​Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness on your company’s premises is of prime importance as it ensures zero health issues for your employees thereby resulting in high production growth. However, to take care of cleanliness and sanitary issues of your company, you will first be required to arrange for good quality cleaning equipment. The following article will guide you about the best industrial floor scrubber rental and other equipment and also help in clearing any doubts you may have about the subject.

Type of Floor Cleaner
Prior to deciding about buying or renting of any industrial floor cleaning equipment, it is important for you to determine the type of cleaning you need to undertake, at your company premises. Floor cleaners are available in three categories namely scrubbers, sweepers and sweeper/scrubber combination. Floor cleaning sweepers, which act as industrial vacuum cleaners, are ideal for brushing up the debris. On the other hand, floor cleaning sweepers, help in soaking, scrubbing and squeezing the surfaces as they contain water and cleaning solutions. Any excessive or large pieces of debris, if left unattended, will be pushed around and result in clogging the machines. Sweeper/scrubber combination units help in sweeping and scrubbing the surfaces, all in one go. These units are also available in two models, rider models as well as walk behind models. However, as the sweeper/scrubber units are available only in large sizes, you will have to ensure of taking exact measurements of your company’s doors and aisles. The reason being, cleaning will be very difficult in case the sweeper/scrubber units do not fit down.


Determining the area of the floors needed to be cleaned is of prime importance, irrespective of any of the three types of floor cleaner equipments being used by you. The coverage area of the floors determines the cleaning equipment. Although, one can make use of smaller unit for a bigger coverage area, he will need to make more trips in the bargain, for emptying or refilling the machine. Hence, selecting the right type of floor cleaning equipment to match with the coverage areas will ensure you of completing your job without any hassles in a smooth manner. Talking to your floor cleaning equipment rental specialist will give you a brief idea about how to handle different situations. The rental specialists are likely to provide you with brushes, special solutions and other accessories, in order to make your job easier and faster.

In case of any doubts, while renting out the equipment, you can discuss the matter with the rental specialist, who is sure to guide you in selecting the right kind of floor sweeper rentals, suiting your needs and requirements.

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Rental Peak seasons often throw many challenges for a business. Business owners are delighted about the increased revenue but the staffs have to work harder for extended hours. In these types of situations, most businesses overlook common routine tasks. This negligence can seriously affect the reputation of a business. Chores like cleaning and inventory maintenance often take a back seat when business owners are thinking about the increased profits.

Rent cleaning equipment

If you want to eliminate these types of mistakes, you need to plan everything strategically well in advance. When you create a good strategy, simple tasks like cleaning does not go unnoticed. When it comes to cleaning the workspace, renting floor cleaning machines is a good option. If you rent floor scrubber, you can save a lot of money and leading stores also offer used machines with highly affordable pricing. Several businesses choose these types of affordable options.

Book floor scrubber rentals in advance

You have to outline all your options for cleaning machines and then, they need to be booked in advance. It must be done at least two weeks in advance. When hire early, you get a better scrubber or other types of cleaning machines. If you do not get a good machine, the purpose of hiring it gets defeated. Last minute decisions can make things complicated and the price will always be very high. Booking ahead helps you eliminate all these complexities and it also lowers your stress levels. You can keep your workplace really clean without paying a high amount of money. When others become stressed during a peak season, you can relax and focus on increasing your business profits instead of worrying about dirty workspace.

Assess the hiring option and choose the most beneficial one

Rental companies offer different types of options such as hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. First of all, you need to identify your needs and then a suitable option can be chosen. The key is to estimate the length of your peak. It allows you take a decision to hire for a week or month. If you have to hire different types of machines, you can use a combination of hiring contracts. Trusted rental companies offer flexible services to meet the varying needs of different customers.

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