As the first post I've decided to write about the tattoos that I've got and the meaning behind them. Pics are below.

1. The lion is my first tattoo. I honestly don't remember how the idea of doing a lion came up, and why I specifically got it done on my left leg. What I do know is that I've always loved lions. The birthday cake that I traditionally had was with the face of a lion, my favorite football team is called the lions. I like the fact that the lion on the tattoo doesn't roar, it's calm and observant of it's environment. I see it as an animal with a big heart, showing loyalty to people close to itself, and even though he looks tough, he has a week, vulnarable, humble side. It was made by Bruno_CP (

2. My last name 'Eken' Means the oak in Swedish, so I consider it to be a family tree, representing my mother, father, sister and brother. The crossed arrows on top of it is native american and symbols friendship, dedicated to my closest friends. It's a geometrical tattoo, made by the talented tattoo artist Okan Uckun ( ) who has loads of other brilliant geometrical pieces if you'd like inspiration.

3. The third one is an Icelandic Viking symbol called 'Vegvisir' which literally means "Guidepost" and is a bamboo tattoo made in Thailand. It's a symbolic compass which Vikings used to have in their armor. The definition for the symbol is "One should never lose ones way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known". I personally connect the tree tattoo with the vegvisir. The vegvisir reminds me of a time I felt lost, a time I remember like it was yesterday. All thanks to my closest friends and my family those circumstances changed and got better, and I'm still going strong. While others disappeared, they stayed. When my parents was about to split, they also stayed together longer just to make sure I could get better. And what does it take to turn a rough situation around? A LION!