Time is going by so quickly I almost can't keep up. I have so many things going on at the moment. Work, rehearsals, there are trips coming up very soon. First I'm going to Spain and two weeks after that I'm going to the Canary Islands. It's gonna be nice getting away for a little while and I've been dying to do some traveling! This summer is looking very promising!



This weekend I went back home to the town I grew up in. I do this on regular bases sense my father and two of my sisters still lives there and I want to spend time with them as often as I can. Which have been more rarely lately sense I have so much more going on in my life right now.
Between work and rehearsals I've been writing a whole lot on a little project which I'm super exited about. Right now it's only ideas so I won't be going into that, the main point is that my time just seems to fly by.
So when I finally had a free three day weekend I went home.
It was just the best lazy weekend. I spent time with my family. My dad and I went on long walks. The weather was amazing, perfect for long walks down at the marina.
I meet up with two of my best friends. Took a coffee with one of them and had breakfast at a local hotel with the other. It was nice to have some quality girl time without having it be a big deal.
I honestly felt like I've needed this weekend forever. I'm feeling much more energetic and I'm looking forward to start the next few weeks with a smile!!



So Easter is here and that means four day in a row of from work. I'm glad to finally get a proper chance to relax but also I'm not really sure what to do with all the time. I mean yes I have a project that I'm currently working on and I will work on it, but that won't take up the whole weekend.
I could spend some time reading books, I have probably six or so books I've brought thinking I would read them but haven't had the time.
But I'm in a sort of creative mood but don't know how to let it out? Suggestions?



So resently I had a photoshot for the production I'm currently working on and it was a lot of fun. I've stood model for friends before but never for a professional photographer so it was an interesting experience.

Also I love every opportunity to have someone else fixing my hair and makeup. It always feels like a special treat. I completely love doing my own makeup, I often do it even on days I'm not going anywhere just because I love trying new things and just adore how it makes me feel like I'm treating myself. It's a way for me to relax. 

But having someone else do it, it's something that one: doesn't happen that often. Two: feels incredible! It's really just like being pampered. Maybe that's why I love getting hair cuts also. The feeling of being taken care of. So that was one of my favourite part of the photoshot 

The other part that's my favourite thing is the actual standing in front of the camera. I do know how that sounds, self obsessed much, but really I just adore any chance to create something. Weather it's in front or behind the camera, with words or a other media. So seeing the photos afterwards is always such a treat. 

And thy turnd out great. It also was my first time in costume and make up for the show and I was delighted that everything fit so well. Our costume designer is truly amazing! She doesn't half ass anything!! Anyway I might get to upload some of the shots later on! 



So at work today I got to manage our work blog. It was actually a lot of fun. The guy who usually runs it is home sick and apparently it needed updating so who to ask but the youngster haha

It was a bit different from blogging here. Because on here in rather personal. I talk about my day in a familiar fashion, but on the work blog it's suppose to be professional with a capital P. No "I" and very informing, but at least they have some humour because they accepted my Harry Potter reference that I slipped into one of the sentence after recognising what I was referring to haha and who doesn't appropriate a good Harry Potter references. Just to make sure you guys know I was gonna remove it before publishing but they actually liked it so it was a go!



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Sorry for being completely absent last week. I had to pick up a lot more work load last week and I will be as busy as I was then this week so most likely I won't write anything until the weekend, because I won't be doing anything even remotely interesting XD just thought I would let you know. I hope you have a lovely week



So this weekend I spent with my two best friends on a cruse ship which was pretty amazing. I have been on cruses before but never with friends and without parents haha congratulations to me I'm an adult.

When we first got on we headed to the breakfast buffee, and as is expected I ate maybe more than I should. I was so full!! But really what can you do when they have all kinds of fruits, bread and pancakes! 

After breakfast we did a quick tour of the tax free and Victoria secret store, some items where brought like a new watch. Headphones and a new perfume, before we headed up to the ships spa. 

There we badded in the jackotzz, sauna, herbal sauna and we tried the snow room, there was like real snow there, was anyone aware that was a thing because I wasn't!. And it was to cold for my taste, I definitely rather go for the jacuzzi. But it was two hours well spent!

A lot of laughter and conversation about the weirdest things followed as we spent the afternoon enjoying a delicious afternoon tea. There was cute sandwiches and all kind of yummy backed goods you could enjoy with your tea. Definitely worth doing again, I never turn down a good cup of tea as well as quality time spent in great company. 

All in all a very relaxing and joyful trip and I'm thankful I got to share it with my friends, we need to do it again, but next trip I'll go on will be to Alicante. 



Yes I know, I know it's kind of weird I haven't been to a concert before. Almost 21 years I've been on this earth and I've never taken the time to go and see a prober concert?! Not to say I haven't seen live music before. I've preformed to live music and seen some smaller shows on bars or musicals but never something like a real true concert. But let's get on with this and not have any hang ups on what I lack in life experience

Well after a almost 4 hours long drive we finally reached Denmark and Copenhagen. It felt awesome to be there and checking in at the hotel was lovely. First I took my chance to rest a bit and charge my phone before I was on my way again

I had a lovely dinner with my father, witch is a nice chance to get to spend time with him sense I do not see him all thy often anymore sense we don't live in the same city. Also the food was really good so that was truly a blast!

as a Swedish person I'm pretty use to stand in lines. I just mean we are pretty good at standing in lines ( stereotype much ) but there is truth in that stereotype. But I know no other which can complain as much in a line then Swedish old people.

And of course of all people that had to be standing after me in the line to the concert it had to be an old Swedish couple that complained non stop for the hour we stood there.

Half of the time it was rather amusing sense they seemed to think no one could understand them (I mean probably everyone around them understood sense the Swedish and Danish language are rather close to each other) and half the time I was embarrassed that I understood them because they weren't being very nice.

anyway the concert was amazing. It truly amazes me how good of an live performer someone can be and I'm really wondering why I haven't done this before!

Halsey's voice was as brilliant live as on record and her present on stage was just breath taking. I also want to applaud the amazing band behind her and the opening act which pumped up the feeling well before she stepped on. 

I love Halsey's music and have for what feels like forever even though I know it's more like half a year but this experience really brings it to a new level which I will keep with me as I listen to the music in the future and I hope I do get the chance to enjoy her performance again in the future. 

One of the best things though, and this is my opinion every time I listen to live music is the baseline. I just love when you can feel it almost like it's your own pulse. I just relish in that feeling every time. 

But to sum up my first concert experience with one word: Amazing



I've decided that it's time for me to choose one language for me to write in seeing that translating a blog post into a second language takes up a lot of extra time and I think I lose potential in what I'm writing stressing about having to write it both in Swedish and in English.

I've as you might have noticed reading this chosen to stick with English even though this isn't my first language. But I made this choice sense I know not everyone who reads my blog speak or can read English and sense it's a great opportunity for me to be come better at English as I write.

Okay this was just a quick post to let you guys know. I'll be sure to update you about this weekend! 



Okej först vill jag börja med att säga att jag inte är en matbloggar i grunden men är du som jag och älskar snacks men vill ha något lite nyttigare än godis och chips kan jag varmt rekommendera lite hemma gjorda protein bars. 

Recept för 6st bars: 

1,5 dl havregryn

1 dl chasewnötter (kan byttas till hasselnötter om man känner för det, blir en lite kraftigare smak) 

1 dl tråkade tranbär (man kan köra på vilken torkad frukt men vill, jag tycker personligen att det är gott att ha papaya i) 

1 dl dadlar 

1 nypa kanel 

1 halv dl jordnöttsmör 

1 msk lönnsirap ( man kan använda annan sirap, jag använde agave sirap men då bara en halv msk) 

Blanda havregryn, cashew, tranbär, dadlar och kanel i en matberedare väll. Häll sedan över blandningen i en mellan stor skål. Blanda jordnöttsmör och sirapen i en kastrull och värm upp på medium värme. Häll över den varma jordnöt och sirap blandningen på se andra ingredienser och blanda om tills smeten bildar en klump. Lägg ut smeten i en form med bakplåtspapper och pressa ut så det blir ett jämt lager. Ställ i kull eller frys tills den ska förtäras! Självklart kan du även sätta den i ugnen om du vill att de ska vara knaprigare. Sätt den då på lite lägre värme ca 100 * C och låt den stå inne 1, 1 och en halv timme. 

Hoppas ni gillar dem och ni får gärna kommentera om ni göra några ändringar på receptet som gör de ännu godare! Vill alltid utveckla mig 


First I'd like to say I'm not really a food blogger but if you're like me and likes a good snack now and then but what's something he litter than sweets some homemade protein bars might be the right thing for you!

Recipe for 6 bars: 

1,5 dl oats 

1 dl cashew nuts (you can change it to hazelnut if you want for a sharper taste)

1 dl dried cranberries ( you can use what ever dried fruit you feel like, I've found I like dried papaya to change things up once in a while) 

1 dl dates 

A dash of cinnamon 

1 half dl peanut butter 

1 tablespoon maple syrup (you can use other syrups as well, I did use agave syrup but only half a tablespoon in this case) 

Mia the oats, cashew, cranberries, dates and cinnamon and mix it in a food processor until it's welled mixed. Pour the mixture into a medium sized bowl. Heat up the peanut butter and syrup, once warm pour it over the other ingredients. Mix them well until it comes lose from the sides. Put the mixture in a form with baking shears and press it until it's even. You can store the bars in you freezer or fridge until it's time to eat them. If you want crunchier texture you can bake it in the oven on low heat for about an hour and a half. 

I do hope you enjoy these protein bars and if you experiment with the recipe please tell me I'm always looking to evolve it!