Hello loves,

Someone asked me a question, that question made me feel like I have to turn it into a blog post. Just before I get into that question, I want to ask you if there's someone who can instantly make you feel better, show you the best in you, make you realize what matters!

I can guess that you'll probably think about someone you know! A friend, a lover maybe even a family member.

But what if that person who makes you feel that way is someone behind your screen! Do you think it is possible? I'm not talking about a relationship in here so don't get into conclusions and keep reading ^-*

Let me take a second to explain it all. So someone asked me if I get the chance to meet someone for the first time who would it be and what is the reason behind choosing that person.

My answer was Xandria Ooi from YouTube, who happens to be a writer, TV/Radio host and a motivational speaker. I would love to meet her because I honestly and simply just like her and appreciate every word I've heard her say so far. She helped me to see things and feel better about myself. It's a weird thing, but by only watching her videos I feel like I have a purpose to be a better person a better version of me!

I make sure that I do something no matter how small it is because at the end of the day that little thought/action is going to reflect on who we are and our happiness.

I feel like I need to recommend her channel, doesn't matter If you're trying to be better, successful or even just want to get over a hard situation, maybe a bad memory or anything that might weigh you down, then please watch her videos.

Here is one of my favorite videos of her.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, if so then feel free to share this blog post, comment and follow my blog.

Much love,




Hello and welcome back!

I feel like I need to introduce my self in a better way after my last blog post and there's no better way than the ten things you probably don't know about me so here we go!

1- My name (Farah) means joy even though Swedes pronounce it as a danger (Fara). Whenever I hear someone saying (ingen fara! = no danger ), I always look around to see if someone called me! Hehe!

2- I hate to admit this, but I'm your Monica Geller from the friend series. I tried to deny that, but I guess it's the truth. I'm obsessed when it comes to cleaning.

3- One thing that I hate about cleaning and that is washing dishes.

4- I care a lot and sometimes it hurts.

5- I'm all about K.drama for those of you who never heard about Korean drama its Korean series and not drama shows. I'm into Romantic comedy in general.

6- I do use the k.beauty steps, and I'll be sharing it with you soon.

7- I love meeting new people and making new friends.

8- I met most of my friends online! Or I should say through social media! :P

9- I love crossing thing off my to do list. Feels so good!!

10- I'm very very sensitive yet strong.

I hope you guys feel like you know me a little better and I'll try to share some more facts about me from time to time.

Would be so cool if you share something about yourself in the comment section below or even if you have already posted a similar blog post then feel free to share the link so I can take a look at it.

Much love,

Farah πŸ’‹



Just for clarification.

So lately I've been receiving some love from you by following me, and it means a lot to me especially that I take time when I write because I know my word might affect someone out there and I hope positively.

I've been here for some time now, and yes I know that I've been growing slowly but in a way where I appreciate each one of you, and I take some time to read your blog posts and stories. However, I'm distraught to see some bloggers who are seeking the follow back, and whenever I press that button, I notice the unfollow thing going on which is not very nice and this isn't the reason why I'm writing.

I've always wanted to blog, and I have happened to jump in the blogging world before, but to be honest, I didn't take the time to grow it or even post something. Therefore I have decided that in this blog I'll do my best and by that, I mean blogging from my heart to share something that might be helpful, joyful or something that means something.

What I'm trying to say in here is that if you are seeking the follow back just to add me as a number and then remove me from your follow list, then please don't follow me.

I take the time to read your blog, even to translate some words if you're not using the translator tool and yes I do like to interact with you by pressing the like button and commenting on your posts.

I'm not seeking numbers in here, and even if you decided to unfollow me, it's way better than seeing me as a number.

Readers are always welcome here, and followers are even more than welcomed on my blog but remember that small actions matter, and it's not worth it to have a huge number of followers who are seeking some numbers, but they don't read your content or interact with you.

Please don't get me wrong, I do see some successful bloggers in here, and I would love to become one myself with some followers that care to take the time to read, share and interact with me. I'm just surprised about how some have unfollowed me as soon as I followed them back and that's a big no for me.

So if you're all about that number game, I'm sorry to let you know that you'll be receiving the Unfollow back as well.

I hope you guys understand where I'm coming from by my words and feel the same.

Much love,

Farah πŸ’‹



Good morning, afternoon, evening, whatever time of the day it is where you are my lovely reader.

So for this blog post, I wanted to share my morning workout that I stole from the bright side channel on YouTube I've been doing it for exactly a month now, and because I was very, very and amazed to lose 2 cm off my waist, I had to share it.

Before I do so, I feel like I have to explain few things; I'm not a nutritionist, and I know that there's no such a thing as a smaller waist exercise. However, I have lost 2 cm, and I saw something that I never thought would change. Therefore, I believe that it might work for someone else or even targets a different area for you but I can recommend giving it a try at least it will make you feel better and stronger.

Something else I'd like to point at, as this plan is for getting in shape and not losing weight you might gain some pounds and reason behind it is probably causing you're getting in shape and that means gaining some muscles or even building it. However, if you're building the muscle, then you'll probably lose that extra pounds by the end of the month!

I like to schedule my exercises and cross each one after getting done with it. I just like to make sure I cross it with a pencil so that I can repeat the process if it's still hard for me. And whenever I feel like it's okay or comfortable for me I like to switch my exercises and I only take the hard parts and add some new ones if that makes sense.

P.S. you can ask your doctor or personal trainer if you have any questions about it I can only help you when it comes to Zumba! This plan is something that made a difference for me, and this is the only reason why I'm sharing it because it might help someone else.

Here's the bright side video so you can follow the steps and make sure you're doing it the right way.


I'll be posting more exercises from time to time so make sure to visit again and feel free to follow my blog.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I hope it works for you too.



Hello and welcome to my blog!

It's time for my current favorites blog post, but this time in a twisted cover that shows my faves and my summer essentials at the same time.

I've been enjoying each and every item for the past two months or so, and i don't even know how I've survived all these years without #3!!! So let's get to my list.

#1 Water bottle - Cause you gotta stay hydrated plus it's too cute to stay at home!
You can get yours @H&M

#2 Lipstick/ lip balm - Cause do I even need to say why?!
I've been loving the loreal rose me on #701.

#3 Bug spray - I wouldn't be here today without this invention. πŸ™ƒπŸ™ˆI wanna take a moment to thank those who have studied and came up with this great spray. You've saved my life. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

#4 Sunscreen - I don't feel like I have to explain this one but I wanna say that I highly recommend using it all year long not only during summer/sunny days.

#5 My favorite waterproof mascara from LancΓ΄me - I've been using this one for years now ( to be honest only during summer times) cause yes ladies you can swim with this one and you'll still look gorgeous! You're welcome πŸ™ˆπŸ™ƒ

#6 Nail polish! - loving this color from ISADORA this one is the Bardot Pink shade #615.

#7 Sunnies/ Sunglasses whatever you call them! - cause you gotta see what's going on around you and look fabulous... yup I don't even know why I just wrote that!

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and if you're new here then don't be a stranger and feel free to follow my blog, comment and like!

Much love,
Farah πŸ’‹



Hope you all had a great weekend.

Wearing accessories can totally change your look. I've always been that girl who never really liked golden accessories till I forced myself to try it and surprisingly I'm loving it!

Sometimes trying new things can be out of our comfort zone maybe not even our style but if you don't try then you'll never know how it makes you feel. Therefore I decided to try something that I don't usually wear, as I've always been into white gold and silver over anything else but then I saw this watch and it was screaming shiny yellow gold and I was actually staring at it!!! I couldn't say no when I knew it was on sale. ^-^ sale makes me happy hehe!

To be honest I'm very happy that I ended up getting it because now I feel that golden vibes spicing up my style.

Still on sale so hurry up and get yours @urochpenn
P.S. This blogpost sounds like a sponsored one but it's not.

Much love,
Farah πŸ’‹



Hello and welcome back!

I'm one of those people who have always loved the smell of babies. It's super powdery, fresh and I'm obsessed!

A while ago i saw some tips and tricks on using baby products for adults but I'm not here today to re-write that, instead I thought I'd challenge myself to use baby products for a week and only baby products ( I also went with the no makeup during that week ).
Today I'll be sharing with you my top favorites and what I've used and some of my no no products.
Hope you're ready cause here we go!

First I'll start with what I've ordered.
All of the products I've used are very affordable and easy to find. I went with Johnson & Johnson ( NOT SPONSORED ) and for the lips I wen with Elsa lip balm by Disney.
I went with Johnson's brand because I remember using it, and it's still in the market today so that definitely mean something!

What I've used:
- baby lotion
- baby oil
- baby powder
- shampoo
- honey soap bars
- face care / exfoliating wash
- baby bath
- nourishing day cream with spf 15 ( for dry skin )
- hydrating 24 hour day cream with spf 15 ( for normal skin )
- lip balm (Elsa - Disney).

Is it worth it?!
Most of the products I'd say definitely yes but for me I definitely love a stronger smell of the shampoo I don't feel it lasted for more than few hours and during the first day my hair was on the dry side and I didn't like that.

Also when i had to use the baby powder I wasn't very happy about it, cause it's a product that supposed to make the skin softer but I think it only matted the glow that I loved from the baby oil and the baby lotion so that's a big big no for me.

Products I'll definitely re-purchase:
#1 Baby oil, cause I'm all about that glow and hydration.
#2 the lotion, this was the product that actually smelled good! ^-^
#3 I was very very surprised to see this product in the kids section which is the exfoliating wash- face care. This might be my new favorite product. This product feels like more on the scrub side, however, I'm very glad that I've purchased this one.

To end this blog post I would like to challenge you. so whoever you are if you are reading this right now I'm challenging you to use baby products of your own choice for 7 days! Let's make this a thing! Just make sure you let me know that you're in for this challenge by leaving me a comment below.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post.

Much love,
Farah πŸ’‹