwiches and little savory pastries. They were divine. The second tier had traditional scones with jam, cream and what looked like butter but actually tasted like lemon cured (it was really sweet) these were warm freshly baked scones and they were delicious. The top tier was cakes and little macaroons and sweet dessert like pastries. By the time we had gotten to the top tier we were feeling quite full. We had made our way through two big pots of tea and we had had ordered another one. We decided to stop for a little while and enjoy the view from our table. We had so much to catch up on as we had both been very busy with college and work that we hadn't seen a lot of each other in a couple of weeks. By the time we had finished talking and eating and drinking, it had been nearly three hours.We finished up or tea and went to pay. We were expecting it cost quite a bit but in reality it only cost €35.00 for the two of us. We were convinced he made a mistake with the price but after checking it online later that evening we saw that it was correct. We went for a quick walk around the grounds but it got quite cold and we had friends birthday dinner that night so we decided to go home.

If anybody was to go for afternoon tea I would definitely recommend Mount Juliet, it is just beautiful there.

Hope you enjoyed this post today, here are some pictures of the day.

See you soon





My name is Kathy, I am 22 years of age and I live in Ireland. I am recent graduate from college in hospitality and currently I am enrolled in an add on year in restaurant management. This blog will include a huge variety of things that I find interesting. I love fashion and make-up so that will be a prominent feature on this blog. I also love books, movies, TV shows and most importantly musicals. Another major part of this blog will be my travels. I will be moving to Canada in the beginning of September this year for two years with two of my best friends. It is a huge step but I want to document the entire process. 

I hope you enjoy reading this and hope you return again to read some more. 

Thanks for reading