Firstthings first, do you have any idea on what an art gallery is?

Forthose who do not possess in-depth understanding on the role of art gallery – itis a space where different art forms are presented to public for viewing.Paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, pottery, relics, jewelries withhistorical value, ancient manuscripts and archeological artifacts are some artforms that can be seen in a particular art gallery.

Artgalleries exhibit art works not just to recognize and appreciate talentedartists but also to help art buyers in purchasing art work that will suit theirart preferences. Art consultants of a gallery may also provide assistance tothose looking for a certain piece of art that interest them even if it is notin the gallery.

Insome cases, art works displayed are not directly owned by the gallery butconsigned to them by the artists or the owner of the artwork. This means thatthe artwork is loaned to a gallery for display and potential sale. This type ofagreement doesn’t involve money on both sides (gallery owner and seller), notuntil the consigned piece is bought by a client.

Onething artists want to achieve is to have their art displayed in an art galleryand make them sellable. Hawkfield Gallery relieves artistsof the need to do advertising of their works. Their website provides a list ofartist they represent and they even encourage other artists to present theirartworks for evaluation.

Aperson with knowledge in the gallery business is aware that appraising artworksare a delicate process. The very nature of price building in art is subjectiveto the current trends in the market. Art consultants and experts usescomparative sales approach by applying current auction sales as the basis forpricing art works.

HawkfieldGallery has a diverse range of art at an accessible price. You don’t need tohave deep pockets to own an art piece. By visiting art auctions and antiqueshops, the gallery gains knowledge into the quality and value of many differentartworks they have collected. This ensures clients that what they see atHawkfield is not only a broad representation of classic American art but alsoguaranteed high-quality and in reasonable price.

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Withtheir mouthwatering food, they definitely have an amazing cook. The location ofthe takeaway is also easily accessible to a lot of people and could catch theinterest of the tourists who love food adventures. You will surely enjoy theirfood and would love to come back again.

Myfriends and family also tried a lot of different dish from other eateries, andHarmony Chinese Takeaway was by far the most loved and the best one for them.Unlike from other takeaways, Harmony always provides prompt service withaccurate orders, because others sometimes give wrong orders.

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Longago, a cartoon ran in The New Yorker, showing a canine seated at a desktopcomputer. “On the internet,” ran the caption, “nobody knows you’re a dog.”

Thesame premise holds true today and poses a knotty question in online commerceand FinTech: How do you know the person on the other end of a transaction isreally who they say they are? And even if you do confirm their identity, how doyou know that person can be trusted?

Onefirm, IdentityMind Global, provides real-time riskmanagement and fraud prevention through “digital identities,”collecting data across dozens of parameters, separating the financial ecosysteminto good actors — those deserving of trust (and completed transactions) — and,well, bad actors.

Inan interview with PYMNTS’ Karen Webster, Garrett Gafke, president, CEO andfounder of IdentityMind Global, said that the construction of digitalidentities, by necessity, goes well beyond data that might be thought of asstandard, such as a street address, a credit card number or a two-factorsecurity question test.

Truemerchant risk goes hand-in-hand with global digital commerce and, as Gafkedescribed it, comes in the form of people with little or no history — nohistory of driver’s licenses, credit cards issued, traditional bank accounts orother standard bits of information. They may not even be scored by thetraditional credit bureaus. Yet, these individuals are looking to do businessand conduct transactions. Their would-be partners on the other end of thetransaction must decide whether to enter into a relationship (however fleeting)with that consumer … or not.

Gafkenoted that “transactions of any kind leave a kind of financial, online exhaust”and that each transaction has attributes that, taken together over time,ultimately, can be assembled into a digital identity. “This is real, currentinformation,” said Gafke, “rather than just public, physical information. Goodreputations are built slowly, while bad reputations come very quickly.”

Thatdigital identity is established, as Gafke said, in IdentityMind Global’splatform, which links and finds correlations between disparate bits ofinformation and transaction trails that “process, capture, rate and buildoverall profiles on online identities.” Emails, digital wallets and paymentsare all linked together, said the executive, to build a “trusted” digitalidentity.

“Trust”would be the operative word in the relationship between individuals and thefirms with which they seek to do business. Trust would also extend to, and becolored by, the people associated with that individual or business. Considerhow, in the age of social media, amidst concerns about money laundering, anindividual might be viewed with demonstrable trails of following, say,terrorist-linked groups on Twitter.

Ina recent whitepaper by the firm, IdentityMind Global also noted that additionaldata points may come from internet-enabled devices, which can, for instance, helpbring location into consideration when determining good actors from bad and inscreening across sanctioned individuals or nations.

Usingthese techniques, said IdentityMind Global in its whitepaper, can help reducemanual review time. There is also a financially positive impact, via a 60percent reduction in transactional fraud from chargebacks and a 90 percentreduction in fraud that comes at the point of account origination.



Dueto the increasing number of natural calamities and disasters these past fewyears, there's a need for entrepreneurs and government authorities around theworld to develop modern relief and emergency response solutions.

Manyorganizations are also providing ways to protect lives and reduce damage onproperties. They are driving the public to always be ready in case of suchtragedies. Different institutions should also deliver instructions on how toaddress sudden risks. Everybody is entitled totheir own safety as well as the safety of other people, especially the membersof their family.

Takingadvantage of technology to provide help to the public is widely used nowadaysbecause it helps the public increase their awareness and capability in handlingthe risks brought by natural or human-induced disasters. People could be moreconfident and have a greaterdetermination to support and secure the community if each person has alife-support during any emergency situations, and this is where technologycould be of greater use because people could use it as a tool to handle and tomove on with any danger.

Metropolitan Wireless International is really committed to public safety, thus they create a solution that hasefficient and faster transmission that can help people in disaster managementand other rapid-response situations. This solution is called the UnifiedMessage Switch (UMS), which allows users to send messages in various socialmedia formats in one unified infrastructure and also has vital communicationlinks. UMS also provides greater advantage and flexibility to particularmessaging requirements in areas such as construction, medical service, policework, and transportation.

"Preventionis better than cure," that's why MWI is encouraging the people to alwaysbe prepared to manage or minimize the damages caused by natural orhuman-induced disasters. Communication is vital to ensure public safety and tomanage its risks with least amount of time, cost and damage.

Forthe past few years, MWI and its creations invariably serve as a nexus toimprove public safety and the company has been developing advanced solutions for the benefit of thepublic. They already have an extensive and solid experience in this field andclients could always depend on their expertise.