Dessa fina smycken fick jag i tidig födelsedagspresent av bästa Alice och Malin❤ Jag hade tittat på ringen när vi var på Edblad i Gåsvik men hejdat mig från att köpa den. Jag har världens finaste vänner😍 Halsbandet är från Pilgrim. Hur fina?

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Let me introduce you to some of my favorites!

Ash reshteh is a delicious thick noodle soup made with chickpeas, beans, noodles and lots of fresh herbs.

Salad Olivieh is the persian version of potato salad and chicken salad put into one amazing dish!

Kashk e bademjan is an eggplant and walnut dip that is either served as an appetizer or a main dish. This dish is garnished with caramelized onions, roasted nuts, herbs and spices.

Joojeh kabab literally translates to grilled chicken. This dish consists of pieces of chicken that are marinated in lemon juice as well as saffron and minced onion.

Dolmeh barge mo is stuffed grape leaves with a delicious filling of rice, yellow split peas, herbs and meat. These specific leaves are picked fresh from our own garden!

Zoolbia and bamieh are traditional Iranian treats, made from a yogurt and/or starch-based dough, which is fried before being drenched in syrup. Taste like rose water and saffron heaven!



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