Guys!! I got my driver's license!! My road test was scheduled on Tuesday and I passed it without any trouble. For a lot of people the biggest thing they talk about after getting their license is the feeling of freedom while being alone in the car, just driving by yourself. For me it's not really about that, the best part for me is being able to drive without a 1000 negative thoughts about all the worst case scenarios one could think of running through my mind - that and that anxious feeling that feels heavier than yourself at times. It is such a relief! And the freedom of just being able to drive to wherever I want whenever I want is pretty great too!

Me and the temporary license that I will have until the actual card comes - iih!

On Wednesday, the day after I got my license, me and my dear friend Matilda drove to Zion National Park - a good way to celebrate both the fact that she's (finally) here in the states and that I (finally) have my license! Our roadtrip to Zion was an adventure I doubt we'll ever forget. Kind strangers and starter cables are some of the things that trip left me a newfound appreciation for. Also, Utah is absolutely gorgeous! I don't know which was more impressive, the beautiful scenic drive to the National Park, or the park itself - well, no, actually the park itself wins, but simply the drive there is definitely worth the trip!

Tomorrow school starts back up again for both me and my husband and the roadtrip to Zion turned out to be the perfect last adventure to say goodbye to this summer-break (summer isn't officially over until the 22nd of September, and I'm not saying goodbye to summer a minute earlier than that!). I'm not completely sure how I feel about getting back into school again tomorrow, but what I do know is that fall semester means football season and that I am very excited about!! #gocougars

Much love,


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Last weekend we left our "home" in Connecticut for good. (We miss the East-Coast already, but gosh, it feels good to be home!) Before beginning the big drive back to Utah we drove to DC to spend the weekend there. We spent our nights at a hotel with the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in. Washington DC was so fun. It really is a beautiful city. I'd go back in a heartbeat. Although our weekend there was short we got to see a lot of things (we thank capitol bike share for that - without bikes we would not have been able to see so much in such short time!). One of the things that touched me most deeply was a quote we saw at the Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial that reads, "




Hate is such a powerful word, one I think we often use too casually, but the use of it in this quote really spoke to me very strongly because I think the word is used very appropriately here. Personally, I haven't seen war, I haven't seen what Roosevelt talks about in this quote, but I know that so many people out there have and that all of them would agree with him when he says "I HATE WAR."

We visited several other memorials as well. You'll see most of them in the pictures below. We also visited quite a few museums including the Air and Space museum, National Gallery of Art, National Archives, Library of Congress, National museum of natural history. I literally could have spent days at each one of these museums, but since we only had two days in DC we mostly got around to doing some "speed tours" (meaning that we took our time at some spots in the museum and skipped all the rest) of each of them. These are only a few of the free museums in Washington DC, a couple that I would have liked to go back and visit are the National museum of American History, National museum of the American Indian and also to go back and see more of most of the ones I already listed above!

America, you hold a special place in my heart.

Nature is just amazing, creating minerals, crystals and gems in all forms all colors!

Library of congress was beautiful!

Now we are back in Utah and ready to get into the routine of things and make some healthy changes in our lives. I'm so excited for the upcoming semester, both for what it will teach me academically as well as the changes I hope to see physically and mentally! Yay for new beginnings!

Hope everyone's having a wonderful week.

xx. Alice



Saturday we had planned to go to the City, but we changed our minds (yeah, we really skipped out on our last opportunity to go to NYC while we are still living here on the east-coast... but we felt like having a slow day at home today instead, we haven't had one in quite a while). Instead we decided to hang out in bed, calling part of our families and just relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

Afternoon came and Jakob took my hand and asked me if I would let him take me out to dinner. Älsklingen. He could have easily skipped the little tiny detail of taking my hand before asking, but that little hand-holding made all the difference between just "eating out" and making it a "date". I obviously told him yes please and we drove to Greenwich (prounounced Gren-itch) for some great Thai food! Thank you for dinner, darling.

On our way to dinner we decided to take a little detour and drive around in Belle Haven, Greenwich. My oh my, those were some fancy houses leaving us talking and thinking about our own future dream home (the one we dream of living in maybe 10-15 years from now). I think we've decided that our dream home quite a bit smaller than those mansions though. A home is kind of like a shoe, you don't want one that's too small or too big - you want it to fit both your financial situation as well as the size of your family. Excited for the day when we buy (or perhaps build??) our dream home!! But that day has to wait a little longer still. We have a few homes to go until then, I'm sure.

We also decided to stop at a park and take some pictures. Taking photos with my new lens is sooo stinkin' fun! Jakob agrees! Here's a few photos from Saturday's play-time with the camera! 

Faces everywhere. I know. And I love it!

First portraits with the new lens. I have some more practicing to do to get the focus right in a more consequent matter, but learning and progress is what we live for, isn't it?

ALSO! We will be going to Washington DC this weekend before we start our road trip back to Utah, so please hit me up with your favorite things to see and/or especially places to eat in DC! The list of places to see might already be too long after my hour of googling earlier today, but I'd still love some recommendations so if I know some DC lovers out there, please send me your best tips my way!

xx. Alice



Just discovered the Ireland based quartet Kodaline this week and I am completely obsessed. Can't believe I haven't found them sooner. But I guess it's okay, because the way this music has spoken to me this week has really been perfect. 

I feel like my words can't really describe what their songs have had me feel, but that's the magic of music, right? Sometimes it speaks to us as if it was the most real language we've ever heard "spoken", but it speaks to us through something so much more powerful than words - it speaks to us through emotion. So I thought I'd share some lyrics from one of my favorite songs of theirs, "the one".

I’ll be yours completely
For better or for worse.

I know,
We’ll have our disagreements,
Be fighting for no reason.
I wouldn’t change it for the world.

You make my heart feel like it’s summer
When the rain is pouring down.
You make my whole world feel so right when it’s wrong.
That’s how I know you are the one.
That’s why I know you are the one

It’s easy to be scared of.
With you I am prepared for
What is yet to come.

Every single one of the words posted above from the lyrics of the song "the one" are so true for me in my relationship to my husband. Thank you Kodaline for writing beautiful music and putting words to some of my favorite feelings in the world!

And friendsss!! Go check them out! If you are a spotify user you can find them here!

xx. Alice



My birthday is coming up in three weeks (and so is the wedding of one of my forever best friends, eeek!!) and yesterday Jakob surprised me with an early birthday gift - a new lens to my camera!!! IIIHH!! One that I have been eyeing for a while now.

The weather has been a little dull since we got back from Canada Sunday night, but I still decided to go out for a quick test run of my newest baby. I am so happy with it, so get excited because this girl is getting ready to go out and create some art!

Gray skies are lovely too, you see. Some days we - just like the sky - are gray, and that's okay.


This one 👆🏼 is my favorite! Not sure why exactly, but as I was looking through all of them this one just really stood out to me. I would love to hear if any of you have a favorite & why (if there's one)! 

I'm having a gray kind of start to my week, which has been a challenge but it is also really speaking to my creativity. Because even if I prefer blue skies, both literally and metaphorically speaking, gray skies are lovely too, simply in a different way.

xx. Alice



Here are a few phone pictures from the weekend as well!

​This man of mine is very stubborn, a great quality when it comes to learning new things! He succeeded several times on the ski's (even though he probably wouldn't call it success if you asked him yourself).

I love art. It's such a great way to get insight to someone else's perspective. Each person expresses and receives it differently and the same piece of art can speak to me and you in two completely different ways. What is a little different about the experience with some of the artworks pictured above is that we not only got to look at the art while walking from house to house in this little village, but we also got to interact with some of the artists of the paintings and hear their stories of the paintings. Kind of different from most museum experiences, and so much fun!

The more I see of the world, the bigger my thoughts and dreams are becoming. And the more I also realise how little I do know, how full of preconceived notions I am and how little these ideas I have about other parts of the world actually say about that part of the world, because in fact they say a lot more about me and how little I actually know.

Traveling makes me excited to continue to educate myself more, especially about history - an area where my current knowledge is very limited.

"We don't travel to escape life, we travel to make sure life doesn't escape us."

xx. Alice



This summer we've been road-tripping like it's our day job and I am loving it more and more each time. 12 h spent in the car during one weekend is quite a bit, but gosh, have we had some special special moments in the car together. We have had great conversations that have gone on for hours, we have jammed out to some of our favorite music and we have enjoyed each other's company. To be honest I enjoy Jakob's company more and more as time passes, which is something I didn't know could happen to me before I met him.

This weekend we drove from Connecticut up to Canada to visit a couple that my husband worked with when he was a missionary for our church in France. He became very close with them there and they have remained friends for several years now. Not only have this couple been friends with Jakob, but they have been people that he look up to in many ways and after this weekend I was added to that same "fan" group as well! This weekend we visited them at their home in Canada and I got to know them, feel of their love and fun personalities and come to love them for myself. They are amazing in so many ways.

Their house is right by Lac-Bromme and we got to spend time kayaking, boating and water-skiing just to name a few of the things we filled our weekend with. Such a fun, relaxing and inspiring weekend!

And now I really want to learn French. It's time to start making an effort to at least remember everything that I once learned while taking French in school!

It has sometimes been said that friends are the family we choose, these two definitely fit that category and we are so grateful for that!

I'll upload some more pictures from my phone later!

xx. Alice



After having several people tell us that we HAD TO go to Newport while we are here on the east-coast we decided to pack up the car and drive up there this weekend and we sure weren't disappointed. Newport is a beautiful coastal town, one with lots of fun american history, and a sailor's paradise. Even though we were met by a cloudy sky when we drove into Newport it only stayed gray for a couple of hours.

Sailing without much wind (but still enough to make the hair go crazy) turned out to be a very pleasant and calming experience. Probably even more fun and pretty when the sun is out, but we're not complaining. We definitely had a great time!

Bertie bott's every flavor popcorn, pretty much. The ones pictured above aren't even all of the different flavors that you could get at this little popcorn store.

The famous Cliff Walk! Which we really didn't walk that much of.... We had some plans to go walk it early on the Sunday morning but when Sunday morning came we were served a delicious breakfast and didn't feel like cutting it short to make more time available for the cliff walk. Since we didn't walk it I don't know what we missed out on, but we were both very happy about the decision to enjoy our breakfast for a little longer instead.

SUNSET WATCHING on the cliffs ♡ AH. I just love nature and this man of mine so so much. 

Sidenote: he's usually not as excited as he looks about being in front of the camera all of the time, I just run around like a (the) crazy person (I am) which makes him a little embarrassed (I actually almost fell over in front of at least 60 people that were enjoying drinks on the lawn while taking the picture below) but mostly it just makes him laugh.

♡ ♡ ♡

☼ ☼ ☼

Thank you Newport for a lovely weekend! And to any east-coaster reading this: go visit Newport!!

xx. Alice



Looking for a good summer read?! Look no further.

I just started listening to Marcus Aruelius' book "Meditations" today and I just had to recommend it to all of you! It's packed with not only wise words but true wisdom. I haven't finished it yet but this is one of those books where you don't have to eat the "whole cake" to know that it's a good one so I decided to go ahead and recommend it to you guys anyways.

Here's a few of my favorite quotes so far:

"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts."

"You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength."

"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth."

"The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts."

See a theme? • Power over your mind. • My dream. No, actually it is one of my greatest goals.

My thoughts are a mess sometimes. Like most people I sometimes allow small problems to become big in my mind. But it doesn't end here, because a lot of the time I feed them, unconsciously but still consciously (that made no sense, yet I can't think of a better way to describe it), and let them blow out of proportion. Some people call it anxiety, others call it overthinking, to me it is a challenge, my challenge - a real stumbling block at times - and one I believe I have the power to overcome. Reading books like "Meditations" inspire positive and powerful thoughts. The kind I think all of us could use a few more of, the kind of thoughts I want to learn to teach my mind to use as my "go to" thoughts when things get rough.

Confidence, things to think about and positivity is what this book has already left me with, and I'm not even half way! If any of you decide to read it or already have read it I would love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments down below.

xx. Alice



Yesterday we decided to drive to this gorgeous forest and do some exploring. And ahh. All this East-coast green is just to die for 🌿❤️

Nothing makes me feel more connected and whole than a good dose of nature. And it's even better when I get to explore with my favorite adventure buddy. The fact that he joins me on walks and hikes and listens to me when I go on an on (and on, and on...) talking about everything and nothing makes me feel more loved than any gift or flattering words he could ever give me would - and don't get me wrong, compliments and gifts are also great every now and then. Yeah, I know, my # 1 love language is quality time, 100%. To me there's no better way to spend a Saturday!

What makes you feel connected, at peace, and/or loved? Leave a comment below with your answers, I would love to know!

xx. Alice