When I started working in the cybersecurity sector, I brought along my knowledge and experience withmarketing, PR and startups.

But in order to really make themost of them, I had to learn about cyber security and REALLY get to know thefield.

So I designed a mission for myself:

To find the best cyber securitycourse for beginners that was out there!

The thing is, I had no idea howdifficult that would be!

You’d think that, with all themillions of results that Googleprovides for every search, it would be easy to find the starting point Ineeded! But that’s not exactly the case…

Finding the perfect cyber securitytraining is difficult because of 3 reasons:

1. Quality courses for beginners are rare!

There are just not enough cybersecurity courses for beginners out there! When you want to learn in a veryorganized manner (like I wanted), you need more than articles and shallow information.

2. Technical lingo is difficult to assimilate without context.

If you can’t speak “cybersec”,you’ll have a difficult time getting stuff done.

I felt that from day one when Istarted out in this field.

So it took me quite some time tofind the right course that would offer context and good examples that couldmake the professional jargon stick.

3. Delivering information without ACTING on it is USELESS!

This is a very common mistake I’veseen while doing my research.

If the course isn’t designed tomake you ACT ON IT, you’ll just browse through the information and be left withclose to nothing in the end.

That’s why we had to do homework inschool. That’s why I do my best to practice what I preach on this blog.

Because I want you to save you thehassle I went through, I decided to put together the list below.

What you can expect to find in this list of cyber security courses:

· Free or paid cyber security training resourcesdelivered online

· Training options for both beginners and advancedprofessionals

· General and specific training possibilities, and linkto help you search for a particular subject you may be interested in.

I don’t claim I’ve put together anexhaustive list, so I welcome any recommendations and additions you may finduseful.

By combining our experiences, Ibelieve we can arrive to a list that can be used along the road and passedalong to those who’d like to SAVE TIME and EFFORT while trying to enhance theirknowledge.

So let’s see what cyber securitytraining options are out there and what you can complete online!