The festive period is a time for giving gifts, eating mince pies and spending quality time with your loved ones. However, unfortunately, police warn it’s also “prime time” for fraudsters as Christmas shoppers were fleeced of more than £10 million in online scams last year.

As huge numbers of bargain-hunters prepare to log on on Black Friday, officers highlighted the growing trend for criminals to use social media to target potential victims with apparently attractive deals.

One victim lost £86,000 when they tried to purchase a boat from a fraudster on eBay, police said.

Some 12,142 people said they had been bitten by online shopping fraud during the last Christmas period – with 133 saying they had been defrauded on Black Friday and another 115 falling victim on Cyber Monday.

City of London Police, who run the national reporting centre Action Fraud, are launching an awareness campaign aimed at helping shoppers avoid being conned.

Commander Chris Greany, the National Co-ordinator for Economic Crime, said: “Christmas is prime time for fraudsters to take advantage of the British public.

“During the festive season people rush to buy the presents they have been asking for; however, fraudsters see this period of generosity as an opportunity to strike and steal money from unsuspecting victims.

“Our campaign is designed to give individuals up-to-date advice that will keep them one step ahead of the criminals that target UK shoppers from all over the globe. Everyone deserves a crime-free Christmas so make sure it’s the criminals that are left short-changed this festive period.”

Young people are increasingly being approached on social media channels by fraudsters who offer seemingly great Christmas shopping deals, according to the police force.

It said that last year more people than ever reported that they had been initially approached on Instagram, with a 67% increase compared with the year before.

Analysis of Action Fraud reports from last Christmas showed that items such as home electricals, mobile phones and jewellery were the most common items which fraudsters offered to victims.

Separate research published earlier this week found that nearly a third of online shoppers may be tempted to put themselves at risk of fraud during the frenzy to grab a Christmas bargain.

Criminals use scam emails, fake ads on social media or internet searches promising heavy discounts for desirable goods to trick people into visiting fake websites and entering their card details. Once fraudsters harvest this information, they use victims’ details to go on shopping sprees.

So make sure you’re careful when online shopping, to make sure that your Christmas isn’t anything less than happy.

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Dr. Elaine Kim

Elaine is a medical doctor, entrepreneur and travel journalist. She currently practises palliative care at HCA Hospice Care, and is a Partner of Trinity Bridal in Hong Kong and Trinity Gallery in Singapore. Within CRIB, Elaine co-founded and serves as a creative director for boutique event planning company Milk and Honey and co-founded Trehaus Co-Work, Singapore’s first co-working space with adjacent child-minding and enrichment facilities. Elaine is an ambassador for SNOW and has led awareness-building and fund-raising initiatives for causes that support patients with cancer, the terminally ill, and protect at-risk children from trafficking and abuse. She is married to venture capitalist John Kim and they have two young sons. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is Angel.

Marilyn Lum

As the director of Lum Wen Kay Holdings, Marilyn manages investments in Singapore and China. She started her career in the hospitality and tourism industry, with over 5 years of experience in the front office, food and beverage and recreation department at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. Marilyn is currently pursuing her doctorate in education and is an adjunct lecturer and curriculum developer for several hospitality management schools. She is also on the lifestyle committee of Singapore Island Country Club. Marilyn and her husband have a young son. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is Business Manager.

Tjin Lee

Tjin is Founder and CEO of the award-winning Mercury Group of companies comprising, Mercury Events, Mercury PR, Mercury Creative and Mercury M&C. She is also the Founder and Festival Director of the Audi Fashion Festival and a passionate entrepreneur with a directorship in nine local businesses, including Trehaus Co-work, Curated Editions, Baby Style Icon and Wolfgang Violin Studio. Tjin is the recipient of the inaugural Singapore Tatler Young Achiever Leadership Award 2010, and Mercury has won numerous awards including the Singapore Tourism Board Experience Awards for Best Leisure Event for Audi Fashion Festival, and Best Exhibition for Blueprint. Tjin has a two young sons. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is Creative.

Mei Chee

Mei is the regional head of product marketing at a global technology company. Prior to that, she held various roles in portfolio and product management, research, marketing and strategy within the ICT industry. Mei is passionate about how technology and social enterprises can impact lives and shape culture. She served as advisor to The Whiz Times, a digital media platform for 5-12 year olds, and co-founded a global microenterprise initiative while pursuing her MBA at the Harvard Business School. Mei and her husband have a son, and she shares her parenting journey at Finally Mama as a member of Singapore Mom Bloggers. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is a blend of Angel, Business Manager and Creative.



Whetheryou’re at home or living or working abroad, the last thing you want to worryabout is your health. You need the peace of mind that comes from knowing thatyour medical needs are protected and you have access to the appropriatetreatment available, whenever and wherever you need it. Naturally, you want acomprehensive international healthinsurance plan, giving you and your family instant access to an expertteam of people who understand your situation and treat you with respect andcompassion every time you contact them. With this international health policy,this is made possible.

Weunderstand that everybody has a different budget and requirements. That is whyour International healthcare insurance plans has three levels of cover, as wellas options for extra international assistance and a choiceof deductibles.

Primelevel – This level gives you all the health coverage you need for bothin-patient and out-patient care. Gold also covers family doctor treatment andany prescription you may need, as well as accident-related dental treatment.Maternity cover (after 10 months of continuous membership), home nursing and arange of four preventive health checks are also included in this comprehensiveplan.

Middlelevel -This is designated to cover you and your family for any specialistmedical treatment or diagnosis. You will be covered for in-patient hospitalstays as well as out-patient consultations, treatment such as physiotherapy anda range of preventive health checks. Drugs, dressing and GP (family doctor)consultations are not covered. Maternity cover is available after 10 months ofcontinuous membership.

EssentialPlan – This level concentrates on covering you for in-patient hospital stays.You have the security that you will be covered for treatment you may receive asan in-patient or day-care patient.




Dr. Phillips Charitiesis one of the largest landholders in Central Florida and also one of its mostgenerous benefactors. Using the revenue from their income-producing properties,DPC has granted over $160 million to charitable initiatives throughout theregion.

In2013, DPC set out to develop a 26 acre in-fill site in the heart of the Dr.Phillips community in a way that would enhance the surrounding community whileachieving the return on investment needed to advance their charitableinitiatives. They turned to SC Advisors.

SCAlaunched a comprehensive feasibility study including a site analysis,exhaustive market and trend studies, and pro forma business and developmentmodels. What emerged was a vision for a high end senior housing complex and ahealth pavilion housing multiple medical disciplines, many of them related tosenior care.

OnceDPC’s leadership approved the plan, SCA proceeded with site planning, usepermitting, building design and possible deal structures. We then guided DPCthrough the selection of senior housing and health care partners and helpednegotiate their terms and agreements

Uponsuccessful completion of the pre-development work, SCA was retained to provideDeveloper’s and Owner’s Representative Services for the design and constructionof the 60,000 sf Spring Lake Health Pavilion and 180-unit senior housingcampus.

Groundwas broken in late 2015 and the project is on its way to a successfulcompletion.



If drivers have onething in common, it is that we all want low car insurance rates. Takingadvantage of the discounts car insurancecompanies offer and maintaining a good driving record could go a long way towardssaving on car insurance.

Whilethese are good, honest ways to lower your rates, some customers choose to hideinformation or lie on their car insurance applications in an attempt to getcheap car insurance.

Itmay be tempting stretch the truth with your car insurance provider, but it canlead to negative consequences.

How Car Insurance Rates AreDetermined

Itis important to understand how car insurance rates are determined in order toknow how and why people would lie on their applications to get lower rates.

Yourcar insurance is typically determined using several rating factors that includethe following:

• Your driving record and thedriving records of each additional driver you wish to add to the policy.

• Insurance claims history.

• Credit history.

• Your car’s year, make, and model.

• Primary parking location of thecar.

• Average miles driven per day.

• Your age and gender.

• Your marital status.

Theabove rating factors are examples of the most common car insurance ratingfactors. Some states restrict insurance companies from using certain factors todetermine car insurance rates. These restrictions generally apply to credithistory and gender.

Common Lies Told by Applicants

Whenapplying for car insurance, a driver might not tell the truth regarding some ofthe above rating factors. When an applicant deliberately lies on hisapplication to save money, this is considered “soft fraud.”

Carinsurance agents see certain misrepresentations more often than others. Often,applicants intentionally (or unintentionally – e.g., because they forgot) givefalse information regarding the following:

• The number of traffic violationsor accidents on the driver’s record.

o Having tickets,at-fault accidents, or other violations can increase your rates. Someapplicants may lower the number of violations they’ve had in order to try toobtain a better quote.

o NOTE: Background anddriving record inquiries can easily check this information.

• Where the driver parks.

o Parking your car in agarage rather than out on the street can save you money on car insurance

o Some applicants willlie about keeping their car in the garage, even if they don’t own a garage.

• Miles driven.

o Driving less means youface fewer risks, which ultimately means cheaper car insurance rates.

o Applicants will oftenlie by giving a number significantly lower than their actual average milesdriven per day.

Remember,with the Internet, checking accuracy on the facts you provide is relativelysimple. Always assume your information will get verified and give accurateinformation.

Ifyou can’t remember a piece of information, don’t make up facts. Try to gatherall the necessary information before getting a quote.

Effects on Your Policy

Moststates have laws regarding when an insurance company can or cannot cancel yourpolicy. Lying on an application is typically considered grounds forcancellation of your policy, but typically only if the information is material,meaning the information can affect the decision about whether to insure you.

Keepin mind that most states require you to have car insurance if you are drivingyour car on public roads. A cancellation of your policy would cause a lapse ofcar insurance coverage and you could be in violation of law if you operate yourcar while it is uninsured.

Dishonesty and Car Insurance Claims

Asstated earlier, it isn’t always easy for car insurance companies to know if youare being truthful on your application. They cannot check every detail, such aswhere you park your car overnight. However, this can change if you need to makea claim on your insurance.

If,for example, you have comprehensive car insurance and you need to make a claimbecause your car was damaged in a hailstorm, you may find that your insurancecompany will investigate this claim.

Ifthey find that you park your car out on the street when you stated in yourapplication that you park it in a garage, they can deny that claim. You willresponsible for paying all the repair costs.

Ifyour car insurance company finds out you gave false information in yourapplication, and they do not cancel your policy, you might experience a heftyrate increase.

Honesty Really Is the Best Policy

Lyingto get a better rate can be tempting, but it does come with consequences youdon’t want to face. Car insurance companies also pass any costs they face dueto lies on to other customers. So in an attempt to get discounted rates, youactually contribute to the increased rates for everyone.

Takingadvantage of car insurance discounts and driving safely is a much better way ofsaving on your policy.



BrentDaubach has joined SCAdvisors, LLC, as project manager for the Citrus Bowlstadium renovation. With 15 years of design and construction experience,Daubach brings diverse skills and expertise in sports venues to one ofOrlando’s most noted landmarks and the SC Advisors team.

Daubach'sprevious projects demonstrate his extensive expertise in projectmanagement, scheduling, budgeting, negotiationsand field supervision. He served as project manager for the $515 millionretractable roof stadium for the Miami Marlins. This project included aretractable wall located in the outfield, state-of-the-art video displays,modern finishes and public art throughout the stadium's exterior.

Inaddition, he coordinated the $250 million renovation of the Kansas City Royals'Kaufman Stadium and served as project manager for the St. Louis Cardinals' newBusch Stadium.

Daubachattended the University of Illinois, receiving his Bachelor of Science degreein Civil Engineering.

Withmore than 40 years of team experience and $2 billion in development andtransactions, Orlando-based SC Advisors specializes in owner’s representation,public/private development, acquisition/disposition and investment/trustadvisement.



Tothe average person, a caraccident is one of the least desirable situations in which they couldfind themselves. An auto accident can be dangerous, traumatic, and expensive.

Unfortunately,some people do cause accidents on purpose. In fact, staged car accidents arebecoming more common in the United States. Perpetrators of fraudulent accidentsintend to make money by submitting bogus claims.

Types of Accident Scams

Stagedcar accidents are typically carefully planned and practiced. Described beloware some common schemes.

TheT-Bone Accident

Inthis scenario, a scam artist will wait for your car to proceed through anintersection and then jam the gas pedal and T-bone your vehicle. When thepolice arrive, phony witnesses, also known as “shady helpers,” will then claimyou were the one who ran the stop sign or traffic signal.


Inthis scam, the other driver will notice your attempt to switch lanes and subsequentlywave you ahead. As you attempt to maneuver into the lane, he will accelerate,causing a collision with your car. When the police arrive, he will deny everproviding a courtesy wave, placing you at fault.

DualTurn Sideswipe

Adriver in the outer lane of the dual turn rams into you if you go even theslightest bit out of the inner lane as the two of you are making your turns.They may also drive a bit into your lane and swipe your car and then blame you.

“Witnesses”working with the con artist may corroborate his story.


Thissimple scam involves the driver in front of you slamming on their brakes for noreason so that you cannot avoid rear-ending her vehicle.

Swoopand Stop

Inthis scenario, a car will suddenly pull in front of yours and stop. Anothervehicle will simultaneously pull up alongside your car, preventing you fromswerving to avoid an accident.

Phony Injuries

Inany fraudulent accident, you may find yourself on the hook for injuries youdidn’t cause. The con artists and their passengers may collaborate with a shadyphysician or chiropractor and file personal injury claims for phony injuries.

Somemay even visit legitimate doctors and claim whiplash or other "soft tissueinjuries," which are difficult to detect.

Towing Scams

Onceyou’ve been in an accident, you may need a tow. Don’t let your guard down atthis point, even though the accident is over. You are still susceptible totowing scams.

Beespecially careful of tow trucks that appear before you have a chance to callfor assistance.

Someonewho appears on the scene and offers to help before you ask for help may beattempting to scam you by offering a tow at very inflated rates.

Tolearn more, visit our page on preventing car insurance fraud.

Negative Consequences of Scams

Carinsurance scams can have consequences ranging from inconvenient to devastating.They can have the following effects.

• Expense. You may be stuck payingfor damages you didn’t cause.

• Inconvenience. Even if you areunhurt and your insurance company ultimately pays for the damage, the processcan be long as you get your car fixed and file the claim and police report. Ifyou add a lawsuit to the mix, you’re looking at even more time untilresolution.

• Higher auto insurance premiums.Car insurance companies pay more when fraud occurs, and those costs arebalanced out by increased premiums for everyone.

• Trauma. Getting in your car afterbeing a victim of a staged car accident can be scary because you may feel thatyou cannot avoid an accident no matter how careful you are.

• Injury and death. Scammers don’tnecessarily intend to hurt or kill anyone, but staged car accidents can goterribly wrong.

How to Avoid Accident Scams

Thebest ways to avoid accident scams are to drive carefully and be prepared. Keepa camera, pen, and paper in the car so that you can take photos and notes atthe scene.

Also,be aware that some groups are at higher risk for being victims. Risk factorsinclude the following:

• Luxury vehicles and new cars –They may have higher insurance limits.

• Work vehicles and big rigs – Carinsurance scams on these vehicles may be more lucrative.

• Women and older adults – Conartists may find these drivers easier to intimidate.

Handling a Fraudulent Accident

Stagedcar accident scam artists are vulnerable to facts. The more information youprovide, the more equipped you are to fight an insurance scam.

Snapphotos from every angle of the involved vehicles, with special focus on thedamage. Also, capture on camera the license plate, as well as photos of thedriver all the passengers in the other vehicle.

Takecopious notes, and record as much as you can of the following:

• Driver license number.

• Vehicle registration information.

• Car insurance information.

• Name, address, and phone number.

• The general height and weight (aswell as the ethnicity) of the other car's driver and passengers.

Also,call the police if you suspect that you were in a staged accident.

Don’tever settle on site with cash; always report the accident to your car insurancecompany, and let them know if you suspect a scam.




At Pensotti,we pride ourselves in the relationship we have with our wholesalers - one oftrust, commitment and loyalty. Below is a list of our wholesalers anddistributors that installers can contact to purchase a Pensotti /Granbyproduct. If you are a homeowner and would like to have more information aboutour products, please contact an authorized installer in your area.



Portland(207) 773-4755

Augusta(207) 623-4517

Bangor(207) 947-3301

Bath(207) 443-5592

Lewiston(207) 784-5721

PresqueIsle (207) 764-1944

Windham(207) 892-0290


Bangor(207) 942-0293

Biddeford(Coastal Winair) (207) 284-2406


Augusta(888) 685-6755

Bangor(800) 524-4141

Portland(877) 699-3596


Lewiston(207) 783-6927


Winslow(207) 873-5608


Auburn(207) 514-1280

Portland(207) 871-1441


Brewer(207) 989-7285

Portland(207) 775-2735

PresqueIsle (207) 764-8601



Manchester(603) 669-8100

Nashua(603) 589-7580

Portsmouth(603) 436-3550


Laconia (603) 528-9466


Manchester(603) 668-7810

Portsmouth(603) 430-7820


Dover(603) 740-9715

Manchester(603) 669-3060



Auburn (508) 756-4315

Malden(781) 322-9600


Worcester(508) 363-4000

Southbridge(508) 765-7900

Leominster(978) 534-6288


Medford(781) 396-5300


Dedham (781) 329-4951

Framingham(508) 620-8885

Taunton(508) 821-9460

Watertown(617) 926-4556

Woburn(781) 933-6614


Weymouth(781) 749-5770

Salisbury (978) 462-7450


Chelmsford(978) 244-1475

Waltham(781) 893-0800

Franklin(508) 528-6660

Bridgewater(508) 279-0525


Attleboro(508) 222-5555

Boston(617) 787-1800

Edgartown(508) 693-6792

FallRiver (508) 673-5801

Falmouth(508) 457-9720

Nantucket(508) 228-0544

Orleans(508) 255-0560

SouthUxbridge (508) 278-7761

WestYarmouth (508) 790-2259


Bridgewater(508) 697-6650

NorthAttleboro (508) 695-6650

Rehoboth(508) 336-6650



Providence(401) 421-6650


Providence(401) 521-8877


Warwick(401) 861-1776


Providence(401) 521-9332


Middletown(401) 846-6830

Pawtucket(401) 722-7010

Pecedale(401) 789-0991

Warwick(401) 739-8000



Guilford(203) 453-4358

Hartford(860) 953-7701


Bridgeport(203) 579-4499

Hartford(860) 233-6606

NewHaven (203) 787-4288

Stamford(203) 324-6166

Waterbury(203) 756-8013


Essex(Essex Winair) (860) 767-9018

Shelton(Shelton Winair) (203) 929-6319

Vernon (860) 872-4822

Willimantic (860) 456-9178

Danbury(Danbury Winair) (203) 740-2152



Newburgh(845) 565-2400

Mahopac(845) 621-3200



Allentown(610) 266-5744

Broomall(610) 541-0430

CampHill (717) 731-1500

Lancaster(717) 295-8330

Bensalem(215) 879-7002

Reading(610) 750-8301

StateCollege (814) 231-1280

Norristown(610) 666-8000

Warminster(267) 966-2356

WestChester (610) 235-2777

Wilkes-Barre(570) 823-3146

York(717) 840-8875



Pennsauken(856) 663-5818

EggHarbor Twp (609) 641-3017

Bridgeport(215) 879-7212

EwingTwp (609) 392-2694

Vineland(856) 405-2575



PNA,Inc. is proud to supply you and our network of dealers with the high quality PENSOTTIBLUELINE Cast Iron Boiler throughout the North American marketplace.

Weare confident that your purchase of the PENSOTTI home comfort package willprovide years of efficient, economical, trouble-free operation.

"Quality remains long afterthe price is forgotten".

ThePENSOTTI BLUELINE boiler is a high efficiency residential heating appliancethat provides maximum energy utilization and the highest efficiency.

Fuelcost savings can only be achieved by matching the PENSOTTI BLUELINE boiler tothe true heat loss of your residence. During the past couple of decades, thetrend towards improving wall and ceiling insulation levels and eliminating airinfiltration by caulking and weather-stripping, has made most existing heatingappliances oversized.

Whenyou purchase a PENSOTTI home comfort system your new appliance will be sized onthe basis of the new heat loss calculation. This will ensure that your newPENSOTTI home comfort system will deliver only the amount of heat required tomatch your actual home’s heating demand. We want to provide you with themaximum comfort level achievable combined with the highest fuel cost savings.

Thefollowing are useful bits of information presented under a series ofsub-headings.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency(A.F.U.E.)

TheA.F.U.E. is a measure of the estimated ability of a heating appliance toextract heat from the fuel, based on a full heating season.

TheA.F.U.E. increases as the burner on time increases until it reaches‘steady-state efficiency’. Steady state is the efficiency of the appliancemeasured when the burner is running.

Anytime the burner cycles on and off, the A.F.U.E. drops because of "off-cycle"losses. The A.F.U.E. drops most sharply when the heating plant operates between10 and 30% burner on time.

Anincrease in the percentage of burner on time improves the A.F.U.E.

A General Comment

ThePENSOTTI BLUELINE boiler is a high quality, efficient oilfired heatingappliance, which must be installed and serviced by a trained and if requiredlicensed service technician.

Oilfiredinstallations should be installed in accordance with NFPA31 and NFPA211 when nolocal code is in effect. Be sure that the installation is according to allNational, State and local codes and authorities having jurisdiction overheating, electrical, plumbing and oil burner systems.

Theelectrical system to this unit should be supplied by a separate circuitprovided with a fused disconnect switch at the service panel.

Allboiler installations must conform to the A.S.M.E. Boiler Code. If the boilerrequires National Board approval consult PNA, Inc. for special order. Manystates and local authorities require National Board inspection and registrationfor installation in buildings used for public assembly, more than four (4)apartments, etc.

Itis important therefore that these instructions be followed carefully and that acompetent PENSOTTI dealer installs the BLUELINE Series boiler only.

Theboiler should only be used as the primary heating source of a well-designed andinstalled hydronic heating.

Itis the responsibility of the installer to ensure that this boiler is installedproperly and that all settings and adjustments are made before putting the unitinto service.

Theboiler is provided with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. A copy of the warranty isfound on the inside front cover.



Firstthings first, do you have any idea on what an art gallery is?

Forthose who do not possess in-depth understanding on the role of art gallery – itis a space where different art forms are presented to public for viewing.Paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, pottery, relics, jewelries withhistorical value, ancient manuscripts and archeological artifacts are some artforms that can be seen in a particular art gallery.

Artgalleries exhibit art works not just to recognize and appreciate talentedartists but also to help art buyers in purchasing art work that will suit theirart preferences. Art consultants of a gallery may also provide assistance tothose looking for a certain piece of art that interest them even if it is notin the gallery.

Insome cases, art works displayed are not directly owned by the gallery butconsigned to them by the artists or the owner of the artwork. This means thatthe artwork is loaned to a gallery for display and potential sale. This type ofagreement doesn’t involve money on both sides (gallery owner and seller), notuntil the consigned piece is bought by a client.

Onething artists want to achieve is to have their art displayed in an art galleryand make them sellable. Hawkfield Gallery relieves artistsof the need to do advertising of their works. Their website provides a list ofartist they represent and they even encourage other artists to present theirartworks for evaluation.

Aperson with knowledge in the gallery business is aware that appraising artworksare a delicate process. The very nature of price building in art is subjectiveto the current trends in the market. Art consultants and experts usescomparative sales approach by applying current auction sales as the basis forpricing art works.

HawkfieldGallery has a diverse range of art at an accessible price. You don’t need tohave deep pockets to own an art piece. By visiting art auctions and antiqueshops, the gallery gains knowledge into the quality and value of many differentartworks they have collected. This ensures clients that what they see atHawkfield is not only a broad representation of classic American art but alsoguaranteed high-quality and in reasonable price.