London, baby!

A few days ago I planned a trip to London, which took place this weekend. I didn't bring a suitcase with me, so I had a little trouble packing all my stuff in just a backpack, hahaha.

In case some of you guys should experience the same struggle, I thought I would make a post with some inspiration and tips on how to pack lightly.

Tip no. 1

Choose your favorite tops and your favorite pair of jeans.

I chose to bring just one pair of my favorite black jeans since they match with everything, and are harder to get dirty.

Tip no. 2

Bring a dress. Or if you're a guy, bring some 'formal' wear (maybe just a shirt) that's easy to pack.

You never know when you'll need it, but wouldn't it be a shame not having it if you were to meet your one and only?

Tip no. 3

Definitely, bring a jacket. When I was there it was a little cold even though the sun was shining, and the wheater in England is known for being unpredictable.

Tip no. 4

Good walking shoes!

Tip no. 5

The cons of traveling with nothing but a backpack, are especially the security in the airport when it comes to fluid products. Make sure to have your most important products in travel sizes. A tip I used for makeup remover, were to bring makeup cleaning wipes.

Have a nice trip!

Got any tips on your own? Share them with us all!



2017 is just around the corner!

Once again we try to get a hold of our lives, by promising ourselves that this is the year we'll break that bad habit, become better persons, and organize that messy drawer we all hate.

This year I wanna travel more. Since you're here, I bet you're dreaming of the same thing.

We all know the common destinations, Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and so on. Yes, the cities are historical and unbelievable beautiful, and yes I'm guilty of visiting Barcelona and Málaga this year.

But how about adding something new? How about being the one who introduces something special, when you're discussing travel plans with your family and friends?

I've collected 10 unusual destinations worth visiting in 2017 (or any other year, but don't wait too long!)

1# Blue Lagoon, Iceland

2# Chefchaouen, Morocco

3# Santorini, Greece

4# Keemala, Phuket, Thailand

5# Virgin Islands

6# Taj Mahal, India

7# Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A

8# Myanmar/Burma

9# Maratua Island

10# Copenhagen, Denmark

Been to any of these places? Have any suggestions of other places to go?

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Connect them with your Map

If you have a Pin Map, a Scratch Map or a third kind of map, you can print your marvellous photos and put them on your map.

Sell your Photos!

Getty Images, ShutterStock & Etsy are all sites that allow you to sell your photos, and make a handful of money to use at your next adventure.

Start a Scrapbook

Personally I don't have a scrapbook. I've tried a couple times, but for some reason I always either forget or just stop. The idea about it really speaks to me though, and I'm thinking about giving it another try after my trip to Barcelona this April.

Destination Boxes

This is an idea that I stumbled over recently, and I think it's genius!

The idea is simple: Make a travel memory box for each destination you visit.

I would recommend boxes made of wood, cause that gives you the ability to add a personal twist by painting it. Inside, you could save all the tickets, mussels, souvenirs, photos, postcards and other stuff that we all bring with us home, but have no idea what to do with after.

Used any of these ideas? Got some ideas yourself?

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Given that I'm a Danish girl, I find it obvious that my first post is gonna be about my beloved hometown, Copenhagen. No matter where on this earth I go, I always find myself longing back at some point.

Therefore I decided to share the 'treasures of Copenhagen' !


Where to sleep

I'll admit, that I don't have much experience when it comes to hotels in Copenhagen, since I've never really have had the need to stay in one of them. But! I have admired the beauty of a lot of them, and this is my list of places to sleep at least once.

Hôtel D'angleterre: This 5-star luxurious hotel is based on a love-story between the young couple Mr. and Mrs. Marchal. Romantic, right? Every December they create the most marvellous decorations for Christmas, which is a view you can't miss!

Radisson Blu Royal: Designed by architect Arne Jacobsen and close to the world-famous amusement park, Tivoli. The hotel is perfectly located just a few steps from the Central Station.

Urban House: This hostel is SO cool. It's cheap but nice & clean, and it's perfect if you're traveling solo. Like Radisson Blu, this hostel is placed right behind the Central Station.

Good Food

Enough about sleep, this category is the real deal!

MASH: A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, - Are you a meat lover? If not, then you'll definitely be after experiencing this. All of their restaurants are modern designed, have a nice atmosphere and the food is always good.

Did you know?

"In the 1960s, the city government of Copenhagen made a conscious decision to limit the impact that cars would have on the city. Instead, the city planners decided to create more pedestrian-only zones, to build an extensive network of bicycle paths, and to invest in high quality bus and train services."

- Austin Sailsbury, 'The 500 Hidden Secrets of COPENHAGEN'

Ever been to Copenhagen? Tried any of these places? Have any recommendations?

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