So if you're like me, you're not a natural morning person! Getting out of bed can be the biggest struggle of the day but getting up earlier in the morning can give you the boost to be more motivated during the day! For me making sure my morning routine is a good one is one of the most important thing of the day, because it sets the tone for my day. I've spent many years trying to figure out how to make my mornings better and here are some go the things I've applied to my mornings which really has helped me in my everyday life!

1: Don't hit that snooze botton!

I know, I know it's really tempting to snooze for a while after you're alarm gone of. But by hitting the snooze botton over and over again you trick your brain into thinking it can go back to sleep over and over again which will make you more tired all trough the day and it will be harder to get out of the bed. So instead try to get out of the bed right away! And believe me I know it's hard. A tips is keeping your alarm clock (mine being my phone) on the other side of the room. This makes sure you have to get up once it goes of and once you're up it's usually easier to stay up. This tip really helps me those days I have to be up super early because of work.

And even if you don't want or have to leave the bed yet just don't let yourself fall back asleep. Do something, pick up a book or your phone or whatever you feel like just so you don't let yourself snooze, it really helps your brain to wake up.

2: Have you're outfit already planed out.

This tip really cuts down the time you need in the morning. I mostly get ready in the morning on regular work day in about an 45 minutes.. It used to take me over an hours to be finished back when I was going to school but sense then I've made my routine way more efficient. Choosing the outfit the night before is one of the biggest time savers. Instead of using 15 minutes (sometimes more) on figuring out what to wear I can just get dressed right when I get out of bed and then I can be of to the next stop which is usually breakfast.

3: Talking about breakfast

Now if you're like me you've probably skipped breakfast many years of you're life. Back in high school nothing would have gotten me to eat breakfast in the morning. I hardly can't stand breakfast. I think it's because you usually eat the same thing every day. I'm a person that always have to change thing up. I can't stand eating the same thing over and over again. So breakfast has always been hard.

Later on I've learned that I'm really into smoothies and the good thing with smoothies is that you can always switch it up! Just use what ever fruit or vegetables that are in season. So that has gotten me to eat breakfast almost everyday of the week!

And honestly it really is the most important meal of the day! It kicks starts your metabolism and gives you the energy needed to start the day. So make sure everyday has time for breakfast.

4: Get moving!

I need to get my body moving in the mornings to really clear my head out of sleep. Now morning workouts are the best if you ask me, but it's not everyday you have time to wake up before work/school and fit a whole workout in. Days when I have to be at work at 6 I'm not about to wake up 4 just to have a hour workout before work. No I've made it my thing to at least work in a 5 minute yoga practice before I have to leave every morning. This helps my brain to activate and set a productive mood to my day. I've found some really nice practices I like which really helps me just wake up. And if you've never practice yoga, you can always go on youtube and find an instruction video, there are some great once on there. Or any other type of training as well. Yoga is just my preference.

Also if you're like me and can take the bike or walk to work/school do so! It's a great way to get an extra workout in everyday and some fresh air. I get an extra hour cardio everyday because I take the bike to work instead of a car or the bus! Talk about free training.

5: Me time.

I think it's something great about finding some me time in every morning. For me it's when I get my coffee. Then I can sit down and check my email and social media accounts. I sit down for just a little while but it helps me relax and not feel stressed in the mornings knowing I got sometime to myself which are just mine. And this doesn't have to be over coffee, it might be you giving yourself some extra time on you're make up or cooking an more complicated breakfast, reading the newspaper and so on. It just has to be something you enjoy and get something out of.

So I hope any of these tips where helpful. I'm not trying to say that anything is right or wrong but there tips just helps me make my morning a little better and run smoother. A good morning sets the tone for the rest of the day after all.





Hi again!

What do they say, new year new me? (Yes I am very aware it's February, a whole month of 2017 have already gone by and here I am still talking in old cliches) Well I started this blog last year around January not sure what I was doing, where I wanted it to go or anything for that matter. I didn't know my niche, just that I enjoy writing. Which I still do! It's really the biggest reason I want to try this once again.

Last year I got very caught up in things happening in my life, having a lead in a musical, working a lot more then I used to and I had to decide that it would have to be my main focus. So I put of writing for the longest time, which is very unlike me because I love writing and getting my thoughts down to sort them. This year though can be more about what I want to become better at and what I really enjoy doing! Like for an example writing! So here I am back at it again!

From now on I'm gonna try to be uploading here at least once a week probably going for two times a week. Maybe with my favorite fashion trends of the moment or a what I ate today (including recepice of course!) or something more personal. We'll just have to wait and see won't we! But I'm really looking forward to it!

My main focus on this blog will be fashion and lifestyle sense both are a big part of my life and are things I feel I can give my point of view on.

and for anyone wondering, yes I did erase all my old entries because I really want this to be a new start! Sorry not sorry

hope you'll turn if for my future blogs!


Silly harmony!