My child let me tell you a story..

A tragic story about a girl and a tragic ending

A girl with fair skin, long beautiful hair, smile as bright as the sun, and a kind heart.

But where there's life there's death.

And for she crossed paths with Death himself it all came

To A

Tragic Ending....

-The Writer

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He’s different, he’s full of mystery.

His eyes tell a story that betrays

him. His eyes are the stars that

admire the moon, something beyond his reach.

His smile is not always smiling it

also frowns but he hides it. He’s kind

and happy with others but he can’t

do the same with himself.

Sometimes his eyes aren’t always

shining like the stars; they are

sometimes cloudy and pouring like

the rain. But he’s not always like this.

Sometimes you see a rare side to him.

He’s calm like the ocean, and clear on what

he wants to do. He’s gentle and rare; you

can’t find another person like him.

He takes everything a step further. He’s

rare in many ways. His eyes are full

of mystery and wonder like the stars, you

can forget everything around you when you

look into them, and his smile could leave

you blind. The reason why? Well because

he’s different from others.

-The Writer-








And Pain.

The things that were hard to overcome, the reasons why I couldn't smile. The reason was because you both fought and couldn't smile. I don't know but I still remember them all clearly, the fights. I am still traumatized...I sometimes dream that you are making mother cry and scream but you both are actually sound asleep...Sometimes I can't sleep at all so I just sit in bed and think while looking up.. I wish i wasn't traumatized...Because the outcome of it became my depression...but is not also that is also because of the people I have lost and many worries that have caused my depression..."

-The Writer



"A world that judges, the one that puts tags on everything and everyone. People become ignorant, selfish, and hateful. They judge us by the amount of money we have in our bags, our body shapes, and how we dress. Is not always fun to be tagged, people can be very stereotype. There goal is to bring us down to our weakest point...they are the ones who have made us the way we are. We have gotten depression, self-harm, bulimia, anxiety, and anorexia. But we just take it all in and let it consume us...We died from within, and faked we were fine. We let the world get the best of us and let it bringus to our weakest and lowest point... I'm one of them that is at their weakest...."

~The Writer~



"You took me for granted.. You thought that I told you the truth but you are I was lying. You didn't pay attention to me. You focused on yourself. You used to be caring, kind, shy, and happy. But somehow you've turned cold, selfish, and unhappy...Do you really need me, you seem better off without me...Can we really go on or is out love doomed like Romeo and Juliet? Why is it so hard to live you, I'm giving you my all b it are you giving me your all? Like a flower relies on water. Am I special or am I not? Are we truly soulmates? Or just someone you associate with?"

~The Writer~