Sara Rosenberg

Hi friends.

My name is Sara Sofie, but just call me Sara.

Welcome to this random place of the internet, aka my blog! This is a place where I'd like to share my creative side. A big smoothie of all the things I love: photography, travel, interior, beauty and whatever else that pops into mind.

I am a Norwegian girl with a restless soul. I was born in the golden nineties. 1996 to be exact. I have always loved writing, and the past few years I have gotten more and more into photography. That's why I created this place. A place where I can put all my photos and share my story.

I thought I would share some random facts about me, so that you can get to know me a little bit better:

x I am an introvert. It takes a lot for me to open up to people, but when I do I tell you all my secrets.

x I have had my shoulder dislocated twice.

x I love the sea, and would spend most of my life by it if I could.

x When I was five I decided that I wanted to have long hair and I've stuck with it since.

x I have a huge love for 80's movies. My favorite is "The Breakfast Club".

x I was born with black hair. Then it all fell off and I turned blonde. (How weird?)

x I have been a pesceterian since the end of 2015.

x My biggest pet- peeve is loud breathing when everything around is silent.

x My sister is my best friend.

x If I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be watermelon.

x I always say my opinion even if it's not for my advantage.

x I rather watch YouTube, than TV or Netflix.

x I am quite a spiritual believer.

x I have served one year in the military.

Now you know me a little bit better! Feel free to tell any random facts about yourself, or if you have anything in common. I would love to know!

- Sara x

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