Lately I've been missing ocean a lot.

I love everything about ocean. For me, the best thing in the whole world is floating in a warm, salty, turquoise water, and feeling the sun on my face. I could do that forever.

I have no paradise getaways ahead of me, but luckily I'm traveling to Los Angeles in two weeks! I'm staying in Santa Monica, which is right by the ocean. I'm planning to spend all my spare time at the beach, by the ocean. The Pacific in California tends to be very cold, but I hope to be able to jump in. 

Have a blissful day y'all.

All love,


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Whassup folks?

New York indeed is a vintage heaven. Some people falsely think it's Paris, but having lived in both the cities, I can tell you that vintage in Le Marais ain't got nothing on vintage in Brooklyn.

This weekend we did some Saturday scrolling around vintage stores in Bushwick, after having brunch with the girl in House of Yes, which is one of my favorite venues in the whole city to go out and dance or to have a middle eastern inspired brunch on weekends. (And see their bathrooms, they are crazy beautiful!!)

However, my friend Satu took me to L Train vintage in Bushwick, and the minue we walked in I locked my eyes to this white fur beauty hanging on the wall, and even though it's May and +20 celcius degrees, I needed to buy it BECAUSE IT'S FLAWLESS CAN'T YOU SEE.

I didn't realize where my obsession came from until I opened up my Tidal next time and started playing Lemonade - and there she was, Beyoncé with a light fluffy fur..

​Have a flawless day 

xx Silja



Commercial content: Hair extensions provided by Irresistible Me

My hair philosophy for this year has mainly been #nobrush.

Living in windy cities like New York and Helsinki has it's challenges for making your hair look fabulous (though I constantly wonder how the hell Newyorkers do it?), so my solution to this has just been going around with whatever hair.

Anyway, obviously my hair goals have for a while been big haired blondies, such as Kylie Jenner or Khalesi, So I was excited when I got the chance to try some remy hair extensions. I decided to go big or go home, so I picked the 20 inches long, platinum blonde extensions, which has definitely a big bunch of hair!

For someone like me who barely even manages to brush her hair, I was curios to see how will I survive putting on the clip-in extensions.

So, I started with this.

And went to this.

It was surprisingly easy to put on the extensions with the clips, and I was thrilled to see that the color mixed perfectly with my own hair, so the result actually looked very natural, yet very Hollywood-Barbie-blonde.

But I absolutely loved it!

For a fine-haired Scandinavian like myself, I was simply unable to fit in my head all the hair in the package, as there was quite simply not enough hair of my own to clip the extras in. So I used maybe only a half of the total hair, yet the result was absolutely big enough for me. I partied with my fabulous new hair for my rooftop party in Brooklyn last Friday, and they remained absolutely flawless the whole night of dancing and going around. I didn't notice any damage in my hair, though during the long night I started to feel a bit heavy-headed occasionally.

Anyway, I think these clip-ins are an easy way to go from blondie-next-door to a big haired BOOM blondie, so I will definitely wear them when I need some extra boost for my hair game.

All love,