Hi everyone or no one depending on how many are reading this

my name is.... not important. but whwhat is important thought is what i will tell you about my life and what i go through. this blog isn'tany blog it's not cool or aestethically pleasing or about fashion its about life more specifically my shitty life. this works like a diary where i just bitch about everything i go through maybe oits something you'll hate or maybe it's something you'll love. and yeah you might be rthinking. "why exactly hate?" or why "love" those two words are pretty strong. And if you arent a overthinker such as mysewlf you might have not even totcide my word choiice. But if if u did wonder here the reason why. I am a type of person that you'll either hate or love. I am not something that you don't have an opinion on. Im someone that you you cant stand or someone that you cant get enough of. or im both. Like cocaine you are addicted to me even though you hate it the the thought of being addicted tosoemthing but once you take a sniff you're gone with the wine. see what i just did there ? a refference to that book or movie "gone with the wind". I hope i make yuou feel something even if its hatred. I want you to feel something in this empty world. Because the important thing is not to feel empty but at least feel something even if its bad because then you'll know that you are a human being I'd much rather be feel sad or angry or happy than feeling empty like I am som sort of a black hole just like the one Stephen Hawking discovered. I am just like that. Not a discovery because they tend to be a good thing. And I am not. I am the black hole, that could kill you within seconds.