Sunday morning .. not a lazy one but gotta get up early to get the uber to the circuit. The circuit is close to the airport so it's a bit distant from the city center. There are buses there since the demand is os high but we preferred to get a car and know we will have a seat for the 45 min ride (or more in case of traffic jam). The sun was shining and probably finding a place in the shadow would be the best.

As you hit the highway one could feel the tension in the air. All those cool sport cars passing us by. Our Uber was not too bad either XD I feel that usually uber cars are quite nice here tbh. Anyway, getting to Sepang we had to find our entrance. When booking we were just going for fun so we booked the cheapest tickets. Apparently those are called "standing seats". But tbh I wouldn't mind taking those seats again. We came quite prior the race so we got a good spot under a palm tree! Besides on Friday when we went to the practice we got to seat in front of the pit-lane and where the winner is given his price. Since the cars are driving around not matter what seat you have you will always get to see them. It's not as stationary as a football game-then it probably matters what seat you have!

In the Petrona center

I went around with Chris, also from Penang, to the Petronas center where they had games, souvenirs and competitions. There we got the change to change the tire in the car. I have never in my life done it on an normal car and now I was going to do it for a formula one car haha! The world record for that is apparently below 3 seconds!!! Oh my!! We had to be three so another guy joined us so we could be complete team. So basically one takes away the old tire, the second put it and the third kneeling down has a machine which secures the tire. In order for this machine to press you have to unlock it , then lift and press and the push it hard so it locks. I got to be the third. I was totally dress for the occasion in a red dress and sandals ;) The machine was heavier than I thought LOL! I was sore the day after. Most Likely I will not work for formula 1 cause I'm too slow but I got to know I was normal speed hahah. It was a fun experience though..

Petronas everywhere!

Look at my knees, I didn't notice until hours later!

After we just bought some water and head back to our palm tree, besides Elina was all alone there!!

1, 2 , 3, Boom!!! When those cars start the engine WOW! This was it. The helicopter, the control car - AMAZING!! I was here in the Grandpix Formula 1!! I was so cool and the sounds of the engines makes anyone love cars. I was happy though for the MYR 10 earplugs I bough -quality not that good but still okay...

We had almost wanted to have rain at the end of the competition to make it more exciting but it was it enough. Hamilton who basically was having his own race was so unlucky.... His car just stopped working in the middle of the race!!! You could see the disappointment of his team. We got to see the details so close!!! They had to bring a crane to lift the car but the crain dropped it !!! And this was all happening in front of us.

I went to the washroom XD and when I'm returning suddenly I see that Hamilton is passing us by. They had to drive him back to the pit- lane so he could get on a new car..

Then they were some crashes and so on..

I think I did my grandpa proud. My grandfather used to race back in the old days. I never got to meet him but I think this gave me a glance of what kind of person he was.

Sitting which mostly finish people they were all Cheering for Kimmy. I ofc was going for Ericsson (SE) or Magnussen(DK). Magnussen had some issues with his car the days before so hmm it was not going to well for him.

The whole Hamilton situation-gotta find the better pic

The Australians for Red bull took this one! And you could hear all the aussies singing around. Anyways you could run to the pit lane to get a spot for the ceremony but we were SO hungry and to the stands where we had gone before the food was already finished.. We went by this Ferraris parking and found the place for where the after concert would be. We heard it was USHER. I had to celebrate my inner african so ofc had to get a good spot.

Only thing was that there were some other artist warming up... hmm it was delayed and the warming up was okay..but not wow! And Usher made us wait for more than an hour.... Yes, you might be famous but no we don't like waiting!

I probably forgot all this at the time the show started. It was probably the memories to some of the songs I have that got me going. Not because of the lyrics but more the beat. Ohh How would have wished that Danielle and Jackson would have been there <3 At the end I got to the very first row!!! No one could ever ask for a better spot and hey I got to help Usher to stand cause otherwise he would fall on us....I got his sweat on me...hahah and I touch him! Ba ha ha Yes Dani, I did so I could say it to you and Jackson ;)

Here with Sweet Elina

After the concert was over we hit to town again. we got offer some drinks by some guys in a truck but my drink was warm. Sometimes that's what happens when you don't drink beer.

Instead fo going to the after party , we though that we were perfectly dressed for Skybar. Besides a dinner there wouldn't hurt. The prices are higher than a another places. But still affordable compare to western places. I had a nice salad with tomatoes and olives and ohh just delicious.

After we just danced and had a good time!! Perfect way to end a day on the top with a nice view of the Petronas. Although I did have a good time , I have heard so much hype about this place. It was not a disappointment but maybe it's not like the best thing on earth.

Museum of Islamic arts

The morning after we went to the Museum of Islamic arts and the national mosque. The entrance fee was 7 ringit for students fro the museum. The museum was so nice. I could take so many pieces form there to decorate my home. And ofc there were some nice jewellery to kill for!

After having some Indian we head to our hostel to pick our bags and get to the bus station. we hadn't bought any tickets so we just had to find a company to buy from- doing it the Malaysian style.

I will absolutely be back to KL. I though it was nice. I can't wait for the Christmas sales. It must be CRAZY! Because this is a city for those in shopping mood ;)

Flyt din blog til Nouw - nu kan du importere din gamle blog - Klik her



Petronas Twin Towers ( KLCC)

I know it’s been awhile…. I have written the the the posts but it happens I don’t post then :o !!! It’s so weird to not have Wi-Fi at home butnow I’m used to it.

Now I’ve been inMalaysia for six weeks and what better way to celebrate than to visit the itscapital Kula Lumpur. I’ve hearddifferent opinions on KL. Some telling its crowded and overwhelming. Othersthat it is great! I must agree with the last.

The main reason whywe decided to go to KL last weekend was because of FORMULA1 in Sepang international circuit. I rememberMontaya and Schumacher as a kid watching them race and well I knew I had togo!!!!

We took the buss fromPenang bus station ( Sungai Nibong). Busses here go to KL almost every half anhour. I had gone to the station the day before just to make sure I would beleaving in the same bus as Veera and Pinjia. Otherwise being spontaneous in Malaysiais not a problem. You can easily just go to the station and find a ticketanywhere. At the entrance ticket seller will try to convince you to buy fromthem but I prefer to just go to the ticket counter. The ticket prices do not fluctuate as they cando in Europe. So the usual price one way from Penang to KL is around MYR 38.

Petaling Street (China town)

We left with the busat 1 pm after our morning classes. The bus is supposed to take 4,5 h but younever know is there is going be any traffic jam and how many toilet and foodstops there will be. We arrived at KL central hungry as funny enough the bussdidn’t stop at any place with food. So even if in Malaysia you’ll probably findfood in every corner for the bus bring always snacks. Next to KL central thereis a mall and ofc a food court. I think I’ve become Asian and I really longedafter eating some fried rice <3. After we headed to out hostel Agostoguesthouse in China town which I can warmly recommend. It’s located quitecentral, close to Pentaling street (China market) where you can find the bestcopies of high- end brands! You should definitely bargain here because they’llgive you a high price!!

Close to the pitlane- The finish line!

On Thursday I hadplanned to go to Batu caves, but I heard it is under renovation so I decided towait and instead go and see the F1 practice and get the entire experience. It wasso much fun!!! The environment is so great! The cars, the noise of the engines.I have never been a great car fan. Tbh I don’t really know much about cars hahabut now I do XD.

After the practice weheaded back to hostel. The others had bought tickets for going up in thetowers. I wanted to go in the city. Istarted talking to the staff in the hostel and ended up going to have lunchwith one of the staff. Sati was so sweet and she showed me where to take thebus and bought me lunch <3 It was good Indian food.

Sati told me therewere some free busses in the center. The are different lines and the busses areeasy to recognized as they are PINK<3 So instead of taking the uber we took the bus to the city together with the otherexchange students.

I went with Eva andHussi to the gallery inside KlCC. There is modern art an it is free ofadmisision. Later continued to Pavilion. A huge mall with great shopping. Ibought some nice sandals :D

After to experiencethe night life. I would say in big cities you know where the party starts butnot where it finishes.

All I can say it wasgood!! I have missed dancing and we went to this club for a bday party forHussi’s friend. We danced SO much!!!! They had this catwalk/DJ table where you can dance. Those who know me will probably know where Iwas XD Loved it!

We head back home around 5 am. I had in planto visit the textile fabric museum but I was so tired so went up later andinstead head directly to mandarin hotel to meet with the fougelbergs. It wasreally nice as we hadn’t had the pleasure to meet before but with lots offriends in common we had lots to talk about. The fougelbergs are a very nicefamily!!! We had a good time and it was nice to have someone to share my experiencesabout Malaysia as they also are expats. I Loved to hear their stories and their way of thinking. It was an inspirational meeting. Also now I look forward to read Lene's book " My beautiful affliction" -a NY Times bestseller!!.

Talking Swedish feels so good when you don't so often anymore

The Fougelberg's

Later that evening I went for some shopping! KL is full of malls. and some fun in the city with Hussni and Eva. We were so hungry but luckily so many places to eat. But Pennag has the best!!!!!



So apparently my postdidn’t upload last week….

I am now back inPenang and we have already travel around a bit in Malaysia. Our first weekendwas spent I Cameron highlands and Monday we just came back from the paradisePerhentian islands. I'll just about those trips later..

One of the things Inow used to is to accept that internet connection may not work as I want. Butprobably I just need a new mobile operator. Umobile seems to not work so wellon the 21th floor or in some places around the city. It's not as bad but just frustating!

So here in Penang food is everywhere. When I first heard about Penang, I thought of Penang curry XD . Tbh I haven't had that here yet. But, oh Lord, Penang does live up to it's reputation for food. One of the major reasons is that people here love food. I mean whodoesn’t?! In every corner in Penang, you’ll find a place to eat. There are foodcourts and small restaurants and the street food culture is big! One of thepros is that the prices are generous to European standards. One ringgit (RM 1.00) is equal to 2 KR (SEK). I wouldn’t say theportions are super big but they are enough to satisfy your belly. Depending onthe area and the type of place you eat so comes the price.

Usually prices comebetween RM 5-10 but in more local places you may find savory things to eat fromRM 1.00 (2 kr)so on. One of my favorite dishes here is Roti Canai, an Indian flatbread that is usually eaten with a dahl. But nowadays you can find it withbanana, egg or milo (chocolate) . At my school that is usually what I eat atSubaidah, one of the restaurants in campus. One roti canai for RM 0.90. There isalso murtabak – yes I love the Indian food here, although I think that the Indianfood here is very good there are less vegetarian options than I had expected.

Although there is always some kind of meat in everything as vegetarian you will not be left out at all. Probably yoru dish may turn out even better and more original so others want to have it too. One of the best things of the people in Penang is that they are flexible. So you can always ask for an especial option of the dish you want i.e. having the meats( many dishes coinatian several types of meat) been replaced by tofu and veggies.

A sweet version of Roti- called "Roti bomb". Not the healthiest but amazing for breakfast.

Yesterday, I thought thatI have had enough of Subaidah and decided to try some of the other option oncampus. Wow!! Best decision ever!! We went to Fajar Harapan, a cafeteriaserving Indian vegetarian food. It was SO GOOD and SO CHEAP!!!!!!!

Look what I got for RM 3.00:

And we found this cute stand that sells traditional sweets and snacks

Later that night I had class until and headed down to Tesco. I really wanted some papaya! Well I got so much more than that cause even if eating out is good i prefer to cook myself sometimes.

Ohh btw,   I just got my passport back and can travel outisde of Malaysia!

peluk (HUGS)




After all preparation I'm here :). Well this week has been quite busy. I started traveling last Monday quite early in the morning. My mom left me at the airport and after it was a LONG flight by Dusseldorf and Hong Kong. Finally, after a long journey I was in Penang. I have been quite excited to come to Asia for a long while. Last time I was supposed to come ( 2 years ago) I had to cancel for personal reasons. I feel the timing couldn’t be better.

Anyways after my long flight I just wanted a cool shower and put some new lotion on. Probably many of you can agree that flights aren’t the best thing for your face- but thank Lord for Korean Sheet masks <3.

Unfortunately, there were some misunderstandings and some information was never sent to me there was not really anyone waiting for me at the airport :/ I can’t lie that at that moment I must have had my first “chock” and a lesson that communication works differently here. I finally had to take a cab to my accommodation. Luckily my grumpy and jetlag mood slowly changed by the kindness and nice conversation I had with the taxi driver. That was probably the next thing I would have come across here in Malaysia. People are nice, very sweet and would probably start a conversation about life without no problem. Arriving to my accommodation I met the housing coordinator, Mama Wendy and ofc my two roommates, Unna and Sofie also from CBS :)

From Wednesday on it has been all on! So much stuff going on and schedule with activities organized for the introduction week. And then now we are in the middle of course selection. As it is my last year of bachelor I get to take my electives. And well the system it’s very Different here! Even though the classes haven’t started for real I have been to school every day until 4 pm earliest. In order to register for the course, you want you must get the professors signature and hand it in. It may sound quite easy but in reality it’s way trickier than that! Your courses may overlap, don’t get approved or there might be the possibility the course will not be offered anymore… Monday was quite a day but good that things start to get in order and anyways their so much more fun happening around that it goes you hope.

Anyways there is so much more to tell. For now, I can tell you that the best thing here is the food (noodles <3), the people and the view from our apartment.

I'm liking it here and yes I feel settled down.

Don't you get hungry?! ;)

Jumpa lagi


Ps. Happy Birthday to My mom <3 

Te quiero mucho mami 



Last week was so busy! My parents moved to a new place so I was in Jönköping to give them a hand. Now back in Copenhagen for one more semester to go before summer! I'm really enjoying this time. I'm really getting to know new sides of myself and having to make important desicions. I've been 21 for like 3 months now and to be honest it has been one of my best birthdays ever! I had so much fun celebrating with my international CBS family here in Copenhagen. I've never felt my age as much as I do now. This are 21 things I would say most 21 year olds can relate to:

1. You got a feeling this is gonna be a GREAT year!

2. You care less about what other people think. Confidence is rising!

3.You think you got your life together but sometimes you question all your life choices.

4. When someone asks you what you need.........

to the extent you start to expand the options when job hunting .....

5. As you are busy with school, work AND still need to have a social life- prioritazing is key!

6. FOMO?! Please?!!

7. But you don't say NO to going out with your squad!

8. BUT even if you are UBER social you enjoy some time alone.

9. Things are just as awkward you make them.

10. You learn to forgive yourself! NO regrets, just a lesson!!

11.At this point you KNOW why Adele named her album "21". The story goes:

#ifoundaboy #takeitall #hewontgo #turningtables #dontyouremember #rollinginthedeep #setfiretotherain

12. In those moments you remind yourself of the awesome person you are! Cause your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth.

13. When living away from home your friends become your little family. There's no doubt you'll do your best to cheer eachother up and remind of what is important!!

14. At this point even if living away from home is great you know how much you didn't mean that sentence:

"I'm moving out as soon as I turn 18"

15. Going home is always especial <3

16. You know you'll be treated like royalty!! Your favorites meals and everyone is excited to see you!

17. You realize there are things you should have how to fix that bike...

18. You know you must trust your guts!! People will try to paint you a reality but it necessarily doesn't mean it's your way!

19. Even if you are motivated sometimes you feel like just dropping it all!

20.. But then you get a friendly reminder on your newsfeed........

21. Reminding you to relax a bit cause you are on track!

it's only a matter of time :)

Happy Wednesday!!!​



It feels like it was yesterday I got my acceptance letter to CBS. I can't believe I'm already halfway through my bachelor.I had always wanted to go on exchange during my studies and now I'm one step closer to make it reality. A big adventure is ahead of me. Yes- I'm leaving Denmark for a tropical Island this coming fall!  I'm gonna attend  Universiti Sains Malaysia located in Penang, known as the "pearl of the orient". 

Although I knew some things about Malaysia as I've been reading more I just get more and more amazed.

It's more than a forest covered group of islands in South east Asia. 

Here are 10 facts about Malaysia:

1. There are 878 islands in Malaysia, more than double of Denmark. 

2. According to some scientist, the tropical forests in Malaysia are the mother of all rainforests. 

3. Penang is one of the few places in Malaysia where you can still find its streets having colonial names.

4. Some buildings in Malaysia have no 4th floor as the sound of four is similar to the sound of death in Chinese (si). So in that case look for floor "3A".

5. The Petrona twin towers in Kuala Lumpur are the highes twin buildings in the world. It was designed by Argetinina architect Cesár Pelli. 

6.Kuala Lumpur is a paradise for shopping addicts! Including the world’s fourth largest mall, 1Utama and Egyptian-inspired Sunway Pyramid shopping mall.

7 Malaysia is very ethnically diversed. It's culture majorly influenced by Indians, Chinese and Islam. 

8. No matter what I read about Malaysia the word FOOD is always mentioned.  Mangostan, Noodles, Curry, Durian, fresh soymilk, you name it......It seems that the obsession is quite serious!

9. The sweet Orangutangs are native to Borneo. In Malay, orang-utangs means "people fo the forest. Makes sense HA!?  98% of their DNA is similar to ours. 

10. Fashionista or not, you've heard his name! From H&M collaboration, Sex & the city, the shoe designer Jimmy Choo was born in Penang to a family of shoemakers. 

I can't wait to be there and experience it!

Happy Sunday :)