Men asså på riktigt orkar jag mer av massa onödiga känslor? Nä jag har typ haft tillräckligt me piss skit lol jag tänker fan bara focusera på mig själv honestly I don't even have time for it. Plus att jag bryr mig inte ens.

I don't get it. I don't get it when they talking about how much they want a boyfriend or just somebody to love them? Hello, you got your family and friends. Love yourself. Ugh.

Sometimes I think like that like why doesn't he want me men sen så fattar jag ba vafffaaan om han inte vill mig sa spelar det ingen roll like it seriously doesn't matter. Mér er svo alvara hahaha ég bara get ekki hlustað á eh desperate, því honestly...... Minnir mig bara á sjálfan mig í þátíð.

Eina sem ég sá var ástin. I grew up thinking I would start high school, meet a guy, get together, get married and have kids by 25.... That was like my plan. What???????????? Cuz you know, my parents met when they were 16 and were like this perfect couple you know. I just thought it was so easy, you know.

Then I got heartbroken and my parents split up and I finally saw some real shit. hahahah ok bye

I am just happy about my life like it is. I wanna move forward and reach my goals and I encourage EVERY GIRL and boyyy to like .... idk you just don't need someone to be happy, you make yourself happy.
Lets all set some goals and try to reach them BABYYYYYYY
And I'm not saying it's bad to be in a relationship noooo its great and awesome if it's working you know and I love the love life but I've just idk I'm on a weird level I guesssssssssss Whatever No one is gonna read this anywaysssss so what the fuck ever



TJAAA ok this week has been weird there is a girl missing here in Iceland and no one knows for sure where she is but we have a lot of clues soooo update on that later. So sad (Honestly haven't talked a lot about something that's NOT about her lately and no wonder this doesn't happen a lot in Iceland) but she was kidnapped for sure!!!! Anyways.
Ok as you can see we are starting to see some parts of the project and some ppl that know me could maybe guess what's it gonna beeeeeee buttttt i still won't tell yet idk
This is IGGISH practice yes yes gaaaah I'm so excited!!!!!!

OK OK OK I am so happy but lately I've been so mad.. idk what it is if it's bc of the girl and we didn't have enough security cameras and shit and we can't find her or period starting or IDK I've just been kinda frustrated all the time HAHHAH but I'm still SO HAPPY??????? Inside

You feel me?????? Maybe not

But hey lemme know if you think you can guess my project ayyyyyyyyyyy

Ok sorry verð bara en eg held hun sé a fokkinh skipinu a leiðinni til Grænlands og ef ekki þa hentu þei nei angrins vil ekki
Eg get þetta ekki. Get ekki fattað að þetta se að gerast herna a Íslandi eða þust. Eg get ekki ímyndað mer hvaða sick hlutir geta hafa gerst við hana ef hun er enn a lífi. Idk veit ekki hvort það sé viðeigandi að skrifa svona en þetta er það eina sem folk talar um en við vitum EKKERT FOR SURE fokk

Pray for her i alvöru. Þetta er það versta sem hefur gerst lengi. Falleg ung venjuleg stúlka. Þetta getur komið fyrir HVERN SEM ER . EKKI VERA EINN NIÐRI MIÐBÆ AÐ KVÖLDI TIL BARA WHY. Pössum okkur, og pössum uppá aðra í kringum okkur. Í alvöru.

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​school is fun.



SOOOO until PROJECT BABY ok soon I will say what it is, my project, I think it's obvious and I have told so many people so I'm just gonna say it soon weho. But here's a lil hint I just had the first practice yesterday and now I JUUUST finished a meeting with WakaWaka 😏😏😏

She told me these words "you're such a doer" felt good hearing it but honestly I haven't felt like that you know. But I'm going after my dream now for sure and y'all will follow me through dis journey ha ha he he ho ho but I feel like I haven't been doing anything that helps me get where I wana be but let's do this lalalala. But I am so glad I have done all these lil show acts with my girls you know and I just think it's important for everyone to think about what they want and like idk think about a way how to get it and don't let anything staaaaap them AGREEE??????

Omg I'm sitting at Kaffitár and idk I literally feel like I have peed in my pants but maybe I have just been sitting for too long but I'm wearing pretty light pants and WHAT IF i suddenly start my period now... that can't happen. I'm afraid to stand up. I'm going on a job interview in 30 min and shit cannoooottt happen ok. I CANT PEE, SWEAT OR BLOOD IN MY PANTS AND THERE IS NO TOILET HERE.. ok im pannnniiicccing ok imma just .. ok whatever

ANYWAYS hope I'll do good in that interview

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My tiger marks, i LOVE them and you should love yours ait?


It just makes me sad seeing gurls being embarrassed cuz of their beautiful stretch marks????
We get em as we groooowww and they so normal and they are just something on your body you should be proud of wieeee lovelove

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haiiiiii I've been workin hard on ma projeeecto lately and it's goin ait. APRIL 4th , damn soon.

I just wanted to telllllllll uuuu im so happy ppl r reading my blog idk yay.
Anyways, I just had this thought the other day. Why are we letting shit stop us, like fear. Idk you may wanna do something but you wont cuz you're scared?????????????????? Let's all just stop right there, you should do whatever YOU want? No matter what they gonna think or say? Like what does it matter anyways?!?!!?

I toook some decisions last year imma do whatever I want, and I'm not talking about some stupid shit and then being like ''WHATEVER IDC WHAT U THINK BYE'' but like being myself and shit. Like if you don't like something about ME that's MEEE LIKE LITERALLY ME then I honestly don't care. Cuz that's just ME. You think I care if you lookin at me when I'm being weird hahahahahahahahaahahah I'm weeeeeird yalll know that. So what?
Others people opinion don't define you. It really doesn't matter. And sooo you gona skip doin some things you wanna do sooooo badly CUZ WHAT? Cuz u scared?!?! Of what THEYYYYY GONA THINK OR SAY?
Lets face our fears. hahahah ok I got some damn fears cuz im normal but i WANA FACE 'EM

ooookkk my fear is honestly the worst. I've been like this since i was a kid. i can't SIING in front of a small crowd unprepared or sometimes even when im prepared i just .... SPECIALLY when we practicing I CANT or when someone at a family dinner comes like '' oh sigga you have such a nice voice, why wont you sing for us now dear?'' all my life i was like no, no thanks.. naaaaa im good. no. noooopeeeee. not today.

SHIT. and I'm just NOW STARTING to like kick my butt and like ''damn girl, you wana be a singer you better fkn do something ok?''

Honestly. smh hahahahaha I gotta woman myself up ;) and just say FUCK IT. Yall with me? honestly

If I have a fear i HAVE TO face it. Yeah idk, in the end it's all about what you want ait. Don't let stupid things stop you like the people who are probably not even thinking about you anyways.




.... showering, shaving, doing your skin routine, brush yoooo teeth, check yo booty in the mirror and you are just REAAAAADY TO GET SOME GOOD ASS SLEEEEP you feeel me?

lol góða nótt



Some of you maybe didn't know I visited an orphanage last year 2015 when I was in the Philippines. It was very.. emotional and I would say life changing honestly.

This story means a lot to me and it's also the reason I will be doing some things in my career you know. So if you read it you're a bae but idc if you don't hahahah but yea

So me, my sister and my mom were on our way to '' one of the best and fanciest '' orphanage in the Philippines, and they have a whole lot of orphanages, and so I started to think how it would look like and I thought it would look cute and the children would look pretty happyy idk.

So we get there and everything is pretty weird, idk the playground was like ... creepy, like plants were starting to grow onto the stuff yea ( I would poop my pants being there at night ) and the building was like weird just looked pretty normal dirty white and kinda big. So we get there and we meet up with the principle but she wasn't very interested in talking to me or my sister, only thing she cared about was to impress my mom seriously... MAma was like eeeh ? anyways so we walk in and it's like a hallway upwards to the kids and the windows had like these steal poles HAHA idk how to describe it and I shouldn't laugh either but it seriously made you feel like you were in a prison.. like thats not ok. and so we get upstairs and to get into the children room you had to go through like this prison locked steal pole door with a steal pole ''wall'' omg im so bad but you know what I mean.

Literally. And so we walk into the room and you can see the room is divided in two, bedroom part and playroom part you know. And we see that the kids are in the playroom so we walk to the playroom.... The kids are just standing there not doing anything and the staffs are just chatting with each other... weird.

​LOOK how poopy and impersonal it looks... Damn. ugh anyways when the kids see us they run to the '' gate '' and reach out their hands through it towards us. 

Nej asså I couldn't handle it, look at them. This took like 10 min they just stared into our eyes with like hope or something... Then they let us into the playroom and we just ... idk we couldn't do anything except like.. playing with them and give them some love you know. It felt kinda heartbreaking when you just want to help them but yea you cant do anything. So yea.

So we were there for like 15 min just playing with them and smiling and as I said just showing them some love until I sat there talking to the little boy in the picture in the crocs. I was just talking to him and then he just threw himself at me like he was tryna.... hug me. When I realised ... they have no idea how to hug... like .. that obviously means they GET NO LOVE you know... So I fixed our little hug and hugged him properly and he started to hold on so tight I thought he would never let go so that was like 20 min into the playroom with some loooooove when my boy suddenly started to cry and after 1 min ALL the kids were crying and we saw that these tears meant they hav NEVER experienced this kinda LOVE before.......... what??????


We wanted to take them all home and give them each a family with a good home.... seriously. IT TAKES 3 YEARS TO ADOPT A CHILD, the first 3 years in a humans life can literally be the reason why you will do drugs or not in the future....... idk, something like that

+ they had a rooooooom FUUUUULLLLL of toys from rich people and the principle was like yea but the kids don't know how to play with them. I lost it. asså usch.

If you are rich and you buy toys for orphans and you think you're being so nice idk you're not helping... waaah this really got me mad

''One of the best and fanciest'' MY ASS ye I said it.

Every child deserves to be treated with love, you know. They shall grow up knowing they have the rights and strength to become whatever they want! They should be treated with respect and taught how to handle situations. You know, the children are the future so to make a better future we can start by raising our children goooooood. idk this visit got me really thinking because I love working with children and I realise more and more every day how important it is how you treat them. You can be the one person in someones life to make the great change idk. AND THINK ABOUT TEACHERS like they could ....ugh they seriously have the future in their hands and they could seriously do so much.... I

I realllyyyy have a lot to say about this but idk, I just think that these kids could become so much more than they KNOW ... you get me? They will someday be out on the streets.. They gotta be taught some real things before they go out and become criminals......... ugh idk, this makes me sad. But we can all make a difference.

We can start by being nice to each other and the kids around us and believing in them and just yes yes yes ok I'm out for now

smell ya later



Tjoooooooo I've been super busy past weeks and chriiiiiiistmas is coming so I'm just getting everything done and studying for my drivers licens YES I'm a little late but lalalaalala sooooo MY PROJECT is not public thing yet it's like an idea with a plan right now but it has a date 4th OF APRIL so it has a plan tihihihi

I just had a talk with my old like school staff in Sweden, Wilson, he's a total legend and he is the kind of person you just feel like you can do ANYTHING after you talk to him. He is also the most kind hearted person I know and tries to help you as much as he can because he just simply wants to and cares about the people around him awwwie. He's the best. AAnyways he just reminded me of some really important stuff about myself and life you know. So I feel good

I don't think I will be posting so much on snapchat anymore telling people to check my blog this can maybe turn into my new diary... Cuz I have been writing on paper you know, real diary ... for like idk 2 and a half year and maaaaaybe it would be fun sharing things. Risky. But .... cuz it's not about what people will think I don't care about that mjeeeeehhh whatever. Handwriting is fun and personal. Maybe I should just try this and see how many readers I can get tihi.

I'm btw writing in english BECAUSE I dooooo have a lot of friends all over the world yaayyy which I'm so thankfuuuuul for so maybe this could just .... cuz I always feel close to them no matter how long I'm away... but maybe they forget me cuz I'm just .... Maybe this could help them... idk see what I'm doing yay hæææææææ MYCKET TEXT VEM ORKAR LÄSA, damn respect to someone who reads this mammmmmaaaiii <3


​Góðanótt þið sem lesið damn baes




Så jävla mycket plugg. Orkar jag? Näää. Men gotta do what u gotta do.


Er svo spennt jibbíí þið munið fatta seinna What it izzzzz

Not much to talk about rn but books and studymoments ya know aiiiiiit

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