The Saturday Morning Journal

The Saturday morning journal is an invitation for you to attend the world's oldest therapy technique, it is completely free and it starts today. The task is to write a diary in which you answer philosophical or personal question, once a week. You will also be able to read my diary entry (slightly edited to protect the people around me). To learn more about what The Saturday Morning journal is, scroll to the bottom of the text, where I have written a little about the process.

Today's question: Who am I?

I am me, I've always been me. Meanwhile, when I look back on my life, it may seem as if I have been many different "me"s, in my life. I was a different person when I was little, than I was as a teenager. I was another before I had children than whan I was after, and now that I am a woman in midlife, I'm a completely different person once again. So who am I then? In a body and a world constantly changing. Do I really know myself? And can I trust myself? I am constant, or am I changing? How do I know who I am??

Getting to know myself, is really a lifelong project, because I constantly progress. My interests change, my desires, dreams, goals, and also my beliefs and values, not to mention that I grow and become smarter and wiser every day. So knowing who I am, is quite a puzzle.

Physically, of course it is easy to explain who I am. My name is Sicily Hunwick, I am married, I have three children, a dog and a mountain cabin, and my biggest passion is downhill skiing, also I am more than average engaged in politics, the environment and global wellbeing (though I can not stand to watch/read the news :), I like yoga, I love books, and do not like to watch tv (although I am crazy about a good movie and Vampire Diaries).

But all of that says little about who I really am, on the inside. And that is what is really interesting.

On the inside I can often feel small, afraid, puzzled and I feel alone, often. Other days, I am strong, brave, fast and solution-oriented and very social, most of the time.

I suppose I am the result of everything I have experienced in life, the good and the bad. And here, in the middle of life, I find myself looking back. For whom I was when I was little. The original me. The one I was before life began teaching me all the lessons. The curious child, the explorer, the open mind, the happy soul, the safe feeling of loving myself unconditionally. That's me, that's the one I miss, and the one I'm looking for, I wish I knew exactly when I lost her... I want to be her, my essence, the one I was ment to be. I know her very well, I know who she is and where she is headed. I trust her, because I know she's real, she has not been influenced by life yet. She has the child's courage and is blissfully naive, but she's also defiant and cries out when needed. And she is very loving, kind and honest, to herself and to others. And I wonder if it is possible? Can I find her again, can I be her again? Can I make her safe, take care of her and say: "You made it, I will be taking good care of you from now on." I believe that it is possible. I know it's possible. And that's what I want.

So here I am, at the age where gravity is starting to steal my face, wise of damage and rich from experience, thinking I want to go back, I want to find the wonderful girl I was before life started happening, it is her I want to recall, her I want to be, for as long as I live. She is me, my true self, she is the one I want to take care of, and she is the one I am proud of. Thats me. My source, my vibrance, my true self.

I want to take time starting today, to find my essence, to return to my purpose, and to take care of myself in every choice I make. I will bring my essence back to life, into my meditations, my actions, my choices and my daily life. That is my Saturday Morning Journal. Being my essence. I can feel it awakening inside, and I will nurture it and help myself flourish. I am quite exited really.

Are you? Do you feel inspired? Are you ready? Do you have the answer to the very simple, but oh so large question:

Who are you?

The Saturday Morning journal is an invitation for you to lift your own everyday life through to understanding yourself better, gain insights into your innermost thoughts and processes and to articulate who you are and what kind of life you really want. Every Saturday morning I will ask you a question as an invitation for you to you to answer todays question in the diary of your choice. Writing a diary is almost forgotten as a therapeutic technique, because today we have so many useful therapies. But the value in having a close, honest conversation with yourself, is so high. You will understand yourself better and live more and more in touch with your essence as you follow The Saturday Morning Journal. Every Saturday I will post a question as an invitation for you to set aside time during the weekend to write the answer in your own personal diary, whether it's a physical, beautiful book, or a note feature on your phone / tablet / pc. The important and therapeutic value is that you set aside some time every weekend for reflection and contemplation, your quiet time, perhaps with a good cup of tea and a pet like in the picture, out in nature or another of your favorite spots. You'll be surprised what thoughts and answers that come to you when you start writing. Are you entering The Saturday Morning Journal a long time after it started? No worries, go to the folder in the blog called The Saturday Morning Journal, and you will find all the questions there in chronological order, so you can start at the beginning and work your way forward at your own pace. As you work on your journal you will also find that the questions posed stay with you the coming week. And little by little, you will find that you open yourself more, become more harmonious, more honest with yourself and others and live more in line with your purpose and who you really are, inside. Writing a journal may feel strange at first, maybe it is a long time ago that you wrote an entire text by hand and maybe it's strange having to put down on paper your innermost thoughts. Stay in the process anyway, journaling is the oldest therapy technique in the world (except from girl talk off course), it's free and it works, not to mention, you get to have control of your process and move at the pace that suits you. I hope you will join in on the adventure The Saturday Morning Journal offers you to join. Although I will share my own journal as best I can, I do need to edit a bit to protect my loved ones, but you, in your journal will do well in not editing at all, but rather be more honest than you have ever been. Are you afraid to write down something others can not find? I had a client once who established a hotmail address to keep a journal in. It had a separate password and she logged into it whenever she had something to write, she then sent e-mails to herself to the mailbox she was writing from. that way, she saved all emails in chronological order in her inbox and only she had access to it. I hope of course that you have people around you who respect your privacy, so that you are comfortable with writing by hand in a beautiful book, but if that's not the case, do not let that stop you, find another way. I hope you're tempted to join and that The Saturday Morning Journal will move your life, remember: You can do whatever you want, when you put your mind to it :) Good luck :)



Yummy food to go

Clean living, especially clean food is not always easy. As I started living a diet that I call Clean food, I thought it would be easy. And it usually is, because I have always been keen on cooking all meals myself, from scratch.

But one thing was a challenge. And that was clean food on the go. Most of the food you can get your hands on in a hurry are sausages, hambugers, pizzas and fried foods. And if thats not your pleasure, you get nasty sandwiches in plastic bags or salads that has seen its better days, and it doesn't qualify as something you want to eat, and its probably not ecological and clean.

Now I have found a solution that is clean, healthy, and that even the kids appreciate. And it's very simple. All you need is a glass with a tight lid. And now, during fall season you find suitable glass at many stores.

This is what you do::

Start with yoghurt (I like lactose reduced yoghurt that are rich in probiotics, because those are is for your bowel system and immune system). To make this extra healthy you can add Chia seeds or other preferred seeds, coconut oil, or other health food that fits with your food philosophy.

Add the same amount of oatmeal without gluten (it can be found in several common food stores, the the health food kind is expensive).

Fill it up with as much frozen blueberries or other berries that you would like, but remember that blueberries and raspberries are the most rich in antioxidants. A lot of berries scores high in pesticides from production, but now you can find organic berries frozen at lots of supermarkets.

Chop the nuts of your choice and place on top if you like it a little crunchy, I prefer walnuts because they are very healthy, my kids prefer caschew nuts.

If you feel a bit "crazy", you can sweet this with some raisins or a little honey of good quality, buy local honey, it is often of better quality than the ones you get at supermarkets. Remember to buy organic raisins, raisins also rank high when it comes to pesticides.

Thats it, all you have to do now, is stir and let settle for a few hours, preferably overnight in the refrigerator. This is a fairly thick porridge that is easy to eat with a spoon, you will have the more liquid, pour a little milk in before you put the lid on. And your meal to go is complete :)

This is an awesome grab, if you are going on an trips, if you miss breakfast, or on activities with the kids. With the frozen berries, it doesn't even need to settle over night, I just stir it together in the morning, and put it in my purse, when the berries are defrosted, it's ready to eat, and I don't even need a cooler, because it's naturally cold :)

This really fills you up as a complete meal, it is packed with ingredients that are good for you and it tastes like dessert :) Yes it is a little high in carbohydrates, but this is the slow kind that don't harm you as muck, and it is packed with ingredients that are good for you, and it is only ment as a small meal on the go every now and then :) Remember to bring a spoon then, so you do not need plastic cutlery that harm you and the environment.

Indulge and enjoy while you take care of your body :)

What is clean food, you may wonder. Well, thats pretty easy, food without "funny business", no chemicals, no pesticides, nothing pre-fabricated, nothing added that is not natural, and as far as possible, no sugar, no flour, no lactose, no regular salt (only crystal salt from the sea), and ecological when possible. Take care of you body, and your body takes care of you :)