The first date is perhaps the most important moment in your relationship. There is decide if you're going to make a couple or if you stay on the friends. If things go well on the first date, you will definitely win and the second meeting, where things already can evolve and they can go in the direction you want. However, you don't have to plan too much what you do on the first date because you fall in the lame and you'll always be like a robot which has programmed every move, and the partner will realize these things and they will make a poor opinion about you. What you do not want.

3 things to do on the first date:

1. Walk in the park

The first date doesn't necessarily have to be in a pub or a restaurant, but can be in a park, where you will walk while you tell the court about you. It is advisable to choose a beautiful place. The one that choose most of the times, places meeting men.

2. Compliments

You can do more compliments, but don't become exaggerated in this. Learn to be balanced and not get out of line because he or she is careful/attentive to every gesture and word said by you.

3. A small gift

A flower or a little thing that means a lot to a partner is attention perfect for the first date. Not here you don't have to be too exaggerated to not create an impression erroneous.