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We ended up being 16 people total at the tacos-night.
Personally I had a blast!

So to take it from the start I have started to visit this anxiety-support-group once every second week, and there is this girl that decided that it would be fun to do something all together outside that group.

So she organised with help of our group leader this evening for us. We made tacos and played a bunch of board games. Everyone mingeling and chatting about literally anything.

(sorry for not being able to upload any proper photos, but I need to respect that a lot of the members of the group don't want it to go public)

I decided to go home early due to the fact that I knew Niclas are sitting up waiting for me to arrive. So I said good bye and thanked for the evening, it was truly so much fun!

Now I'm probably just going to ramble away about everything to Niclas before we'll go to bed for the night.

I hope you all had a great Friday aswell❤️




After work I called my boyfriend for a quick rant about something that came up at my job place, then had a quick shower at home and soon about to wrap an impulsive present for a special someone.

In a hour I'm off to a taco-night with a bunch of people. We will see if we might play a board game or just watch a movie together.
Either way I'm super excited!

I have to pack my bag too before I'm off, because the plans are to spend the night at Niclas place.

Should really get my hands off the internet now and get ready!

Bye! ❤️



The schedule for this Friday of mine is quite something.

I will do my best to keep you all updated throughout the day.

But first, coffee before work.