On my way to work today I put on a lecture by sr Yasmin Mogahed that is called Finding Certainty in an Uncertain World. Yasmin Mogahed's lectures as always moves me in ways other's can't. What got to me the most was when she talked about feeling at home., that feeling is something that I've struggled with for the last few years. Two years ago I packed all my stuff and moved over 8000 miles from the place that I thought always felt like home. I was Alhamdullilah content with the place I moved to, but it never felt like home I imagined that it would feel like, that made me also question if 'home' was actually home. That feeling that I always thought was weird Alhamdullilah, is not weird. Because this world will never be home, not yet as Yasmin says we might see glimpses of home but not fully.

This quote is from Yasmin Mogahed's book Reclaim Your Heart

" We're Home. And then we aren't. Torn away from our orgin, we came across time and space to another world. A lesser world. But in that separation, something painful happened. We are no longer with God in the physical eyes, or speak to Him, with out physical voice."