​Fragments of a lost dream dawned upon my eye today.

A dream from the mind of a forgotten childhood.

A dream remembered in vivid detail.

Interactions of consciousness on another plane of existance.

A dream seperate from my human mind.

A dream remembered by the soul.

A dream tangeled in a silver cord.

My childhoods mind experienced this dream.

My adult mind knew another reality.

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If only i could show you the vision of a minds eye.

Grab you by the hand and tune your mind like a radio.

Raise you up to the farthest edge of this vast plane so that you may observe from afar.

Then i would show you that life is within everything, from the tinyest of bug to the grandest of trees; from static to dynamic.

A soul and purpose within us all.

I would show you the harmony of nature, the singing of our mother.

I would show you the eyes of this world, the watching eyes of wisdom.

I would show you stunning beauty,

Too incredable to ever imagine.



Some people are working hard to raise their voice in a question regarding other peoples lives and their basic rights as existing enteties.

They're raising their voices to limit or prevent people from finding freedom and happiness which sadly today is somewhat understandable due to the current systems in place.

There are people in need of help everywhere yet somehow it's the people in need we've come to hate instead of the cause of the problem or even the ones profiting from it.

We're kicking downwards while trying to climb up and over echother instead of helping eachother up.

We're so quick to judge others but we rarely recognize that all of us are capable of the same things when given the same circumstanses and we're all capable of feeling love, hate, happiness, sadness and so on...

There is no difference between us more than the difference between our cultures.

We're all human and we all deserve the same rights as humans.

Put your energy into changing the things that limit us all as human beings instead of hating people because their circumstances has been different than yours.

We're all equaly valuable and a child is but a limitless perception until others set the limits for them.

Remember that.

I haven't always thought this way, i used to hate,

I used to be angry...

But perception changes when there is a will for understanding.

Love is the answer.



We cannot change others.

We can only change ourself.

Perception is altered in self transformation.

By changing myself,

I changed you.



Have you ever tried to analyze and question the "structure" of your own mind?

Have you ever tried to understand where your thoughts come from and the "duality" within your own mind?

We all "speak" inside ourself and we're all listening...

If you're the one talking then who's the one listening?

Are you both?

I've tried to "follow" my thoughts and understand where my perception is "located" and where my consciousness resides and the deeper i've gone into this question and the more i've meditated on this, the more of a "duality" within my mind has presented itself.

It's almost like I've shifted something in my mind, like i've taken a couple of steps back from myself in order to see the bigger picture and by doing so the perception of myself and my reality has changed.

The entire feeling and experience of existing has changed.

I can almost locate myself within myself but it's almost like "I" am slightly behind and above my own head but on a different "layer" and my physical body's placed in front of "me" and feels more like something i'm wearing rather than existing within.

This feeling has been growing within me for a while now and while i was meditating 2 days ago i experienced something i've NEVER felt before, my deepest meditation ever brought sensations on a whole new level than ever before and after it the "split" or "duality of perception within me changed even more in this direction.

It's incredably difficult to describe and there is ALOT more to this!

I could probably talk for hours about it without making that much more sense but i hope that someone else out there can relate.

Perception is a hard and wierd subject but it's something that i really want to understand.​​



One song, many singers.
One experience, endless perception.
One answer, certain only to fools.
One truth, too clouded by ourselfs to see..
One path, traveled by few.
One way, the only way.
We must go in to become without.
Everything and nothing.



It's incredably unfathomable yet so obvious why certain sounds, melodies and frequencies effect us the way they do.

Sound has the ability to effect every cell in our body, activate our entire brain in order for us to interperate and analyze it, make us dream, remember, forget and soo much more.


Sound, melodies and frequencies in perfect sync.

Layer after layer of beautiful mathematical equations working together in harmony.

Vibrations and energy with massive effect on it's surroundings.

Powerful enough to put a person in such a deep trance that he may no longer feel his body, time or current space.

Powerful enough to describe sensations and emotions in a way mere words aren't capable of.


Such a basic element of our universe yet so complicated and beautiful.​



Stop trying to tell me what i am, i know what i am just as you know what you are.

I don't believe in systems of hierarchies and i don't believe in hurting others for personal gain.

I believe in harmony and that humans as a species are intelligent enough to take care of itself and others without the need of an "elite" group of people with hidden agendas telling them what's right and wrong or what they can or cannot do with their life, mind and body.

By helping one another, working together within our communitys and by sharing knowledge and treat echother like we actually gave a f*ck about eachothers existence, mankind would gain alot.

But just by mentioning this way of thinking you're instantly branded as a commie or whatever red-wing political group people hate nowdays  when the truth is that what i want is to abolish the entire system of politics and the way of thinking brought with it.​



I wish i was able to articulate and describe emotions, sensations, feelings and intuitions without the information being "lost in translation".
The inability to communicate, or more the feeling of speech being such a primitive method of commuication has in some ways bothered me for way too long.
The problem with this problem is that words are inert, they're "dead", they're just unprocessed information.
When i mention words like love, hate, happiness or sorrow; the reaction and interpretation is placed in the mind of the reciever. Memories and sensations from personal experiences are connected to these words and the emotions, memories and opinions processed regarding these words are based on the life and history of the reciever.
Due to life being an "individual" experience and the fact that information sent or recieved between enteties becomes distorted by their own minds means that
none of us will ever be able to articulate and be fully understood.
This both bothers me and brings me peace.
You wouldn't understand why even if i told you.