Hey, I know that I said ''See ya next week'' or something like that the last time but yeah, I didn't.... I have been a little too much stressed the last few weeks with school stuff and others...

And since you all are here for the amazing tittle of this post I'll start explain why people always blame me... About everything.
Since some of you know I don't give a fuck about some things that happens around me bc they aren't interesting at all, yeah but there's people (like mom) who cares about it... A lot.
Like she can say me ''Help me to clean the house' and yeah I help her but when she see what I'm doing she gets angry bc ''I have almost do nothing'' And I'm like ''I'm not flash'' and these 3 words are like a dirty word to her to make her ending up angry.
The reason why I'm writing this is bc 1-2 hours ago my big brother came to the house from his work and he asked me if I could go to the grocery for a Sprite or a drink... And I said ''yeah ofc..''. When I was putting my shoes on and I took my phone and I put it on the pocket of my pant and then mom said (I came there since he was with her talking) ''Why are you bringing your phone, the grocery its 2 streets from here'' and I answer her ''Bc the music'' and my brother interrupted me saying ''Why you want to bring to phone there?'' And there's me answering ''Why not?''
And he comes to get angry ''You can survive without the music, l can work without music, you can go to the grocery without it. Why you want to bring it there?'' again🙄,  me again ''Bc yeah'' and then he said ''why you are so unpleasant?'' I said ''I'm not being unpleasant I'm just saying why not to bring my phone to the grocery, nobody would steal it'' and then he stand up and said ''Ok, there's no drink I won't talk with disgusting people anymore'' And I was there like '' tf... I'm just saying the truth''
well, the think is that he after this went to play on the play station with my little brother and started arguing, and then with mom and she said blamed me and bla bla bla...

Like WTF? I just said the Fucking truth It isn't my fault he gets angry with my little brother for another thing. Its unfair I always has to be the guilty of all, theres more people involved and theres differents problems here and I don't even know why my brothers argued, I don't have the fault🙄
Seriously guys, don't blame on people who don't have fault bc you're making feel bad another person and it isn't good at all... bc it made me feel so bad bc later my mom went to my big brother's room and he said to her ''I dont want to talk to disgusting people ok? I don't want anything'' and it made her feel bad and I know I don't have that ''mother-daughter'' relationships but I care about her and I don't like when she feels sad😩

Well that's my history... now the house its quite af and everybody is sleeping (or thats what I think) hope everyone has a nice weekend🙂

see you soon✌



hey hey guys, It's me and today I'll talk about what I think about the Social Depression or Social Anxiety.

'It’s the extreme fear of being scrutinized and judged by others in social or performance situations' that's the google definition... It's ok but I have a feeling that there's is something that google is missing... Social Anxiety can be the extreme care of social medias, better known as the extreme anxiety for like/followers of instagram or any social media.

Ok, I know that everyone loves the feeling when you get the notification saying that ''someone liked you pic'' or ''@/misterhamburger started following you'' or ''@/ThatPizza retwitted your twit'' or anything else, I include myself bc who doesn't love the feeling but there's some people that get addicted to that feeling and there's when people start to buy followers, make other accounts and like his/her own pics or start to Photoshop pics, start to post more 'hot' things, etc.... I think if someone start to post 'hot' pics is because they're extremely out of himself and its extremely... idk if it is Stupid or sick🤔

well, whatever my point is to make you guys think that the number of likes/followers don't make you win anything, ok, in some cases make you increase your acc (but only if you are youtuber/singer etc). The number of likes don't have to tell you how beautiful you are.. The number of followers won't have to tell you what thing you have to do for make it increase... Everyone in this world is beautiful no matter the number of likes or followers everyone has. If your 'ugly selfie, without makeup' got 15 likes, well 15 persons think that you're beautiful without makeup (I'll talk about that another day)


love and peace✌




Hi, My name is Scarlett or Scar (or both idk, your decision) I'm 16 and I'm from Chile.

Yeah, you have to be thinking 'Why this girl is writing a blog in English if she talks in Spanish?' well, the answer is 'Because I want and because I don't want to people know what I think (I know, I'm weird)

About me...  I'm brunette and I have brown eyes, I'm not tall at all (1.56cm to be exact), I had depression when I was 10-11... My life can be the most messy thing you can ever see or not It depends.... and yeah that's all.
Nice to meet you☺
Like if you like it and thanks for reading.

Ps: This isn't a weird thought, I'll write about one in my next post and It can be tomorrow, or on Sunday idk, I have school...😂 but It would be between tomorrow and Monday👌