Yesterday I used my new gym card for the 3rd time. And tomorrow I am going back there again to see a PT and get a personalised training program written so that mine and Chris' Bali Bodies challenge becomes reality.

We only did a light, cardio centered workout consisting of:
  • 1 min of fast-pasted boxing
  • 10 bent over rows, 15kg
  • 1 min fast-pasted step-ups
  • 20 lunges (10 each leg) with 2x10kg dumbbells
  • 10 burpees
    for 3 sets

Today, however, has been spent avoiding anything that even resembles exercise. Some fine examples are; watching more OITNB that what can be considered healthy, eating breakfast for dinner and playing The Witcher 3 although we already finished it + all DLCs :)

Until next time

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