Has it really been since July that I have posted on here? Damn. Well a lot has changed since July. So heres my last 5 months in 2000 characters or less.....

I have continued to write my book and its becoming a more physical being instead of a mere idea which I am SUPER excited about. In June, I started dating the woman that I now look to for my inspiration and strength. She is seriously the most incredible woman who has changed my world and life in the best of ways. She betters me each and every day and exudes so much positivity within my life. I honestly love her with everything I have. In August, I started my sophomore year of college and began the journey as a Professional Writing major and a Creative Writing minor, which is slowly draining me now that it has turned into November meaning the school semester is coming to a close and grades are finalized. As stress of school and personal matters engulf me, I am reminded each and every day when I wake up that I am blessed with love and life. Pictures to come soon of just me living me this lovely life.

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​I am finally getting the opportunity to publish my first original poetry book and I am so excited.  So many doors have been opened in front of me and I am blessed to be able to walk through them.  I have so many people in my life that have inspired me to finally take the leap of faith it takes to be this established writer I have always dreamt of being.  No decisions have been made on a title (mainly because I cant pic between quite a few I have come up with) but I am taking my time with this endeavor making sure every detail is taken care of and is to my standard.  The poems vary from me writing about hardships and struggles to me finally realizing my worth, it will even contain poems about love, hate, fear, and loss.  I have had many inspirations for my poetry but recently it has been someone I have just been drawn to like no other.  A beautiful soul, very loving, caring, and wants the absolute best for me.  She is my best friend and shes a rockstar artist.  She is actually illustrating my book.  I cannot wait for the draft to be finished, thanks for all the support from everyone who has been there since the start.  Cannot wait!



Falling for You

Falling for you is like standing in a rain storm.

But me not caring that im getting

soaked because youre next to me,

dancing in the puddles.

Falling for you is like being stranded out in the middle of nowhere with you

not worrying because you are sitting in the passenger seat still singing your

heart out even when there is no music.


You are like a snowstorm in the winter,

beautiful and flawless.

You are like a drought in the summer,

hot and unforgiving.

You are like a thunderstorm in the spring,

refreshing and needed.

You are my world.

I need you more than the Earth needs the seasons

and I adore you for so many more reasons.

​Wolf in the Night

Always the lone wolf,

a thief in the night,

stealing the attention of

moon every night.

Me, the lone wolf,

Never stealing attention of you. 



​Don't go back to the people who hurt you.  Its just as bad as giving them another knife to stick in your back because the first one didn't kill.  People don't change no matter how much you want them to or how much they say they have.  Be careful who you let back into your life.  Even God has killed some of the people he loves.  He says he has changed but I know damn well he has not.  He has seen me doing better without him and he is upset how easy it is for me to move on without any glance at the past.  He knows how happy I am without him and how well I am going at life.  Hes upset because I found happiness in someone and something that is not him.  Hes too late and not great enough for the places I am headed.  There is no looking back for someone who strives to gather all the happiness life has to offer you.  The past doesn't hold the happiness you need to move forward, its the past for a reason and that reason is because you are PAST it.  The future is what you need to keep you going, look forward and trust me, there are so many better people and places awaiting you there.  Heartbreak is temporary, happiness is forever if you want it that long.



Rain hits the window as I drift in and out of consciousness. A dreary Thursday makes the soul dreary as well. Rain makes this day even worse than it already was, I am mentally and physically exhausted from the past week. I am drained emotionally and can barely form a smile. My depression is coming back in tsunami strength waves and I can't do anything about it. People expecting me to be okay with them taking rudely about parts of myself that I adore. So many judgmental comments and stares as I walk through town with a short sleeve shirt. The thing is, would they rather see scars up my arms or see the tattoos that cover them? People judge before they even know the full story, even family members. They don't care to ask before they make a snide remark. People don't care, and if they start acting like they do, they're just nosey. Be careful who you trust because they could be waiting for the perfect time to put the final knife in your back.



Ever since I could remember Seattle has been my end game.  I have wanted to spend my days surrounded by tall trees, feeling the misty rain hit my face as I wrote poetry.  This rainy day in Arkansas makes me want this day dream even more than normal.  There is only one person that I have come into contact with that truly understands the calling that the Pacific North West projects. Its like a need not necessarily a want.  Its like I will not be truly happy unless I live there and once I live I will thrive like I have never done before.  When I lost sports due to injury, the only thing that saved me was poetry.  With my love for trees, and poetry, Seattle just makes sense.  When I see pictures of forests there, my heart leaps in such a way no man has made it do before.  There is one man who truly understands my feelings toward this and he aspires to the things I do as well.  As the rainy keeps coming down here in the ever indecisive South, my mind keeps going back to sitting under the tall trees watching the rain hit the leaves along with feelings it hit my face.  I could write novels about the beauty I see in the trees.  They are one of my biggest inspirations and I cannot wait to write underneath their strong, tall branches. 



​So I have been writing poetry for some time now and I have been brave enough to share it with anyone.  My writing professor has recently given me the inspiration to share it so here goes nothing.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops have a certain atmosphere,

one that's  busy but cozy at the same time.

Everyone here has a story, a background that no one knows

They are all occupied in their own worlds.

Headphones in, world out.

That's the mentality of most of these people.

You learn a lot about the world, especially when you people watch.

You learn about the kinder side of the world.

Maybe that's why coffee shops are the only places I feel at home while surrounded by people.



​This past week has been an absolute whirl wind of breathtaking amazement.  April 7th I went to see Mumford and Sons live in Little Rock, Arkansas which is only about 30 minutes from where I live and go to school at.  I had an amazing time and I think it was even more enjoyable because I went alone. Many people do not get to experience a concert by themselves because they normally always have friends or family with them.  There is a beauty in going to hear live music by your favorite bands by yourself.  You can open up in ways you didn't think were possible.  I felt so unbelievably at home when I was alone at Mumford.  I was never scared or worried, it was a strange and impeccably awesome feeling.  Hearing them play and perform just made the experience that much more at home.  Their music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and they just keep getting better with time.

April 10th, Panic! at the Disco on campus.

I waited in line for 4 hours to get a front row spot to see Panic live on our schools campus.  I have engulfed myself in their music ever since I was in middle school.  The only band that helped me get out my emotions with loud bass beats and guitar riffs that made you want to cry because they spoke to you so dearly. This was my chance to satisfy the middle schooler in me and my current college self because their most recent album came out this year.  It was such an amazing and incredible experience.  Their opener was LoLo, a singer that has been previously on their song "Miss Jackson"  but I never realized the pipes she had on her.  She was astonishing in the sense that she made you feel her music within you.  Panic came up next and my excitement was bursting out of me.  Their guitar player made eye contact with me throughout the show and it felt like he knew what I was singing for, halfway through the show he reached off stage and handed me his guitar pick, winked, and continued playing.  I was crying during this concert, the only other concert that had the ability to do that was Mumford.  Its like all the pain and suffering came out of me as I screamed the lyrics to their songs.  Honestly, it was like nothing I have ever felt before and it was beautiful. 

Heres some pictures from Panic, my Mumford pictures are not on my computer yet but they are coming soon....​



April is national poetry month. aka the second best month in the year after October (bc birthday month for me). This month has a lot of meaning for me because it was around this time last year when I discovered my now favorite poet, Robert M. Drake. He SAVED me and when I say that, I mean that he saved my life with his relatable words. He connected with me like no other poet has. I felt like someone finally got me and understands whats going on in my mind. I bought all of his books and finished them as fast as I could. April has so much meaning. April gave me life, a new life where I wasn't alone and where I wasn't struggling to find someone who understood exactly what I was feeling 24/7. April is the month that I got my life back, in both 2015 and 2016. Thank you poetry, thank you Robert M. Drake and thank you to my writing professor because each of these things have made a positive impact on my life in every way. I cannot wait for this adventure because everything is finally falling into place.



​This is the first week back at school after spring break and i decided to continue the school year with a better attitude than i have had.  This week started out a lot better than my weeks normally do.  I got to see my friends after a week of not being in contact.  Everyone needs a fresh start every now and then to really get themselves back on track.  I have recently been struggling immensely with my current major as a Pre-Physical therapy student.  I did not know where to go for guidance or what to do.  I started talking to my favorite professor about changing my major.  She pulled me aside and told me about changing my major to Professional Writing.  I have wanted to be a professional writer since i discovered poetry.  But i never thought i could make an actual career out of it.  Today, i officially changed my major to professional writing today and i could not be happier.  I cannot wait to begin this new journey in my college career.