If you could pick a small thing that you like about Denmark, what would it be?

The food, haha. Well it's just that I really like 'good' quality food, and Denmark has a lot of ecological brands. They're not even that expensive. Great!

What's your favourite danish word?

It would only take me two seconds to think about this one, "hygge". It's actually a word that can't be translated, but what it means is coziness, good surroundings, having a good time, and all that sort of stuff, just put together.

If you could live in any city in Denmark which one would it be?

I've never lived there, but I've visited it quite a couple of times, Copenhagen. The reason for it is that I prefer kind of larger cities, so you can do more and see more. And the cafes and stores there are kind of really cool, soo. ;)

Do you understand Norwegian?

Yeah, it's actually not that hard to understand when you're Danish. The accent can be a bit challenging, but the writing is kind of the same!

What word would you use to describe Norway?

Breathtaking - absolutely beautiful.

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Weekday is such a simple, yet original brand. I really like it, and find that the colours used in the current collection are so pretty, as I really like a warmer palette for my clothing.

The sweatpants I just fell in love with, and I've always wanted something from Champion for a quite a while, because I think it's really cool that it's kind of like an 'older', almost vintage brand, which is breaking through again.

I'm a bit of a sock lover I have to admit, so some glitter socks sounds fancy to me.

Here are the prices for the various products:
-Curry yellow T-shirt 15 EUR
-Jumpsuit 50 EUR
-Sweatpants 80 EUR
-Socks 6 EUR
-Nude T-shirt 15 EUR
-Black top 25 EUR

Hope you like some of the items.



To be truly honest, I haven't been up to a lot this weekend, because I've sort og just been lazying around, strongly due to the extreme heat if you ask me. But it was still really nice, and I enjoyed it a lot, although it's not completely over yet, yass :)).

During the evening I was sitting on the terrace drinking a cup of hot chocolate, topped with some homemade vanilla whipped cream. Absolutely delicious! It was one of those moments where you're just sat there thinking through thousands of thoughts, and not doing anything. We had some nice old music playing in the background as well, and I'm actually quite into it.

I spent a lot of time working on an art project for school, and I'm the kind of person who likes to paint very neatly, and of course that takes a looong time, but in the end it's so great to be done. In the afternoon we went to get some sundaes at McDonalds. They're seriously one of my favorite ice creams.

Nothing better than a bath with a lush bath bomb, so that's what I decided to do. After a little while I went to the beach with my brother, to get a bit of tan going on and to watch and listen to the waves swift by.



I've just come home from a refreshing trip to the shore. Nothing better than the salty air, slightly cold breezes passing by once in a while, and the frying sun. Although I'm really bad with heat, I tried to tan, like I do every summer, aiming just for the slightest brownish look. Luckily a bronzer can save a lot, just a little tip. My favorite one is from Nars in the color Laguna. It's shimmery as well, so gives a nice sparkling look.

We decided to sit at this cozy local bar right down the street, with the greatest view over the sea just about 20 meters away, but not directly in the sand, so tennis shoes will go as well, if you're not into sandals and flip flops. Me and my family just sat there talking as two hours flew by, but best of all, they were two very enjoyable hours. They're those hours which are of true quality, and not to miss out on.

The summer sky was shining bright and cheerfully, and the palm trees really suited in so well. I just thought they described the lazy vibe, so yeah, hahah.



Today was the start of the weekend, the weekend after a long week of stressful and rather painful exams. So it was time to pause up and go slow, so a relaxing trip was ideal. Due to the very occupied previous week Father's Day was slightly pushed aside, but of course not to be forgotten, so now was the time to celebrate.

Since the gracious city Malaga in Spain is only a 50 minute drive away from where I live, it was where we decided to head for. I love this place so much, because it's filled with antique tall city buildings, and a ton of narrow zigzagging streets, packed with beauty of it's very own kind.

First we went to eat at a noodle bar, which was absolutely delicious. We then went for a stroll through Malaga, and ended up at a tiny super cute cafe called Julia's Bakery. They have idyllic cupcakes, and a great cup of spicy tea is a must to order as well. My favorite spot to sit there is right outside the cafe on a tiny bench, accompanied by the atmosphere of the busy afternoon.

I had a great time, and got to take a couple of photos to share the moment as well.



There's just about nothing beating a shower of perfection. It brightens up the day, and makes you feel, as simple as it is, great. It can refresh your mind and doom the worries, so here's my recipe to do so.

All of the products are from lush, because I think that their scents, ingredients, and designs are thought through so entirely, it's irresistible.

I love juicy is a fantastic shampoo, and it makes your eyes shut open the second you smell it's fruity aromas fill the steam in the shower. A wide pleasant smile will follow as well. And your hair will be ever so clean.

The conditioner I've chosen is Veganese. The smell of light sweet vanilla is combined with a hint of spice, smoothening each hair straw gently, leaving behind soft, shiny silky hair. And it's even vegetarian!

To complete the package, I had to include a shower gel, which for sure is Plum rain. It's so sweet, and actually smells like grape gum. For me that can't get any better. It gives that enhancing positive vibe anybody will want.



Hi there, and welcome to my new blog. I'm going to be writing in English, although I'm from Denmark, to make sure that as many people as possible will be able to follow. Let me introduce you to my blog and hopefully get you reading;). It won't take too long, I promise.

The blog will be based on inspiration, things I experience, and hopefully all the places I want to go visit as well. I will also be going into detail about interior design, because I could not love it anymore than I do, fashion, whilst wearing some nice stuff makes you feel absolutely great, and lots of other exciting things.

Hopefully you'll join my journey, and see what happens.