I take noodles seriously. So I'm going to bless you with an in-depth analysis of the marvellous tastes I was treated to.

When hearing the noodle markets were returning to Auckland I instantly became so excited it stressed me out. Then I found out it was going to be 100m walking distance from my new apartment. MIND = BLOWN. 😵 How was I meant to try the right things, not get too full, all while having to prepare to spend a large amount of money to ensure my taste buds, under all circumstances, do not miss out?

So you can understand why I was stressed, check out the menu here. 👈

Despite having a savoury > sweet tooth, upon hearing Australian's best gelato 'Gelato Messina' was coming to NZ for a stall for 1 week only, they instantly skyrocketed to the top of my priorities.

I arrived and was utterly overwhelmed.

I knew I wasn't leaving without trying the gelato, so I committed a crime and began with dessert. I figured this could calm me down and then I'd be capable of assessing what my next cuisine craving was.

However, I pose no regret and this ultimately combatted the disastrous situation of being too full to enjoy my much anticipated gelato.

Pictured above is "Great Balls of Fryer".

It was good, yes, however I honestly found the passionfruit caramel too overpowering and the deep fried part failed to compliment the banana gelato inside it.

Yet, "It's Sher-Berth-Day" was



this world.

I was happily enjoying the initial layer of mango sherbet gelato dipped in white chocolate when I was unexpectedly rewarded with get this.... a separate layer of vanilla cream gelato with mango jellies all in the cone lined in white chocolate!!!!

Now this was next level. Below you can see me enjoying my gelato, with my three friends who I convinced (some would say forced) into sharing the heavenly experience with me.

Night one, I was granted with 2 star dishes.

Loaded fries with spiced pulled beef.

Now just imagine that. Let your taste buds imagine that. I described it as tasting like an asian spiced meat pie on fries. Mmmmmm.

Now I'm really sorry if you're hungry cause I've added an image of this spectacular dish. Yes, that's some mouth watering business.

Next was the Bang Bang chicken roti chanai. As you can see to the right. 👉

So fresh.

So much coriander.

So so good. 🌱

Overall, the event was such a marvellous occasion for Auckland, it was hustling and bustling and it was so awesome to see everyone enjoying themselves getting amongst events in the city!

I also tried Hoy Pinoy's "Inihaw na manok - BBQ chicken skewers" which were insanely scrumptious, yet were too much of the same taste. When put next to the flavour explosions in other dishes, the chicken skewers were not my first choice of tastes to go back to.

The Banh bao (bun) from Indochine Kitchen was delectable, but that goes without saying. A Bao Bun would really struggle to be disappointing.

👆👆 pictured: Welcome to Silkeyy’s wonderland🍜 🐉

Clearly I was one very happy girl.

My tum tum was happy, and I was happy.

I was constantly giving updates while I was at the event, unfortunately I can't directly upload videos on here. So if you'd like to see a bit more of myself getting a little bit carried away and being overly excited, follow me on instagram and snapchat (@silkeweil).

Disclaimer - some things excite me far to much... ❕ ❕

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